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Family and Meds



  • I'm so sorry you all have to go through that. I don't have any family members around to say anything and as for my husband, he seems to understand that I do what I have to do to be comfortable. For a while there, when he'd get home from work, he would ask me how many pain pills I took that day. So after a couple of days of that, I started offering up to him how many I took that day before he asked. He had such a hurt look on his face and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to monitor what you do - you don't have to tell me what you take." And he's never asked and I've never offered again. (Well, except for those fantastic days where I only needed one pill and I'm running around like superwoman - he hears about that, alright!)

    There are times now when he sees I'm in pain and he tells me I better take something before it gets worse.

    It's been pretty easy for me, and I see how painful it can be to be judged and have your spouse, especially your spouse, say something so derogatory about meds that you need just to function. Why can't some people just mind their own business and let you mind yours?!?! ~X(
  • my wife has never questioned the amount of meds I have taken unless I am grumpy. My problem is that I get to be really unpleasant to be around if I am in pain. My wife knows that and knows the warning signs. She will then ask me what I have taken and do I think maybe it is time to take another pill or maybe a breakthrough pill. I have such problems with my breakthrough med that she usually has to berate me for a while before I will take it. Too much manly pride here and thinking I can tough it out.
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  • I never had a problem with my medicine use with my husband or immediate family. If I'm in a lot of pain, my husband asks if I took my meds or if I need them now. My mom is always telling me to make sure I take them. They know that I am responsible and take them as prescribed. I also know that they rather me take pain meds than suffer.
  • I have found that people that don't have the pain don't understand and for people that have the pain and don't "believe" in med's more power to them. Recently my brother said he thinks i'm addicted to pills and I simply explained I take my med's as told nothing more and for about a week after my last surgery but before I reherniated I stopped all med's didn't get sick or anything . There is a difference between being a addict and just needing some relief from the constant pain and discomfort.
  • Isn't this so sad? I even hate to depend on the medication, but unfortunately that is where I am. And unfortunately they are the type that our bodies get addicted to...not b/c we WANT to. Plus, b/c people without problems abuse, we get a bad name. My mom is the one I have to be careful with...I usually share with only my husband and mom. My mom googles and then tells me how horrible it is and then shares with her friends. That hurts. I learned a long time ago not to share this type of thing with friends. They don't even know the extent of my discomfort. I don't offer the truth when asked the familiar question, "How are you"? :)
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  • I would give my pain meds up in a heart beat if I could get to a tolerable pain level. It seems that people think we are taking them because we want to. It's so we can cope and be able to some what function. It's sad that we even have to deal with this stigma of pain meds while we are trying to learn to deal and cope with our chronic pain. I wish that there was more understanding from others that don't have chronic pain. I find that if I do say something to my friends, they are asking me for some of my pain meds because they have a headache or stiff neck or just because so I don't tell anyone anymore. I have one friend who asks me every time he sees me if I am still taking vicoden, how many I take and makes fun of me. His uncle just got out of rehab for abusing pain meds. I had another "friend" who used to try to get pain meds off me all the time and she even wanted to snort them with me. I just kept telling her that I only get enough to take them as prescribed and my doc monitors them and I don't get enough to share with anyone.
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