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cn someone help asap?i need advice with my meds =(

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,321
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Pain Medications
Hey everyone, im not new to reading the forums, but new to writing in them,but i really need help asap!

I am 21 years old, and got into a bad car accident in august of 07. I have had multiple issues since then. I am always in constant pain,muscle spasms from my hairline down to my tailbone,with knots all along my spine,im always tired,and can never do anything my friends do. Before my accident,i ran/walked 2 miles a day. Now i cant walk half a mile becuase an hour later i will feel like i got hit by a car. The worst part is, no one believes me with my pain, not my parents,friends,or boyfriend. They all think its in my pain. These forums really help,it shows me im not alone.

ok,im done blabbing lol...

My problem, is my drugs. I am currently on Cymbalta,Lryica,xanax,MS contin,oxycodone, and adderall(for my adhd, and it also helps me stay awake while im in class and at work due to the other meds).

They just recently put me on MS contin, before that, i was taking 2 Vicodin 10mgs, 4-5 times a day. So the doc. told me he wanted to change things.
He gave me MS contin15mgs to take 3 times a day. Which has done nothing,so increased it to 30mgs 3 times a day with oxycodone 10mg for break thru.

I want to try and only take the MS contin.

so the question is: Do you think its possible to cut the oxycodones cold turkey since i dont really need to worry about w/d bcuz im on ms contin?

I have been taking short-acting narcs for over a year (high amounts) everyday.

I was just thinking about it today, ive already taken 30mg mscontin, and 6 oxycodones(thru out the day) and i want to have someone elses opinion..
Do you think 30mg 3 times a day is enough to relieve atleast alittle pain?
I know everyones different, but i dontno.

Thanks for reading my longgggg story! i hope everyone had a safe new year!


  • Hi Heather :H and welcome to spine health >:D< . I was just posting something similar to what I am going to say here on another forum. A lot of us on here have been told it's in our head by one person or another and the worst is that it is usually by those who love us most. Us spiney's understand and sympathize and do not try to convince you it's in your head.

    It is obvious you take a lot of pain medication and high doses. Your body will build a tolerance to any meds you give it over time. Since you are already on MSContin maybe you should wean down on the other stuff and only take it for really bad pains. My ortho explained to me that the longer we are on pain meds the harder it is for our body to produce endorphins to fight off our pain naturally. Therefore, we associate pain with pain pills. I hope I am making sense here. In order for our bodies to start producing endorphines again is to wean down on the pain meds and try to increase physical activity. You should consult your physician before changing your meds or doing any physical activity especially since your pain is so bad.

    Please remember I am not a medical professional and this is only my personal opinion and what I've heard from my ortho.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope I helped in some way.

    Happy New Year! <:P
  • you should insist on really good blood test and then get a copy you should be able to read them yourself just take one from before your accident and one now and compare the numbers be sure to get a seg rate when i was in the hospital i picked up an infection that turn three of my bones t5 t 6 t 7 t 8 and t 9 to blue pus and then a nurse broke my neck at c5 but you can be sure that they are all trying to deny any responsibility i take 8 60 mg of mscontin morning and night and i have the 10 for break out i get 60 of those a month but i am in lots of pain be sure that you are not sick from something else i had been given lipitor made by physor and got a disease called rhabdemylisis YOU are responsible for your own sickness and they expect YOU to diagnose yourself i had the lipitor problem for over 5 years and could not get the doctors to do anything i almost died start with your blood test all your records belong to you and get a copy of everything at the doctors and keep it in a folder the seg rate should be 3 mine is 45 right now and at its worse was 118 if your rate is not a 3 you have an infection'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' L)

    nancy in canada
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  • Ok first with my experience with MSContin. For some reason it did not work that great for me. No long acting meds do. So as far as helping you in that department I cannot.

    Now as far as cutting the Oxycodones cold turkey. DONT DO THAT!!! Taper yourself off of them. (as long as doc says its ok) . So if I were to taper off of them. I would cut them down to 5 a day for a few days then 4 per day for a few days then just 3 per day for a week or so, then 2 for a week then 1 for a week then 1/2 for a week. You may only have to stay on it for a couple days instead of a week. You will still feel the withdrawl if you were to stop cold turkey even if you are on the MSCotin. When my old PM doc put me on the MSContin and stopped my Oxycodones she RX'ed me meds to help with the withdrawl effects. Remember that the oxycodones are a different make up than the MsContin. So just because you are on a long acting med that doesn't totally mean that you wont feel the withdrawl symptoms.
    Now keep in mind that there are some people that dont feel the withdrawl effect when they cold turkey a med like oxycodone while they are on a strong long acting med like MsContin.
    Please dont do any of the above mentioned things without first talking to your doc about it FIRST!!!
    As far as everyone telling oyu it is all in your head. Just dont even listen to them adn better yet dont even talk about your pain with them unless they ask. I have found that since I really dont talk about the pain that much, my family and friends truely notice and help a lot more when they are seeing that I am having a bad pain day. My day to day pain level is generally around a 7, even with pain meds.I hope some of this helps and makes sense to you. Please feel free to Private Message me! I am also pretty yourng. I am only 32 yrs old and have had back pain since I was 18! I had a fusion of my L5-S1 when I was 28. The doc now thinks that I might have a failed fusion. ARG! I just had a Myelogram and CT Scan done and see the doc on 01/09/09 and am hoping for some answers on that day. I am now to the point that I feel like telling the doc, just cut me open and dig around until you can find something to fix!!! LOL I can't stand the pain and hate when people try to tell me that it is in my head or not as bad as I am making it out to be. Good luck and keep us posted. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! MJ
  • :H While I've never taken MS Contin I know many who have or still do. However oxycodone has been my friend since my car wreck in Sept. of this year. My new neurologist started me on Soma for another issue that I have and I was unsure what I should do with the oxycodone so I stopped cold turkey taking them the other day since I'm now taking a pretty heavy dose of Soma at night. That was a mistake for me. BIG TIME. The Soma hasn't had time to work and I ended up with cold sweats and nausea. So I decided for me who is the ultimate person in charge of my health to go back to Percocet during the day since I tolerate them very well and to wean myself off of them instead. At one point I was like you. Taking 6 a day right after my surgery. Then got down to 4 and seemed to be stuck there since. But since starting the Soma I only take 2 Percocets. I suspect this new medication will kick in soon and I may not need Percocet at all anymore if not then I will continue to take my 2 percocets (Just not too close to time for my Soma oh and Klonopin) until I can see a marked improvement in my daytime pain. It may be a completely different experience with you since MS Contin is pretty potent but for me so is Soma. I only weigh 90 lbs and they think I should start on pediatric dosing when I have pain. WRONG! :D I'm 43 and have a lot of life experience with pain and I know what works and what won't. If a dentist writes me a prescription for Darvocet right after a dental surgery I'll hand it right back to them and say no thank you. Mepergan please. I'm not 12 and have given birth 3 times so I know what pain feels like since it was natural. :) My best wishes to you and I hope that you can wean yourself off of the oxycodone without any effects. And definitely tell your doctor what you want to do.
  • I take ms contin 30 mg x4 a day. One Doc told me 1 every 6 hours and pain managment says 60 mg twice a day. You should take your ms contin as ordered 6am 2pm and 10 pm, 8 hours apart. If that's how it's ordered. If you're taking 6 oxycodones a day for break through pain You need to review the amount of the ms contin. Keeping a pain diary is helpful to decide what's best for you and letting the Dr. know if you're having enough slow release meds(MSContin). I hope things are better for you. How was your MRI results. take care and wish you a more painfree 2009. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • How'd the Nurse break your c5? Do you need to wear a collar That's awful. What are they going to do or are you just getting conservative treatment right now? Hope you feel better. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • You should not have to take 6 oxycodone a day, along with the MS Contin. The idea behind long acting meds is to have a baseline pain medication level in your system, 24/7......that is what the long acting is for. The breakthrough meds, are simply for that, breakthrough pain. That is pain that is over and above your normal pain levels that your long acting meds can not reduce. If you are taking 6 oxycodone a day, regularly, then either the long acting needs to be adusted up ( but you said it was just raised), or you need to cut back on the short acting (oxycodone). You may be able to cut them out with no withdrawal symptoms, or you may not, depending on how your body reacts and how long you've been taking that many oxycodone a day.
    Your best bet is to discuss reducing them with your doctor before trying to do this on your own. They can provide you with a taper schedule, and work with you to make sure that you experience minimum problems.
    Best of luck to you,
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