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neck pain face numbness shoulder and arm pain

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
i am newbie i was in a car accident at work over a year ago works comp covered my for 9 months than they started dening my claims saying it was ddd i have had neck issues and left side face numdness and now shoulder and arm pains i have had an mri done that showed a bulging c6 with bone spur i have tried pt and injection plus chiropractor nothin working i have tried pain meds with little help i have had a tens unit and that does help but i want to be back to normal i go back to doc next week iam going to check out any other option or try another doc iam tried off being in pain and having a hard time working anything i could ask doc to try or look for


  • Welcome to spine-health,do you have a wc lawyer?
  • Can you find another ortho Dr or Neurologist 2nd or 3rd opinion? Heat helps for your shoulder? Take care and never give up. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Sorry to hear your in such pain, I know that pain all too well!! I blew out my c-6 in June. Had the same symptoms you have even the face thing! I do not have a bone spur though so your case is a bit different. I used an anti-inflamitory that did WONDERS for me. Have you tried one of those yet? Mine was Arthrotec 75mg twice a day. Havent taken that for 2 months now and doing fine. Hope you get the relief you need...
  • I had some "weird" feelings in my face also when I had neck pain... My face always felt very tight on one side. I told my doctors that my face would seem very tight, they all said it had nothing to do with my neck issues.

    Like you, my shoulder hurt real bad, under my arm was the worst... I had pain from my neck, between my shoulder blades, my shoulder, my armpit, the pain went from my shoulder/arm pit down my arm into my hand and fingers.

    I had a budge at c6-c7, so your symptoms are like what I had. I was also denied WC, they are trying to say my work, and near fall had nothing to do with my disc problems... Hope you have a lawyer, you need someone to fight for you. I got a lawyer, even if you have DDD, accidents and any trauma can bring on issues, even with healthy people.

    WC carriers do not have your best interest in mind... I had two slip and near falls at work three months apart. I had some lower/mid back pain after the second one when I slammed my side into a table as I was falling to the floor. Well, finally after 3 months of PT (took them a while), I had to stop to have my neck surgery, they now claim I am all healed, reached my maximum treatment level.

    Make a long story short... Since going back to work in September after having three months off for my neck surgery, my lower/mid back is now starting to kill me.

    I just had a Thoracic MRI done... Since my Lumbar came up clean last year, and my cervical is good after my surgery... My Ortho now thinks I might have a disc problem a little further up into my Thoracic area that is causing my issues.

    WC doesn't want to hear anything. Well, the last two weeks I had to help unload our weekly delivery... I took it easy, refused to lift anything over 40lbs, but now I'm in pain at times in my lower/mid back.

    I never had any neck/back problems in my life until starting my job... After two slip and nearly falls, I have. Doesn't matter if your body is getting old or not, or you have DDD, things can happen that suddenly cause you problems. Even as a manger, I was busing tables for hours at a time, helping empty 50lb trash cans into shoulder high dumpsters, logging firewood around, you name it, I do/did it, and now unloading our delivery trucks... Guess what, just like a 20-year old, that kind of physical work can cause injury.

    Speak with your doctor, but make sure you get a lawyer... Try to find something that will help you - Best of luck to you!

    P.S. - Having my c6-c7 ACDF surgery was the best thing that I could have done... I now only hope that I didn't also hurt anything else ;)
  • i go to doc next week and talk to her about option i tried of being in pain all the time i also do alot of phyiscal work and cant keep going if thing dont get better i do have a lawyer but he doesnt seem to be doing anything what type of surgery did you have and how long before you felt better
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  • HI, well first what is your age group ? And your gender ?
    Before your accident how was your health ?
    Also why are you going through comp and not your Car Insurance since that is where it original started ?

    What tests have you had and what do they show ? Also from my experiences I know that going to PT or chiropractor they can only help.. but depending on how bad the damages can not fix you up in one or two sessions. They have to use gentle movements to correct or try to correct the problem(s.

    Of course some problems are so bad that it's beyond there abilities .. but they can only try..

    So then ... where exactly is the hurt ? upper neck/shoulders ? Middle or lower?

    Have you talked with your general MD about this problem ? And as the other writter said have you through about a lawyer ?

    Hope this was of some help. If you can answer these questions and give a better picture of your situation perhaps other readers and myself can give you better avenues to look at.

  • On June 9th of this year I had ACDF (with hardware and donor bone)... Felt better after I woke up, and then only had minor issues with a soar throat that night into the next day.

    I felt great within a few weeks, only had some minor issues for a day or two, and that was gone before the NS could see me again. I was in my soft-collar until August, followed all my doctors orders, and was able to take almost 3-months off from work to heal.

    I was hoping to go back to my old job, which was less physical and demanding, but the economy tanked and that was that. I have been working since September 3rd and my neck has felt just great!

    From my main onset until surgery was only 11-months... Not much permanent nerve damage, so I was very lucky, and I would say I am 90-95% of what I was before.

    Don't worry, I sometimes feel like my lawyer isn't doing anything, but it takes time... My employer's WC carrier is dragging their feet - I think they have about exhausted trying to find anything in my medical background... They have just asked for my RX records for the past 10-years, but there is nothing in them either.

    I hope you are able to get some relief soon!
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