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It's Been Awhile - An Update

dharvellddharvell Posts: 98
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
To document my continuing drama with my neck issues and the doctors that refuse me because I am "too young"...

I saw a new doctor in November - a neurosurgeon. This neurosurgeon said what I've been waiting to hear, all this time - I am a candidate for surgery. All we need to do is get some updated testing done. A new EMG and a new MRI - just to see if things have progressed since March of this year.

The good news is the EMG shows that I respond within "normal limits" when I'm electrocuted and stabbed by needles.

The bad news is, the MRI shows that my OA between the C5-C7 continues to worsen. From March of 08 until December of 08, there is notable change.

One thing that has happened for the past month is, I get a headache on a daily basis. The headache tends to start from the neck and radiate into the head, usually behind the left eye. Unbearable, usually.

Perhaps we're another step closer to getting things taken care of...


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    To our exclusive club .... Sounds like your paying your dues ... I'll add you to my lengthy prayer list .... I have found that prayer doesn't seem to help pain.

  • Thanks for the welcome to the club! :) I've been paying these dues for the past 2 years with doctors who refuse to help, because of my age. As it appears, I'm "too young" to have these problems, so they wish to do nothing for it... 8}

    As for prayer - I appreciate every bit I can get. I did have a moment when prayer helped pain. It was for my kidney stone. I had the stone pain for 2 weeks to the day. I was finally fed up with it, prayed it gone and within 10 seconds, the pain was gone, never to return. :O :)

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  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    How many years "young" are you?

    I also have been "blessed" with the dreaded nephrolithiasis X2 .... only thing that helped was diludid ....

    My neck problems kicked in big time when I was about 35 .... not that young anymore :(

  • METALNECK - The very first sign of neck pain occurred when I was 30. I figured I just slept funny. When the pain didn't go away after 2 weeks, I talked to my PCP about it. After X-rays and the first MRI, it was determined that I had OA and DDD around the c5-c6.

    I am 34, now. The OA and DDD has spread to the c5-c6 and c6-c7 with stenosis of the nerve pathways. I've had some very interesting neurological symptoms develop over the past year, including random tremors and weakness in the upper extremities.

    Since I'm "only" 34, the local doctors all agree that I'm just too young for this to be happening. It took me seeing a neurosurgeon 90 miles away to get any sort of help. Before helping, though, he wanted the EMG and the new MRI, just to see how things are getting along. My follow up with the NS has yet to happen. I'm hoping it's soon, but I doubt it... this guy is very in demand. I'm probably looking at a couple-of-month wait.
  • dharvell said:

    The good news is the EMG shows that I respond within "normal limits" when I'm electrocuted and stabbed by needles.

    Oh my goodness, you had me in tears with this one. Just loved how you worded that. It's how I felt when I had the EMG! I'm glad you had good results on that, though.

    I'm glad you are finally getting heard and treated. Keep us posted!

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  • Hi Cheri -

    I'm glad that got a laugh out of you! I have a LOT of English blood in me which gives me the (un)fortunate gift of subtle, dry, sarcastic humour. A lot of people don't catch that! :) Laughter is one way I found to cope with the everyday pain and suffering... it really is the best medicine in some cases.

    I'll keep everybody posted when I find out more. I'm calling my NS sometime next week to see if I can set up a follow-up appointment... I'm hopeful that we're finally getting somewhere!

  • As you can see by my signature, I've had a 3-lvl ACDF w/hardware (8 screws). I am so glad I had it done and would do it all over again. The relief was immediate after surgery: I was losing the use of my left arm and it was almost 100% in the recovery room.

    Good luck to you and I'm glad you found someone you can trust. That's very important.

  • In that case, I am VERY much looking forward to getting something done. Over the past several months, I've noticed increasing involuntary movements in mainly my L arm, but sometimes in my R arm. What really worries me is when I go to do something as easy as clicking a mouse button and my finger doesn't move. Rather, my elbow will shoot outward, or something strange as such. I thought I was going insane when this started happening.

    I've also noticed increasing issues with my legs. I find it strange, because I understand the nerves for the legs are in the lower back. There have been times that my legs are unusable... I just crumple to the floor if I try to stand. I told my PCP about that and SHOWED him a video of my L leg trembling uncontrollably. He flat out said that he's not interested in pursuing that problem until the neck issue is figured out. It's discouraging, to say the least.

    I'm hoping this new NS will listen to all of my complaints and actually do something!
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