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Broken 80mg Oxycontin tablets! Help!



  • Dear Kai,
    First of all I'm so sorry over how rudely you've been treated. Yes, we both know exectly how the other feels. I have found that in todays society the customer is no longer right, ever! I've been in other situations where I was treated horribly, one was at a big name hotel, and I sent a letter to the company over it. I explained everything that had gone wrong, which were many and very bad. I expected a letter of apology and even some form of compensation for their blunders. Instead I recieved a letter that said that particular hotel was a franchise, and even though it had their name on it there was nothing they could do. I didn't even get an aology! You would think although it was franchised, they wouldn't want their name on a property with such bad service.
    Recently my husband and I bought one of those air up beds that are used for company, etc.. We needed this because our cieling have leaked so badly during the last heavy rains that our bedroom flooded. We aren't about to put our $3,000. sleep number bed back in there until the landlord fixes the roof, so this is what we are forced to sleep on. In the meantime we realized that it has a leak in it and by morning it's completely deflated. I had the receipt and my husband took it back to "Blankmart" where we bought it. They refused to give us our money back! We had found another one at their sister store, "Blank Club" and asked if they would just put the money on a store card so we could purchase the other one. That way they would still not lose any money. BTW, we did nothing to this bed, it was defective. They still refused. On the reciept it does not state that you cannot return an item like this. Finally he forked over another $50.00 and bought another one from the same store with the credit they gave us from the used one. We could only exchange this mattress but they didn't have another one just like it.
    Now that these big business's have taken over the customer is the one who will lose in the end. Whether it's a pharmacy, department store, etc., they deal with so much volume that they no longer care if someone refuses to shop there anymore. What a sad state of affairs that things have come to.
    I wish you the very best of luck and hope that someday soon you get what will finally satisfy you. Funny thing is, sometimes it's something as simple as an apology to make us happy.
  • OK, Terror, you made me really curious so I got my pills out and grabbed my eyeglasses. I usually get generics, occasionally I will get the name brand if they are out of generic and I'm taking a look. I have both round pills and ones that are shaped like footballs. None of them have the dosage on the side, the oval says 33, and the round has a big M on the side. In the name of science, and curiosity, I took the football shpaed one in my fingers and applied only a small amount of pressure, it snapped in half too easily. I actually didn't mean to break it, obviously. But I did! I thought it would take more pressure to break it and before I could let up it just snapped. I'm not about to try it on the round ones now.
    So, where does that leave us? They could have easily been weakened by all of the tossing and piling while still at the maker, prior to being shipped to the pharmacy, then continued to break once it went through the process of being filled and the jiggled in the bottle. On the other hand they could have been broken by a sneaky pharmacy tech with a drug problem. I don't know which. I suspect it was when they were made and shipped instead because two of them had broken into multiple pieces. Who knows?
    All I do know for a fact is that this pharmacy made a mistake and refused to correct it. I tend to agree that maybe changing to a smaller pharmacy is the best way to go. When I picked up my last prescription there was a line of at least 11 people working behind the counter at 7PM. That's a lot of employess for one pharmacy! They would have to have even more emplyess on in the daytime when they are busier.
    I did go through with my plan and counted and inspected every single pill while at the counter. There was some grumbling from the line behind me but for the most part, the customers seemed to be OK with what I was doing. I guess they've been down the same road. The staff was much more frustrated though and that was what I was hoping for.
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  • You probably already know all about this but errors at the pharmacy are responsible for many deaths of patients. They make serious mistakes all of the time. Example: A broken oxy isn't nearly as dangerous as getting a mediacation for the heart when you were prescribed something for a sinus infection.
    I mentioned somewhere on here before that I overdosed on anti-depressants when my father passed away, I was only a teenager at the time. The pharmacy had given me a much higher dosage than was prescribed and told me to take it much more often than prescribed. The reaction I had to it was awful, and certainly not the best timing. Every time me or my husband gets a new prescription and the pills look different, which is frequent when they are generic, I always call the pharmacy to make sure they haven't made a mistake. A very scary thought!
  • i looked on mine and it says 40 on one side and then it has a oc or og on the other side. the writing is so small i could no tell, but i also tried to snap one and i could not do it. for one the pill is so small, i could not get a good grip on it and when i put on gloves that gave me a better grip, i still could not snap one. the only way i could do it was with a knife or razor blade. since we have different marks, maybe you have a different brand. mine is the brand name and not generic. maybe yours is generic. is yours round or shaped like an oval?
    it was impossible to snap with hands. i tried an tried and so did my wife and she could not do it either
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • have been crushed by someone in the pharmacy also instead of being cut OR they could have used the pill cutter in the pharmacy! since there are a lot of patients out there that have issues cutting pills and some elderly cannot do it themselves due to arthritis or other issues the pharmacist will cut their pills for them. I actually had this task when I worked in a pharmacy. LOL Anyway It doesn't matter how it happened. I guess I wonder why everyone is questioning topfuelfan about how it happened. IF they wanted to get extra pills then why would they try to bring in the ruined ones?!?!?!
    I had a HUGE mistake from a pharmacy. I have had a lot but around 2002 I had a miscariage. I was 16 wks along. Which is unusual that far along. Anyway I had a DnC done and the doc RX'ed me some meds that help your uterus contract back down to normal size. I was supposed to take them 3x's a day until the meds were gone. They were just teeny tiny pills, they were literally hard to get out of the palm of my hand to make sure they hit my mouth. About 1/2 the size of an oxy even smaller. ANYWAY I was taking the for about 7 days and I started having almost contractions that were continually the same length away. Almost like I was going into labor. I called my doc and he said there should have been only 5 days supply. WEll I figured out what I had already take and counted what was left and there was about 15 days supply. I too count my meds just to make sure I dont get shorted or get too many!
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  • i have just been to collect my oxycontin.norm and i had a chat with my pharmacist she told me that there were some fake ocycontin on the market and that they did have a tendency to brake!but that was over 2 years ago {they came from Turkey of all places .as far as we know customs have ceased them .although only a few pharmacist came across them and destroyed them before any customers could come in to contact with them.my pharmacist would not tell me {for security reasons }how they new that they were fake.but she assures me that all the drugs that we get from genuine pharmacies are the genuine article.the fake oxycodone were ment for the street market.they did contain some oxycontin but also cocaine and other crap!.all NAPP pharmaceuticals CD have a unique code on every box and a superb tracking system {my brother is a manager of a company that ships theae drugs and others like methadone}told me that if they get a damaged box of drugs they are collected by NAPP and destroyed .so they never reach the customer.my advice NEVER BUY STREET OXYCODONE even if you are in desperate pain .see you doctor!
  • I'm not questioning topfuelfan as to how her pills were crushed,I'm questioning how her pills were crushed..period.Just as she was.At least that's how the post started..then all along we all started questioning and coming up with scenarios of our own.Stories of our own.

    And don't think for a minute that I don't doubt the pharmacists could be at fault-actually,it makes more sense to me than the breaking in the bottle theory..but now that I hear how soft the one pill was,I just don't know.Still,I blame the pharmacists regardless only because they should/could have easily been replaced.But having said that..

    My only other theory as to why the pharmacy did not wish to replace them is that the pills were so crushed that they couldn't tell how many were actually there.They couldn't go by what was left in the bottle because quite frankly,when it comes to that type of scheduled drug,the pharmacists are as skeptical as the rest of society.

    That is why I suggested telling your Dr-but he was out of town! If he trusts you,problem solved.BTW~Are you going to tell your Dr about this,and did you save the crumblies?
  • I was telling my hubby about the broken pill dilemma and he asked me a question. Does a 80 mg time released oxy that is broken in half become a 40 mg or is it a 80 mg that won't last 12 hours? I don't have a clue.

  • the 40 mg left over will enter your bloodstream at once. it is like taking 4- 5mg oxycodone at once. never take a broken tablet. people die who are not used to narcotics.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • Actually,it would be like taking 8 of the 5 mg pills.4x5=20,but hey-who's counting :))(
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