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Lower back pain two years after spinal fusion



  • i had a 360 july 6 2010 my legs cramp always in pain
    nerve pain is the worst i work full time and most morn i have a hard time getting started at this point i dont know what anyone can do they almost tell me im not nuts so i cant get disabity this state that i live in sucks when people that have nothing wrong with them get it and i have to go to work every day to support my fam
  • Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of us that end up with pain after fusing the L5/S1. My first one failed - Dec 2005 - I had my second one - May 2011 - but I'm still in horrible pain almost all the time and every day. You shouldn't be hurting. Hopefully, you have a good pain management doc as that seems to be the only thing we can find that helps us. I had a permanent spinal cord stimulator impanted just over a week ago and it helps with the pain. But, I still take all the same pain meds and I could definitely use more. The SCS helps but there doesn't seem to be a "solution" to our type of pain. Keep us posted. Jerome
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  • on march 9th 2011, i too had the l5s1 fusion., instead of using bone from my hip, they used an artificial disc. now, for about the last 5-6 months i've been experiencing terrible pains that run into my hips. and in the past 3mnths I've experienced this, "bendy straw" type of creaking when i move side to side... some days it doesn't matter how i move... any suggestions for pain relief? mind you, i'm only 23 and had this surgery 11 days before my 22nd birthday. i just want something to look forward to other then knowing pain is my my past, present, and future...

    what makes it worse is that I've got other things wrong with me. i had 2 wrist surgeries in December.. and in one arm the bone grew too long (meaning there will be surgery again), and in the other, after three months the bone isn't growing in.. now i'm using a bone growth simulator, and if things don't heal... then its artificial bone injections or bone graphs from there...

    the point of that explanation is maybe my body is being weird? maybe creaky isn't something you guys have experienced? if so, was there something wrong by doctors view? or is it a never ending cycle of feeling crazy? i guess when being this young and in debt for more pain but no answers its frustrating... i'm sure 2 jobs doesn't help... but anyone? any ideas? any answers?

    i read someones post about Thai healing massage... where did you go? did you have the Bendy straw creaky effect? how much do those cost?

    anyways, sorry if there was a lot of rambling... just half of the life i've lived is pain... and i don't want to have to worry that is my future.
  • I had the same thing done to my back. I tried pain pills,didnt help. The dr said to try physical therapy.I want a magical pill,there is none. PT is helping somewhat,but this is my second time. T Have you tried tramadol or ultracet? Non narcotic. Works for me. Still have some pain but,can handle it.I hope you feel better soon,and hope this helps.. harpo
  • I had the same thing done to my back. I tried pain pills,didnt help. The dr said to try physical therapy.I want a magical pill,there is none. PT is helping somewhat,but this is my second time. T Have you tried tramadol or ultracet? Non narcotic. Works for me. Still have some pain but,can handle it.I hope you feel better soon,and hope this helps.. harpo
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  • Hey All just wanted to check on everyone I am still having pain 16 months after L5s1 fusion. My right leg is still numb and I still feel like I am walking on a ball. Starting to get use to it wish I didn't have to though. Now I have 6 bulging disks on top of that. Had to file for disability and I am just 46. I am still on pain killers, muscle relaxer, and nurotin. I am allergic to ultram and drugs like that and all of the nsaids. My doctor advices me not to lift over 5lbs and that's hard to do at times. She said if I wasn't careful I would wind up in a wheelchair within 2 years and I definitely don't want that. Please everyone who has had back surgery ( I have had 3) take care of your back. I have severe degenerative disc disease and was a CNA for 13 years so everyone please take care of yourself.
    Have a blessed day, Michelle J.
  • Like butterflies is not flying the sea, no one to blame
  • I had a complete fusion at L4-L5&L5-S1 in July 2010 and contracted a staph infection due in large part to an incompetent surgeon in my opinion. I lost 30lbs going from 170-140lbs when i had it completely removed 4 months later after finding a new awesome surgeon who happens to be a surgeon for T.C.U's football team. I was very fortunate to be able to get in with him. Anyways, in March 2011, once the infection was gone and I was back up to 165lbs, he did re-do the fusion but I still had alot of low back and hip pain combined with severe leg/foot nerve pain. Around november 2011, the level of back pain started becoming unbearable anytime i did so much as stand up. He said this was from the fusion healing and because i am tall& lean, when my low back muscles flexed, they would hit the hardware causing severe spasms, swelling, and more nerve pain. On april 2nd, i had the hardware removed and have only been home 2 days from hospital. I am so sore now obviously, but will keep you posted how i do as it heals. I originally injured my back in 1998 when i was only 24 years old. I worked until 2008 when i could no longer stand it and finally had to just go on disability. I currently take 80mg. Oxycontin 3x per day, 10mg. Percocet 5x per day, 350mg. Soma 3x per day, 600mg. Neurontin at bedtime, and 250mg. Nuvigil daily from being so exhausted from never sleeping more than 3hrs straight at night. What makes this so frustrating for me is the fact that i am only 37 years old, disabled, but yet i feel as if i am 80 years old most of the time!
  • that my L5/S1 fusion got denied. Granted, I am still in pain and go to a pain management dr regularly, but after reading this and so many other posts, I am beginning to t hink that surgery would do more harm than good.

    I am about to get my second round of injections and then a RA. The injections have helped, but they do not last very long...a couple of weeks max. I am hoping the RA provides more relief for a longer period of time.

    I had a 3 level cervical fusion done a couple of years ago which has not caused me one single problem. I am blessed in that area and hope to continue being pain free there.

    My lower back pain just sucks...which I think we all know. I'm not bad enough for LTD, but there are some days when going to work takes every ounce of strength I have to make it through the day.

    I am interested in the Thai massage mentioned earlier. Where do you even begin to look for someone who does that and won't hurt me? I am trying to exercise more to shed some of this lovely weight I've gained...but that is a catch 22....I'm supposed to walk but I can only walk so far before my back says ok that's enough for today! Then I end up paying for it later.

    I truly hope medical science hurries up and finds a solution for us so that we can function and feel normal again.

  • KchadwickKKchadwick Posts: 5
    edited 04/23/2014 - 6:41 AM
    I have had two fusions L4-S1. The first surgery did not work 7 mos later I have had another. My back feels frozen and I am limping on my right leg. I am unable to bend over at all and sleeping is horrible. Anyone else having same problem? I am unable to go back to work as I have an extremely stressful job where there is nor break time all day. Let me know.
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