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New Monday, New hopes and dreams

lulusheartllulusheart Posts: 4,175
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Sleep Problems
it is early here still but i am ready for bed. got my pjs on and the electric blanket is warm. i may be able to nap for a few hours and if i am lucky it could turn in to sleep all night. I) cause i am tired!! going to try and watch that video "Tropic Thunder" with Robert Downey Jr. a spoof type comedy. 8} so i should doze off for sure!! a movie will always put me to sleep about 30 minutes in. so goodnight for a while! i will be having sweet dreams. I) Jenny :)


  • I) Have a nice nap,and ejoy the movie.

    I was trying to get some housework done tonight-I like the house shiny for Thanksgiving Day-but a couple hrs ago I started feeling sick to my stomach.I've already stripped the bed & had that going in the wash,and my mop and bucket is waiting for the floors.

    The bird is sitting in the fridge..waiting for morning to roast and I have no idea how I'm going to manage all of this,but I HAD to cook Turkey.. [( .Oh well,at least the company isn't coming here,because I KNOW this housework isn't getting finished #o

    Sleep well & Happy THANKSGIVING everyone :)))

  • I am feeling you. i start something and i cant seem to finish it. (|: I am gonna due the best i can tomorrow. :|

    I barely ot the shopping done. And stupid me went and got epidural injections today. everytime i move or bend, stretch the wrong way... ouchh I feel like im being shocked or something. :O

    I was suppose to start cooking tonight,,,not happening...

    I am wishing on a big miracle early morning to happen, the magic fairy to take away some pain.lol now only if i can fall the heck to sleep. (|:


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  • But..I did get some things done.Not as much as I would have liked,but some is better than nothing ;))

    Dawn~You had an ESI done on Thanksgiving eve..and you have a 2 year old.. #:S All I have to say to that is...good luck :))( ~I hope it works.The ESI's I have had in my neck have caused me more grief than they were worth.The last one I had in June(I think)and the Dr hit a nerve.It freaked me out b/c my right arm froze(felt frozen cold I mean)and the left arm took a life of it's own.With the needle still in my neck I lifted from the OR table saying 'SOMETHINGS REALLY WRONG HERE.'The Dr,nurses and staff were all really nice and asking me a lot of questions like 'Are you ok Robin?'...and I was calm and cool until I got in the car..then I started crying and shaking.It was pretty scary.

    I'm not one to cry or get emotional about medical issues,but that really bothered me.I had visions of being paralyzed.Poor Michael(he was driving)had no idea WTH was wrong.When I told him he went a little white in the face..I guess b/c he knows I usually handle medical things pretty easy.Last year when I had my vocal chords operated on he was more nervous than I was..the only thing that bothered me about that was being put to sleep & the fact that they can chip your tooth(teeth)with the instruments.I had the surgeon assure me that if he DID chip my teeth that he would have to pay for new crowns...lol,as if!

    ..but I digress :| Wow,it's kinda lonely on here at this hour tonight.. :??

    PS~Dawn,here is your magical fairy~ image
  • :) well its 11:30 and i did get a couple of hours sleep. the movie would put any girl asleep. it's a guys shoot em up movie! now i will be awake for the night. ~X( something is wrong with this picture. =)) i just can't seem to sleep for more than a few hours at a time when i am in this cycle. maybe i will be watching the stars alone tonight? :? sleep well everyone! I) Jenny :)

  • Still awake here, I am really hurting now(I am noticing a trend, that I have been exploring on my own) based on the arthritis already found in my knee, feet(gout),and pars defects.Psoriatic arthritis is gaining my curiosity more and more due to the cold and fatigue(not sleepy type but dead exhausted) on cold winter days.The fact that a rash on my elbow is near perfect description of psoriasis is giving me ammo for my next Rheumy visit.Plus gout can mimic it so the mind is in overdrive tonight.
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  • I've never even heard of that..looks as if I need to catch up on my reading.

    Do you mean that you MAY have the psoriatic arthritis and the gout might be a false DX?

    I have arthritis too,and it does get a lot worse during the cold months and also wet,damp,humid days.Ugh,those days are the worst.I try to protect my back & neck from the cold and my body automatically crunches up..I bring my shoulders IN when I get a chill..I really am not good at explaining these things,but when I do that the muscle spasms start in my neck and down my back..usually this leads to a tension headache.

    I would agree that is something to take to your next Rheumy appt.
  • :) Robin, what a scare for you! you had every reason to get upset! :''( i call them migraine headaches when i get them, they are so bad. :''( the pain in my lower back works it way up to spasms and then a headache. that is when i know my pain is bad. ~X( Frustrated, you will feel much better if they can tell you what type of arthritis you have. :? i hope you get an accurate diagnosis soon. try and relax. I) how about a hot shower or bath? maybe light a candle. i hope your pain level goes down alittle bit so you can sleep, you to Robin! I) Jenny :)
  • I joined a few other boards re:arthritis in the last day or two.I have had a lot of symptoms in the last year.They have been consistent, but I get through half of them and my doctor looks at me like I'm a hypochondriac.Fibromyalgia was spoken under a breathe for a moment till my MRI's came back.

    I spent a lot of time journaling everything that "mattered" as in effect me profoundly-esp. colds affect on my whole body, numbing fatigue, previous "pink eye",recent swollen, painful eyes maybe allergies,both feet are while not hurting are deformed still one is over a year old(i don't believe the bunion theory as much right now), I have so much stiffness in the morning it takes a good 45 mins to get going.I have had various odd rashes, including the kicker on my elbow that is red, with silvery white appearance.I thought it was dry skin-a real issue w/ my diabetes but in the cold the elbow really aches a bit.But all my blood levels seem alright-except some minor anemia, slightly elevated cholesterol.I am getting the ammo for a visit to UCLA hospital next year, I need to find out what is happening soon.My mom is so worried now, I am 37 year male in reasonably good health, past issues not withstanding, that cannot even do much except be bedridden .Anyways a member at another board brought this up and will run it by my Rheumatologist to see how willing he is to consider options.

    Re: PsA

    Diagnosing psoriatic arthritis can be difficult because it often mimics other conditions. PsA can develop over a long period of time, or it can appear quite suddenly. However, it occurs most often in adults between 30 and 50 years old. Although psoriasis can occur in children, psoriatic arthritis is rare in children.Below is what I was refered to:

    A rheumatologist is typically the kind of specialist that will diagnose PsA. A diagnosis is usually made through the process of elimination. It entails a medical examination and possibly blood and / or joint fluid tests as well as x-rays.

    Medical Exam

    A doctor will review medical history, since PsA has a strong hereditary component. Because PsA can mimic conditions such as gout, reactive arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, blood tests and joint fluid tests may be made to eliminate the possible diagnosis of these other conditions. X-rays might be taken in order to look for changes in the bone.

    A diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis can be made more easily if there is active psoriasis as well as swollen fingers or toes. If nail involvement is apparent as well as your joints and the skin, then a firm diagnosis of PsA can commonly be made.
  • what is it with just getting 2 to 2 1/2 hours of sleep at one time.I must be on Jenny's timer, I want off.... LOL I also feel I way over did for Thanksgiving, I am having around 35 at my house. OMG, don't know where everyone will fit yet, oh well...
    Well, time to try "napping again.
  • :) 4jkasper, napping is the only way to go when there is just no regular sleep at night. I) you are certainly having a big get together. <:P good luck with your bird! have lots of fun and take care of yourself! i am taking a pain pill and trying to get a nap now myself. oh, just a few hours of sleep! I) Jenny :)
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