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Cold feet (literally) & Trouble sleeping



  • are always freezing. Unless I'm in the shower, you will find me with socks and booty type slippers on and my toes are still cold.

    Also, if I take Percocet with my Ambien, I cannot sleep. That makes at least 3 of us in this thread!

    I have been trying to get off Ambien. I went a few days without it, and then took it one night. Slept fine, but was in an "Ambien haze" until the afternoon the next day. So I've now gone 2 night again without it, but I am waking up every 2 hours. I'm hoping with the SCS, I can sleep better.

    I don't mind to take Ambien (and have for 2+ years), but hate the haze I sometimes have. Also, my doctor only gives me 20 a month, so I have to find 10 days where I don't take it or I will run out. She believes it can cause "rebound insomnia".

    With the SCS now, I'm trying to take less and less meds. That's the plan for the future, anyway. lol

  • had fusion l3 thru S1 back on 09 and stilll have mumbness in all toes. drs say oh it cant be that. they are full of --bruce
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  • Hi, i had a microdiscectomy L5/S1 over six months ago and had to wait 10 months to get the surgery. During the waiting period I experienced the cold & numbing in both feet. The Dr I saw believed the nerve compression to be the cause (as it had gone on for an extended period.

    He explained to me following the surgery the numbness & cold would probably remain for an unknown period of time - which it has. However I was told prior to surgery I may have a circulation issue which prompted me to buy a foot circulation boosting machine. The one I still have and use is a REVITIVE model. During the day I rarely use it but on nights I became accustomed prior to surgery to use it with what I consider good success - One word of warning these aren't cheap so I would use the 30 day money back guarentee products. I tried 2 others with limited degrees of success and returned both. The one I kept had a 60 day guarentee but annoyingly was also the most expensive.
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    my pm/neurologist said that my foot symptoms were related to my peroneal nerve. you can search above or here's a link to an overview https://www.spine-health.com/conditions/spine-anatomy/sciatic-nerve-anatomy

    it all makes sense to me now. (don't like it ... but it is what it is).

    hope your having reduced pain today,

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