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Okay, onto another specialist!!!!

HeidiLynnMHHeidiLynnM Posts: 445
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:26 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hello everyone :H :H .
Well, I went to another neurosergon yesterday, and I must add that he was very nice =D> . He was nothing like the one I had seen prior. He did get some reports from the other neurosergon, and commented on them. I guess that the other one wanted me to get a myleogram(sp.)? Is this like a discogram?

I also commented on the fact that the other doc thought that I had problems with my hips, and he checked me, did different tests that he does and said I have nothing going on with my hips.

Well, on to the difficult part :T . He said that there is no way that I am a canidate for the microdiscotomy surgery where they go in, and take a peice of my disk out. He said it would not do any good for me. He said that my mri looks great except for L5 S1. He doesnt understand why I have so much pain going down both legs all the way to the feet. I guess maybe that is why I need antother test?! :?

I guess that if I were just having pain down the back of my left leg, along with the back pain that I would be a canidate for the micro. So, here we go on a roller coaster. I told him how much pain I am in, where it is, where it goes, ect.

He asked me everything that I have done to get my back better, told him of the injections, discogram, Idet. Well, we got on the Idet, and he told me that he would have never let me go through that. It just doesn't work ~X( ~X( . Great!!!!! All that pain and crap for nothing.

Anyway, he doesnt advise anymore injections, at all. He is referring me to a orthepedic surgeon in Burlington VT. He was telling me that there is a surgery where they can go through my stomach, and seperate my bones in my back, and fill in the disk. Not sure what all of that is?!

I am so frustrated, I feel like I have to make a big point that I AM IN PAIN. :''( . He also wants me to go through this therapy thing where they do all different tests to see what I can, and can't do?! That is outpatient, and that is going to get very costly(comp is not paying me, I guess we will see if they can help with the costs of all of this).

So, as we can see, I have degeneration, and a herniation along with disk tear. Why do I have soooooooooooo much pain??? :T :T .

Sorry to carry on, just so tired of all of this :S .


  • It sounds like he might be referring you for a FCE(functional capacity evaluation.) I'm confused as to why he would do this right now. Usually it's done in work comp situations AFTER treatment is finished to see what your permanent restrictions will be. I don't know, I wouldn't be a big fan of scheduling that test before you see the ortho surgeon. It's going to cause you lots of pain and isn't cheap. Maybe you can get the appointment with the ortho surgeon first and he'll cancel that business.

    Once again, I have to say, Tramadol and psych meds don't mix. I know I said that before, but it can cause bad side effects(like making your anxiety worse, spasms, agitation.) Google "serotonin syndrome."

    I haven't read all of your posts, so don't know your whole story. Do you take your husband with you to appointments? Do you write things down and read off the list? I ask this becuz I wondered something-do you feel like your surgeon doesn't give your symptoms enough consideration because you are on several psych meds? I'm not saying you don't have pain, I'm not saying you're crazy. What I'm saying is that from my experience in the medical field, some people make judgements about a patient based on things they shouldn't(i.e. psych meds means you're crazy and exaggerating.)

    I hope your husband is able to go with you to appointments. I even find that physicians pay more attention when my hubby goes, which is ironic becuz I am far more articulate than him.

    I am sorry you are having to jump through so many hoops. Please keep updating.

  • It is a good idea to go to a few doctors so you can get different ideas, then educate yourself so you can be a partner in your decisions instead of just a bystander. I had three consultations before I chose the surgeon and route I wanted to take. Each had a different idea by the way, but I researched all the operations and went with the one I thought suited my condition and expectations. Good luck and hope you find relief soon!
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  • "Anyway, he doesnt advise anymore injections, at all. He is referring me to a orthepedic surgeon in Burlington VT. He was telling me that there is a surgery where they can go through my stomach, and seperate my bones in my back, and fill in the disk. Not sure what all of that is?!"

    They are talking about doing an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF). You need to ask questions such as are they going to use bone grafts, BMP or something else. You also need to see if they plan on using plates on the front of your spine or if they plan on making it a 360 and placing hardware posteriorly.

    If you got hurt at work, you need to push the workers comp issue. This is a long recovery which involves a lot of rehab. I agree with Angie that an FCE right now is pointless since he is recommending surgery. They typically do the FCE after surgery and rehab is complete.


    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • I have went with my husband to not one of these appointments. I will be going with him when I go to Burlington. I don't understand how I could be thought of or seen as in some way faking/misunderstood because I have depression ~X( ~X( ~X( .

    That is horrible to even think of!!!! I would never want to live with this, my dream was to be a nurse, not this. Sorry, I just think that there are some people out there that like to think that just because I have depression/anxiety,, that I am mental?! Yes, it is a mental illness that I have lived with for many, many years. There are even lawyers, doctors, surgeons, you name it that have the same thing as I do!!!!! Okay, off my wagon :T :T :T .

    I do take tramadol, have never been told not to. I do not see it making me feel worse. I do see it as not a great pain control med anymore. I am now as of tonight starting lyrica.

    Sorry to get off edge, I think that I am going to take out the part that I have depression out of my sig.

    As for the rehab part, thanks so much for expalaining it, along with the surgery. I am just having a painful night.
  • Heidi,

    It sounds like you had a better experience overall with this doctor. For this, I am happy for you! Last time you were feeling totally helpless and unheard. At minimum this doctor took what you had to say into account. Yes, a myleogram is somewhat similar to a discogram. From what you have given us regarding what the doc is possibly suggesting it sounds like he is referring to a fusion at that level. Just write down questions as you have them and don't be afraid to call the doc and ask for further explanation via telephone. Perhaps his Physicians assistant or one of the nurses can answer any questions you might have. For example, call and ask him why he might want you to have this PT test?

    One Love,

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  • It sounds like he is suggesting and anterior fusion. That's what I had done. EMS Guy is right, ask the questions he stated above. Depression is the first things the docs notice on my chart and then ask if my back pain is from depression as you can have aches and pains with depression. I wasn't taken serious I don't think until I had the discogram. Even when he did the MRI, he stated I should be in this much pain and then he just did a CT Scan a month ago because I am still having pain post op and he says it doesn't show anything too bad that should be causing all this pain. I asked him if he ever tested my nerves. I guess he never thought of that. I mentioned my dad's history, peripheral neuropathy and he may run a nerve test now. I have one more set of injections to try.
  • I got so upset that I removed all of the meds I am taking ~X( . I am just so sick of docs/people thinking that if you have depression, ect. that you are a whack!!!!!!

    I am in so much pain tonight. I am getting over bronchitis, trying to quit smoking. I feel so annoyed, the pain, the need to have a nice big screaming fit :SS :SS .

    I thank you ALL for being here for me!!!!!!! As for the mylegram, ugh, the discogram was horrrrribble for me. I hope that if I have this done that it will not be as bad.

    Steph, thanks so much for your kind words. You are truely a sweet heart. How are you feeling? >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain tonight. I know it sounds so cliche but try to take some deep and cleansing breaths. If your husband is awake and up for it, ask him to stand facing you, and hug him so that you are heart to heart. Then, take 3 deep breaths in and then out together. I promise you that if you do this it will bring your pain and stress level down, even if just a bit. If he can't/won't do it tonight or tonever, then find someone that will and give it a shot.

    The myleogram is not like a discogram in the stabbing you with rediculously long needles with no anesthesia kind of way. It is just similiar in the contrast dye kind of way.

    I am feeling kind of nauseated to tell the truth. I am not sure if it is something I ate or if it is because I stopped taking dilaudid today cold turkey. I will be alright though.

    I hope you sleep well tonight.

    One Love,

  • Heidi..sorry to hear you are in sooo much pain. :''( I am scheduled to have an anterior fusion on L5/S1 tomorrow morning. Cadaver bone graft, hardware with plate and 4 screws. I wish you the best and hope everything turns out for you very soon!! >:D<
  • Heidi-

    It sucks the way people view those of us with depression. I've been on meds before and recently had to ask for them again because I NEED them again. Please know that the people here understand the relationship between chronic pain and depression or even severe acute pain and depression. On top of that, a lot of us have financial issues, work comp(me too), strain on family, etc. The whole thing is so stupid because you should see some of the meds these docs are on themselves! Anyway, please don't feel like we don't take you seriously here on SH becuz of your meds or depression. This is a safe place, it's OK to list those meds here.

    I applaud you for trying to quit smoking. It's a difficult thing to do, especially during a stressful time. It's a very positive step healthwise and because smoking inhibits fusion(if that's the surgery you end up having.) Good for you!

    I hope the ortho surgeon gives you a good treatment plan. Delay the physical activity test until after you see him. It sounds like even though this doc didn't give you all of the answers, he at least took you a little more seriously from the last one. Hang in there, things will get better. Remember you can vent anytime here.

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