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Lower back pain two years after spinal fusion

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Lower Back Pain
Has anyone experienced lower back pain after spinal fusion and removal of all hardware? It has been two years since my spinal fusion and I have had all my hardware removed. I am having similar pain in my lower back when sitting and driving as I did before surgery.


  • I had a one level fusion L5-S1 (with laminectomy) 12/19/06. I always made a point of insisting I did not have back pain. The pain was only in my legs. Now, two years later, I am having low back pain. It just started a month ago. I have no idea what's going on. I don't know if this helps you at all or even relates to your circumstance. Susan.
  • make an appt. with my surgeon - I was supposed to go for a follow up after last surgery and held it off. Hopefully he will order an MRI. The pain is not so bad that I can't handle it but it is frustrating because I have been feeling so great this far and now it feels like I'm back where I started
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  • Two weeks after the surgery I was having a weird sensation down my leg and when I went for an MRI it showed that the screw on the left was migrating away from the bone so he removed it. Then this past Feb. I was having consistent pressure on the right side of my lower back and another MRI showed that the tissue was growing over the hardware so he removed that. I had many nerve issues after the fusion and was hospitalized four times on morphine. No drugs helped. I had two nerve blocks two days apart and it was the only thing that relieved the nerve pain in my foot
  • I had L5/S1 fusion on 7/1/08 and I started having low back pain a couple of months later and worse nerve pain down butt, legs and hips only now it's both sides instead of just the right. My ortho says everything looks ok and that nothing shows I should be having this pain. Ok, so I am just making all this up ~X( Why would I do that? Anyway, I hope you find out what is causing your pain. Get to your doc and get a new MRI and let us know how you make out. It is so frustrating to go through the surgery and all the pain and stress from recovery just to have the pain all over again. I keep wondering why I went through with this surgery. I know have numbness and the pins and needles feelings in my feet and legs which I never had before so now I think I am worse off. I am being "forced" to go back to work in 15 days due to financial reasons.

    I wish you the best of luck and take care of yourself. I understand your frustrations and am here to offer support.
  • It's been six years since my fusion and started having low back pain and difficulty sitting, same as before my fusion. Still have my hardware. Have had two steroid injections which have not helped. Was going to have radioactive lesioning to block nerve but hardware is in the way. Shall I suggest hardware removal or does someone have another suggestion? I am seeing the pain clinic at Mayo and think I should be seeing a neurologist instead. Thanks for any advice. Can't believe I am once again in this situation.
    Janet S. said:
    Has anyone experienced lower back pain after spinal fusion and removal of all hardware? It has been two years since my spinal fusion and I have had all my hardware removed. I am having similar pain in my lower back when sitting and driving as I did before surgery.
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  • hardware removed and I can honestly say after hardware removal last year I felt better than after the fusion. Not sure why I am re-experiencing this same pain again.
  • I am still having severe back pan 11 months after my surgery. I had a 360 spinal fusion at L5/S1. They went in thru my stomach & my back, put in hardware & took bone from my hip to put in the space that they removed the disc from. The pain was not too bad about 3 months ater surgery, but it has been getting increasingly worse. I am as bad if not worse off than I was before the surgery. The doctors keep saying everything looks good, but than why am I in such awful pain. I am missing work becacuse of it. This is my 2nd surgery. I had a laminectomy discectomy in 2002. within 3 months my disc had rehernaiated.
    Anyone that has had this surgery and is still having pain, i'd love to hear about it. I am at wits end and dont know what to do anymore. ~X(
  • I also have pain following fusion and hardware removal. The pain is not similar to my pre-operative pain but is still bothersome. The pain didn't occur until about 6 months post surgery.

    I had AP fusion L4-S1 in 9/07 and hardware removal in 9/08 eliminated almost all my pain but it still persisited in the lower left side of my back. I personaly attribute the pain to either scar tissue or muscle issues and have found GREAT relief from ultrasound massage. Have you tried this?
  • Hi everyone, i'm new to this site. my history is ruptured L-5 S-1 disc on mothers day 1997, discectomy in jan of 1998 did good for a couple of years, then my vertibre collapsed with bone spurs and calcified disc pressing on the S-1 nerve. Fusion surgery in feb of 08. did good until august, started feeling sharp pains in left side, continued to get worse, doctor ordered pt. that made it much worse. now am in chronic pain all the time. a mri showed epidural fibrosis surrounding the nerve. they are doing a neurofornimal epidural shot on tuesday but they said it won't help the scar tissue for it is a hard substance. but we are trying anyway. from what i understand there's not much that can be done. pretty frustrating. thanks for listening.

  • Hi Janet, I hope you are feeling better. I've had more back pain that I'd ever had following my fusion on L4 in Sept. 2004. But finally after a yr or more, my left leg pain almost completely disappeared. Then in Feb. of 2007 I fell from a ladder, mssing a step and my Dr. says he doesn't think my fusion took. Personally, I think I had a weak fusion and now it's broke...no doubt about that...for, at times I have that horrible old left thigh pain again that I've had for nearly 30 yrs. Mine all began when I was pregnant with my 2nd son. That son is now 34 yrs old. I really thought my prayers had finally been answered when this Dr. told me my back was unstable and I needed a fusion. I didn't have a clue to what pain I'd be going through following this surgery and during recovery. So now, he says I need a 2 level fusion because L 3 is in really bad shape. Here I am almost 1 yr later and I'm still hurting; but, can't talk myself into having this done again! Some days I can hardly be up at all...back pain will let you walk most of the time; but, not that leg pain. I wish this hardware was out too...but, it's just as bad of a surgery to get it out as to put it in, isn't? So sorry about all your pain too! I checked on having a micro type fusion; but, was told I wasn't a good canidate
    Love and God Bless, Anorman
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