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finally heard back from the surgeon!!

tammycttammyc Posts: 894
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
:H I got a call this afternoon from the neurosurgeons office,they looked at the mri that i had done last week and said that everything looked ok so the diagnosis is whiplash. They told me to go back to my doctor and get some pain medication and more muscle relaxants.Definitely happy there was no more damage to my spinal cord but bummed about the whiplash.Hopefully it won't take too long to get into my doctor and exercising with this isn't a thrill.At least i know what the problem is now.


  • Tammy that's excellent news. Now you can relax and it will help you even more.

  • I know it hurts like the dickens but at least you didn't have any spinal cord damage. We'll just keep hoping that your symptoms will be short lived and you'll be back to normal in no time. =D>
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  • I'm so happy for you Tammy. Whiplash is bad but we have to look at the big picture and that means no more permanent damage. All good in my book!

    Do what you're supposed to and you'll be felling better before you know it.


  • ~X( thanks ladies it does sound great it did to me too at first,they said that everything is good in my neck,they asked me how i was feeling and i told them about the same as i was last week same pain same muscle tightness.I was told to go back to my doctor and get some more pain meds.and muscle relaxants that it was from the whiplash.I talked the my therapist last week and he told me that if the mri came back normal that he was limited with what he could do with my neck but there were things he could do to help me with my muscle pain in the rest of my body,but that he'd need a referral from my doc. So i called my doc. office first thing this morning and i was told that there were no apt. openings and that she was going on vacation for three weeks. ~X( :T timeout what the hell!!!!! the receptionist asked what meds. i was taking and i told her and she said she may get a chance at the end of the day to ask her to refill them but she wouldn't promise anything.That doesn't help me with therapy now does it. :W i called my therapist back and asked if it had to be a referral from my own doctor or could it be from anyone and she couldn't believe what the receptionist said to me and told me that it could be from anyone so i guess i'm gonna spend my time at the night clinic tonight trying to get medicine and a referral.Yippee!!!!!i'm so excited. :P i wish i could have done that to my doctor today :P :P :P =)) =)) See my problem is that my surgeon has me doing muscle strengthening exerices to build up my muscle strength all over my body ,which is weights for all my muscle groups and that's tightening my muscles even more causing even more pain.I've been going for massages every ten days to try and get some relief plus the muscle relaxants and narcotics.And everything together still isn't showing much of a difference yet.
  • Must be such a relief!!

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  • i went to the clinic tonight and talked to the doctor on,who happened to be a surgeon. :))( god must have been watching over me tonight. i told him everything that had happened to me starting at my surgery and he gave me refills on both my medications plus a anti inflammatory.He also gave me a referral for therapy for my whiplash,hopefully it will help and make it easier to do the rest of my therapy.i got home and took the medications right away and am finally starting to feel a bit better. (|: I'm starting to relax finally.the surgeon told me that my whiplash could last a very long time. :? that i'm not too happy about but he gave me a lot of medication so hopefully i won't have to worry about get more for quite some time.
  • That's great that you were able to be seen by someone who is a surgeon and that he was so willing to help.

  • It is tough to hear that it can last a quite a while but at least he was honest with you and was willing to help. That's good news. It could also be gone in a few weeks so we'll just send good thoughts your way.
  • well i'm hoping that the muscle pain and stiffness will go away very soon.Also hoping that the therapy will help that along then i can get back full force into building my muscle strength back up again.wish me luck i'm gonna need it. ;)
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