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NO PAIN PUMP!Can i request NOT to have the pain pump?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,512
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Pain Management
Can i request to not have the pain pump during my next surgery? Any time i fell asleep I wouldnt push my button there for i wouldnt recieve any medication. When i finally would it would take forever to kick in! My boyfriend was there for me as much as he could to push my button for me and allow me to sleep! I was out of it enough that I would forget to push it as well...I really really dont want it again...I want something that allows me to sleep and relax a bit more. Isnt this possable? 8} :SS :''(


  • Just tell them you're going to have family members pushing the button while you're asleep. If they know the medication is being administered that way, they won't let you near one. It's a protocol violation that can cause them tons of trouble. ;))
  • youde be suprised...doctors and nurses here in illinois...but i will mention it and see whats said?
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  • hi,
    all the information i give you is totally my own personal opinion and experience and not medical.

    you can request anything you want. here you can anyway.
    but as you can see with my history.
    even falling asleep with the pain pump i found it much better.
    i mean otherwise most of the time you can only get meds 3-4hrs through your IV. so if you fall asleep for a hour and wake up in horrible pain you have to wait for your next dose. i also hated calling the nurse waiting for them to draw up the dose especially if they were busy and waiting for them to get in my room. drove me nutso. and i kept watching that clock. i hated that also.
    this just happened at my recent hospital stay.
    i have also found morphine is not as effective for pain control as some other meds used in the PCA.
    i also was allowed a bolus (spelling) that if my pain got out of control with the pump they could give me a IV push at certain times during the day.
    i had the max of dilaudid in the PCA and it saved my life the whole time i was on it
    . even if i fell asleep for 3 hrs i pushed the button every 6 minutes and after 3 pushes i felt back to where i was before.

    now when i had my simple appendix surgery i was allowed 2 of dilaudid every 2 hrs through my IV so that worked out good. but the pain from that wasn't that bad.

    iv also heard that removing of the screws is not as bad as the fusion itself.
    i read your other post to. they are not concerned you did not fuse after a few years?? im just asking because i did not fuse after a year and that was causing all my pain and i just had it all re done in sept of this year. but you also mentioned the problem you have with brittle bones.
    heat does not help at all???
    with ice you said that makes it worse. are you wrapping it up in something???? i would be lost without my ice packs as they numb my pain. but of course again not everyone can tolerate ice.

    anyways in the end its all up to you.
    mabye it was the morphine not working for you. if you already were taking it at home. our bodies get immuned to certain meds after awhile.
    they used that on my last thursday for the day and i wondered why i was in so much pain. it just was not effective for myself.

    this is all my personal experience. discuss this with your dr before going into surgery so it all can be documented. because once your asleep you will wake up in recovery with whatever they want.

    good luck
    terri O:)
  • Please do not allow a faily member to push the button for you... this could result in over-medication. In all the hospitals I have worked at, it is against policy to allow anyone but the patient push the pain pump button.

    Discuss your concern with your Nurse. The RN should actually educate you to not the your pain get out of control before you receive your next dose. If you tell the Nurse you are concerned you will fall asleep between doses and wake-up in more pain, she should monitor you more closely.

    Best of luck,

  • and mine alone!
    I had a L5-S1 fusion in 2004. They went through my low belly area instead of the back. I had the iv pump and it worked ok for me. Now if I was having a bad bout of pain I would call the nurse and he/she would give me an additional dose of whatever in pill form (cant remember that far back)once I was able to hold things down. HOWEVER at times it would take forever to get the med, especially during the day. Mainly because they had to wait for the pharmacy to send up the meds, double check when I had that med last, my day nurse was not good at all and at times double check with teh doc. Now when my hubby was there it was nice well at times LOL He would push the button for me and actually the nurses knew and never said anything. BUT the reason could have been because my IV slipped about 4 different times. twice in each arm. and I would get this burning in my arm from the morphine going into my skin or flesh or whatever, it wasn't in my vein. So not only was the morphine going in the wrong spot BUT the IV solution was continually pumping/dripping into my arm and not the vein. I had told the day nurse the pain I was having from surgery and also from my arm and she wiggled the iv and sid there, she was not the best nurse at all. Anyway come shift change around 7pm or so(my surgery was at 5am) my male nurse came in! He was great he was so mad that I was in the pain I was in and my arms were litterally swollen 3-4 times the size. Anyway he put it in the other arm for me and I could not bend the one it was in. All was well. Well the next day about noon time the same day nurse came in and put meds in my iv. Well when she did this the iv slipped again. I brought it up to her and she wiggled it once again said that should do it, and that arm swelled up like the right one did! So here I am lookin like Pop-Eye. Shift change occured adn my wonderful night male nurse fixed it up again. So anyway, my hubby came in around 6am before shift change and he was pushing the button for me because my arms and hands were so swollen, that I couldn't even bend any of my joints and it hurt to put pressure on any part of them, from all of the iv solution going into my arm and not the vein. I told the nurse he was pushing it and she didn't seem to mind. Now the CRAPPY part of it was when Iwould wake up from a nap he thought I was in pain, which I was, and with my voice hoarse from the tube during surgery and the vomitting he thought I said push it and I would actually say dont push it. We joked about it afterwards and I told him he was just trying to shut me up. LOL Anyway it only happened like that on accident once. Which is probably why that is something htat is not allowed. But for the day that he was with me in the hospital he pushed the button for me because I literally couldn't. But he double checked to make sure that that is what I wanted him to do. LOL
    Now if with your past surgery you were on Morphine in the pump maybe request something different. I know Dilaudid works better for me and I dont get that horrid "Morphine headache". I do not know if they use dilaudid in that machine though. I have only had injections in my bumm before. Also, in my experience, with the morphine is that it wore off too early. So after I would wake up I would push the button wait 4 or 6 min (cant remember what time span I had, maybe the standard to start is 6 min, I know I had a short time span) and would push it every time I was allowed for 3-4 times until my pain was better. However that 15-20 minutes is like the longest when you have that much pain.
    Sorry this is so stinking long. What I would do is discuss this with your surgeon. he/she will listen to your experience from the previous surgery and come up with a med remedy while you are in the hospital. The surgeon may increase the amount of med that is distributed each time you push the button, use a different med in the pump (if possible), give you a long acting med in pill form (once you can hold things down without vomitting) etc etc. a couple good things about a second surgery, if there is such a thing, is that you already know what didn't help with pain to keep you comfortable before. You also know what to expect as far as recovery and what-not. So maybe with discussing it with the surgeon he/she will change dosings or meds. I know that my NS and I have already talked about all that stuff because I may have to have a second surgery after the first of the year. So if I do have to have surgery again he can tell me at the pre-op apt with him what meds he will be using for me. Docs dont want us in pain especially after surgery. I feel that if we are in pain that is not tolerable or starts to stress us out it effects the healing time. My NS also said that he felt the same way. So just be open and honest and hopefully you and your surgeon will come up with a good plan.
    Good luck! and keep us posted!!! MJ
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  • Sorry had to jump in again LOL
    Yes MJ they do use dilaudid in the PCA's. Most hospitals around here are getting away from even using morphine in them. But again it depends on what the patient can handle or is allergic to and all that stuff.
    I find it more effective then any other med to. But of course that is me.
    I also was told straight out for the first time ever as I got to my room and hubby was there (last wks surgery)
    .In no way shape or form were they to push the button. It was considered a felony believe it or not. To let the nurse know and they would come check on me and they could do it or give the IV push through the machine itself.
    So personally anyone ever doing that I would stay away from doing that. Not telling anyone what to do as every hospital is different etc. So serioulsy I don't want this post to turn into a "bad" one. As all hospitals, drs and patients are going to have their own rules and regs.
    Also with last yrs back surgery hubby said I pushed the button believe it or not even while asleep. Guess it became second nature lol
    GHESSH I sure wish I had it right now I) :$ :S I mean I hae the pill form right now, but ya know those nights where ya just want one shot ugghhh..

    Cherry Let us know how you make out with your dr. I discussed all this at pre op testing. Plus with the anasteologist before surgery. They documented everything. What worked and what did not.

    Have a good night hun
  • I'm not positive about this, but I've been told that you can't overdose yourself with the pumps. It will only give a certain amount of the med in a set period of time...so don't be concerned about that part. At least this is what my daughter, an RN, tells me. I guess I was one of the lucky ones...I had no problems with pain control in the hospital. They really kept me in a good place most of the time. I had told my doc about my high tolerance for pain meds and asked that he put it in my chart immediately that if what they were giving me wasn't working, there was a backup plan. The more straightforward you are with your doc, the better it will be.

    If you don't have the pump, you will not always get the meds you need right away. Like someone else has said, they have to order it from the pharmacy, wait for it, and heaven forbid if you need it when the shift is changing, it will be quite a long time before someone comes in with the med.
  • I fainly remember that being said by my night time nurse when I had told him! I think it was just easier for the day nurse to let us take care of ourselves as much as possible. I am not dissing nurses!! I know that I couldn't do the job that they do! I dont have the patients that it would take. I also dont think that she was a bad person I think she was just having a rough week, which we are all entitled to.
    Yes and the way the pain pump is set up is a certain dose at certain intervals allowed. So no you cannot overdose useing this device. I dont think that they would allow patients to use it if there was that possibility! Once you click the button you can click 100 times until your 6 minutes or the time set up is over with before you get another dose.
  • The pump is programmed not to administer a dose in excess of the doctor's orders, regardless of how many times the button is pushed, so technically it wouldn't overdose you. However, it's just a machine; we're humans and our human bodies react differently to many things when we're under the physical and emotional stress that comes with illness, injury, surgery, and/or hospitalization.

    Giving medication to a person who is sleeping, without a proper assessment, is dangerous. That's why nurses "annoy" you awake in the middle of the night and ask "stupid" questions before they put certain medications into your IV, even when you've complained about it and asked them not to wake you. They're assessing you prior to administering medication, otherwise, how do they know your just sleeping as opposed to being unable to wake up?

    For that reason, even with the overdose protection of the pump schedule, a family member could very well harm you by pushing the button. If sleeping through doses is a problem, it's much safer to have your family member wake you at the appropriate intervals, rather than pushing the button for you.
  • Trust me after the last surgery I dont care if i O/D...ok maybe i dont wanna O/D...but i just dont wanna keep waking up screaming! I literally cried so much I had black eyes...looked like someone came in and punched me! I kept passing out from pain, ide wake back up just the same! I was NEVER pain free...My b/f laughed when he read it could be a felony to push my button..."he wouldnt care anyways", but he knew he couldnt OD me...he's had a pump before too...he couldnt stand to see me in mysery...
    UGH...all this science and what not and the doctors still cant take away the pain.... :? :SS ohh god...and shift change or not...ide imagine the nurses would shut me up if they coulda...they even had me in with a poor little old woman...who was on her death bed...this blowz...dont seem like no one knows what i should do??? :''( :SS go to drive my doctor crazy on the 18th...ask my last questions...
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