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Has anyone had their friends try to get pain meds off you?

MingMMing Posts: 1,127
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Pain Medications
I forgot to mention this in one of my posts but I can't find which topic we were on. Anyway, I had...notice I put had...a friend who was supposed to be my best friends since I was 13. She knew I was on pain meds and was always bugging me to give her some just because she liked to take them for the high. Her boyfriend got ran over by a truck and literally crushed his legs. He didn't take his pain meds so she felt the need to take them and have him keep filling his prescription. She even wanted to crush them up and snort them with me at one point. I just told her that my doc monitors my meds very closely and I have to account for each pill and I can't spare any for her. She never even visited me in the hospital or called to see how I was doing or visited me at home or anything. It seems she was just trying to use me for pain meds. Once I wouldn't give her any, she just stopped talking to me.


  • Michele -

    I am appalled that a "friend" would ask this of you. And, equally proud of you for not giving in. This scenario speaks volumes for the both of you. With friends like that.... Maybe you are better off without her friendship. Just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions, right? "Opinions are like a$$-holes - everyone has one and they all stink". Hope that isn't offensive for anyone out there. If so, OOPS - Sorry. It's early here and I'm not having the best of days...

    I have never had anyone ask me for a pain pill. Except for my brother (God rest his soul). Like you, I did not give in either. We go through too much to even be able to take the darn things to mess it up on someone who cares little about us.

    Kudos to you Michele! I hope you have a great day with as many pain-free moments as possible.

  • She's keeping tabs on you in order to get her hands on your pain meds. That's all. She has a serious problem and needs help. I have heard many stories here about family and friends dipping into people's painkillers while they are recovering from surgery and it's awful. You don't want to be the one who has all their pills stolen and you have to fend for yourself because the doctor won't replace them. They hear that story hundreds of times and they won't do anything about it. Protect yourself from people like that. They are opportunistic and will "be there for you" in order to get their hands on your stuff. I had a relative act like that, and when I stepped back in the room, I found her digging through my purse for my pain pills. You will find that some people, even relatives, will start hitting you up for them. The best thing to do is keep that info to yourself and hide your meds in a safe place. If they wind up gone, it's you who will pay the price.
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  • Buh-bye now.

    You can continue to love this person from a distance. But, as long as they are trying to cope with this obvious addiction they should be no where near you. My opinion anyway.

    One Love,


  • This is why I am so grateful that my life is so isolated, I had friends who wanted xanax off me many moons ago.I dropped them so fast even some 15+ yr friendships.Now, I avoid talking about it with anyone, I never keep more than 3 days worth on me when out-I keep all my bottles so its easy to have one w/ proper ID on me at all times.The rest are locked up, your friend needs some help and also should respect that you need that med to make it through the day, not some so-called "high" which is absurd to me in the first place.I just do not understand the fascination with these medications, I m under medicated, treated like crap my doctor just because a few get their jolly's of a med I need.It may be time to stay away from that person for awhile, a true friend would never put you in this situation.
  • I have several friends that I have given a pain pill or two too, but never to just anyone. And they have never asked me for any either. Mostly severe PMS pain, I would offer one to get them feeling better, because there was nothing worse then seeing my friends in pain, in tears and not able to do anything. Yes they should see a doctor, but sometimes that is what friends are for. However, in your case my dear, don't worry about her being your friend. Pray for her safety and that she gets help for her obvious addiction, but don't stress over it. My grandfather once told me, that if you have at least 5 friends show up to your funeral, then you did good in life. I took that to heart, because I can count how many actual friends I have on one hand....3.... Good luck.
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  • I haven't talked to her since that night and I don't want to either. I should also mention that later that night my other good friend and I were searching for her husband who "disappeared". We found her husband in the bushes doing the nasty with this supposed drug seeking best friend of mine. Between screwing my friend's husband in front of the wife and me and trying to take advantage of me for pain meds, I don't need her or her reputation. They say you are who you hang out with and I really don't need things like that said about me. I found out that night that she is a swinger, which I hope no one is offended by this but it's just not my thing. My other good friend was mortified that her husband and our supposed friend would do something like this. Of course, he used the excuse he was drunk and didn't know what was going on. We were at a bar and this drug seeking scank was going around showing her boobs (which I call her tatertots because she doesn't have any) and was wearing a skirt with no panties and flashing her coochy. It was a messed up night to say the least. I also left my purse on the bar and step away for a second and seen her and her boyfriend crowded around it so I don't know if they got any or not.

    I would rather have 3 really great, trusting, dependable friends than 15 that suck and take advantage of me.
  • Ya, I gots the nastsy friend (20) plus years who only EVER comes round when he wants something..bummer, so dont feel bad about leach/parasite/life sucking friends. I only communicat coz its the christian thing to do...and old habit, but, I am glad you stood up for your rights!!! And dont forget, they'll come knocking, you'll say no..and now your a tool to the world...ohh well right, they only wanted to use ya anyway. life is funny like that though, open heart insert friend,get bad ccase of burn. keep that chin up and walk tall, you are doing the right thing!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • I have a house full of teenagers most of the time. So where I go so does my purse. I have narcotics hidden so well in my house they would have to be really brilliant kids to find them. I trust my own kids but occasionally one of them brings someone over whom I've never met and I just don't chance it. I keep my meds in my weekly container and keep the empty bottles in my purse so that if I'm ever questioned about them I have the bottle but no one would ever be able to steal my entire prescription. Oh but then there is my sister and she has a headache EVERY time I see her. She actually stuck her hand in my purse once and I let her know in a hurry that she would not be taking MY percocet go get her own if she was in that much pain. I did however give her a medication that I take for migraines which I know has no "makes you high feeling" side effects. I told her if they worked for her then she should go see my doctor and see about getting a prescription. She claims they didn't do anything for her headache which only leaves me to believe the headache didn't exist in the first place. Had she not been my sister she wouldn't have gotten that far with me. I'm really sorry your friend is the pits. Make sure you are NEVER around her again. She's no friend.
  • It was nice to listen to each experiences and realize how we all struggle with our pain meds in so many different ways. The stigma we get for taking them, the leaches who want to used us so they can take advantage of us and abuse them, the convincing we have to do to our docs to get them to understand the pain we are in so we can get our next months script.

    I know how hard it is for someone you love and is so close to you asks for pain meds. I have given a couple out to a dear friend of my ours who was seriously in an extreme amount of back pain and we know he doesn't abuse them. He did go to his doc on the following Monday to get his own. It happened to be a weekend. It is pretty obvious and easy to tell the difference between the users and those in real pain.

    I keep mine in my purse and keep my purse with me at all times but I have often wondered what would happen if my purse got stolen. All our friends know I am on pain meds and come and go in our house as well as the kids' friends so I am afraid to keep them out. My 15 cousin was living here too and would have friends over as well. I need to get a safe and lock them up and only carry what I need. Here in NY if you get caught with them w/o the bottle you can get arrested so I like the idea of carrying the empty bottles.
  • I guess that I am glad that I am an antisocial hermit. I have never had this happen to me but I don't hang out with anyone but family. They would never think of doing anything like this. I guess I will count my blessings again.
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