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UPDATE and Many Thank Yous!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Matters of the Heart
Well, I can finally sit in front of the computer again for more than 5 minutes so hooray!

I saw my PM doctor on the 10th of November, I was in sooo much pain that for the two months prior all I could do was to lay down! My meds were taking my pain level down only one level, so I was constantly stuck at 9-10+ (was taking 400mg of Ultram ER, 10mg of Percocet 3-4x a day and 2 Robaxin 2x a day)! I couldn't raise my arms, couldn't lift a thing, basically couldn't do anything...Didn't sleep well, didn't eat, was depressed beyond anything I've ever known...It was really, really bad, to the point that I was considering suicide just so I could make the pain stop. I never acted on it, thought about it a lot, but please don't judge me for that. So, I got the help I needed mentally, I am now seeing a therapist who is helping me tremendously.

The pain management doctor is going to see me every 4 weeks to do trigger points to keep me from spiralling out of control like I do when it's 3 months later and I can't do anything! And my blood pressure when I went in was 165/96!!!!! Thank you pain! Seriously, under I guess "normal" circumstances, whatever those may be 8} , I am 110-120/70-80, pretty much textbook.

So he gave me a butt full of steroids, ya'll can call me Barry Bonds now! :D Just kidding...But they have helped me keep my pain level lower and now my meds work, go figure! I wonder why that happens? Oh well...And he switched me back to flexeril.

And my dumb butt would have been back on the computer sooner but 3 days after the injection, I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS! Sheesh L) ...I was bruised up, had a HUGE bruise on my behind the size of a grapefruit and it was so dark it was almost black, and bruises on my back as well as pain in both shoulders, one from smacking it on the stairs the other from grabbing the railing. Although I'm grateful for the second one because it kept me from falling all the way down to the marble floor below!

Now I am in much better humor, smiling again and grateful to be able to sit here and post. I simply had to thank everyone for their support and care, I can't tell you how much it means to me. September and October were 2 of the darkest months I've known and you all provided me little rays of light and I'm so grateful!! >:D< Hugs and love to every single one of you! I have a bad habit of isoltaing when things get really bad, which is another reason I wasn't on much.

But the good news is that getting treated for the depression may get me my SS quicker (I had no idea that depression was approved faster than injury, but several people in group told me that) and I got my unemployment after my jerk ex-boss tried to make it sound like my getting fired after 4 days was because of something I did wrong rather than the simple reality that they fired me because I was "a liability" and they weren't "comfortable" with me working there with my neck condition, even if I brought in a note from my doctor. Tried to say that they asked me if there were any health problems in my interview, which #1: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act you CANNOT ask a person that during an interview or if they do, you don't have to disclose it and #2: THEY NEVER ASKED! Now, I'm considering going back to school to get my degree in psychology (I called the university I graduated from- it's only 30 hours for me to get that degree) and then maybe go to work on my masters and work in counseling chronic pain patients.

So now I have money, yay! Which makes me less dependent on my parents, who are BTW, charging me $500/month in RENT for me staying here...Man, I feel the love!

And my trial finished, the final award amount was over $800,000 and with the interest added in that the insurance company keeps piling up because they WON'T PAY, it comes to over $1,000,000 and growing...That just made me think of the Flinstones commercial... :P Sorry, ADD! So, even though I don't have that money now, I will get it in the next year or two! And it will keep accruing interest until they pay...Which it will if they're dumb enough to appeal! The Apellate Court has a less than 1% chance of taking it because the verdict was 11-1 (we found that percentage out from an apellate judge so that's reassuring).

I also should be meeting with the University Medical system neurosurgeon by the end of January.

So it seems like there is light and hope after all. I even contacted an old friend and we're renewing the friendship. I feel like I've taken so many steps and I'm so much better than I was and hopefully, I won't fall back down there again! I think with the support from this board though, the chances are slim to none.

So, I'm sorry that was so long, hopefully I didn't bore anyone to tears or that the update wasn't something that no one cared about/no one was interested in the boring details of my life!

I hope EVERYONE is doing well, I hope your pain is minimal and if not, then I send my prayers and thoughts out to you! I'm looking forward to being able to, hopefully, rejoin the SH society as well as society in general! I hope at least one person missed me, lol!

Love and gentle hugs,



  • Hey Girlie, it's so good to see your spirits up! You know how much I worried about you and hoped that you'd find your way.

    You're a bright light in this world and I hope that you remember that. Don't let anyone bring you down (even you awful 'rents). As always, I'm here for you.

    Giant hugs to you,

  • Thanks Mama Griff! >:D< I knew you were worried, there wasn't a whole lot I could do. My mom had locked me out of the computer room for a while, took away my blackberry and gave me an ancient phone and a bunch of other things! The only place I could access the internet was the library but she had taken my car keys for a while too...Things were really bad and I had no way of accessing a computer! I need to PM you so we can exchange information! I also want to know how things are going for you.

    Now I have my phone back and access to the desktop but I have to be careful because she follows what I do...Not as much as before now though...I need a laptop! Then these episodes wouldn't keep me out of touch, I can type while lying down!

    The other thing I really need is my own place, I just can't do that until the insurance money comes in or I get some sort of stable income...I have to get away from her, she's so controlling and is once again handing out my meds to me according to what SHE thinks I need.

    But still, all in all, I'm much happier than I have been...I think I'm getting a cold...I missed all of you though, and thought about the site a lot...now that I have a bit more freedom I can get on a bit more! And I'm going to Texas in December, so that should be fun too...

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  • Dand Nancy, that is going too far. I know you were having a hard time of it but that level of control is not healthy. You're a grown woman for cripes sake!

    Yes, please do PM me, we have a LOT of catching up to do. I feel terrible that you still don't have your surgery planned- you need to get your little neck fixed and soon. It's not going to get better on it's own. Time to light a fire under some butts LOL

    Stick around this time, okay?

  • And she is charging me rent, I have chores to do and take care of the stuff SHE wants to sell on ebay! I'm about to tell her that if I'm paying rent, that I expect to be treated like a tenant and my meds and my things are under my control and she can take care of her own cr-, er crud. I'm tired of this, I really am, but it's her house, her bat, her ball, her rules as she says...So I'm stuck, just really stuck.

    But I'm going to Texas December 13-22, so at least I'm getting out of here for a while. She's cranky because she's in pain and going to have knee surgery December 12th and erm, hemorroid surgery the 16th...So because her knee hurts she can't do anything and I have to do everything, never mind that I had hurt myself when I fell down the stairs...

    She's a selfish, self-centered b****, but she's my mom, and though I love her, I'll be glad when I can get the f out of here!

    P.S. I should see the neurosurgeon in January or February! My lawyer is riding their butts...No way am I going to get better on my own, I just keep getting worse! LOVE YOU!!
  • if my butt hurt so bad that I'd want someone to cut on it.....LMBO!

    Perfect time to go to Texas. Warm weather at least. Where are you going? My daughter lives in Austin and I'm trying to make it down there to see her sometime soon. I won't get to see her for the holidays at all and I MISS her.

    You'll be out of there soon and healthy and you can thumb your nose (figuratively of course) at your mom. You have the patience of a saint, I just don't know how you do it.

    Love you too squirt,

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  • That is too funny! My best friend tells me that I have the patience of a saint all the time! That is, where my mom is concerned... =))

    I'm going to 30 miles south of Austin so I will probably go out there and hit 6th street with a friend of mine! <:P Too bad you won't be there, I'd love to meet up! It's going to be colder there than it is down here though...But I can't wait, it's so pretty up there! 6 1/2 hour drive but I'll have had my trigger points done the 10th so it shouldn't be too bad and Gordon knows that I have to rest when I get there...Although I have a feeling we'll at least play Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band or Halo that day...Hmmm, I hope he got a new couch!<br />
    Love you Mama Griff! That's too funny that you said the same thing as Kim VERBATIM!

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