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Ok, I can no longer do the job I have been doing for years



  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    I have been at door 1 for 5 surgeries. After sixth surgery I am at door 2 with my hand on the doorknob but cannot seem to find the courage to open the door. Door 3 would never be an option for me,
  • I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on this. I chose door 2 out of necessity. My neck pain is being managed. If that is an accurate thing to say. Tolerated would be more realistic. I am a nurse too. And worked after acdf, c4-c7 surgery. Injured area. Now, I would Never risk doing it again. My nerve damage is permenant-a major life change will help me to protect my body! It is all I have. No job or any amt of money has the value of my life.
    I felt a calling as a nurse and now it is time to go!
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  • Cath111 said:
    I choose door number...2. I remember before the spine issue, I've had to change jobs for one reason or another. I was always nervous - hate the interviews, don't know the culture, how do they conduct themselves, etc. But every single time I got a new job, it seemed like I loved it and the people more than the previous one.

    Change is a very scary thing, but is also empowering and motivating. We all have different things we need to do and each one has something new to discover and to learn from.

    Therefore, I choose door number 2.
  • Surgery make people worse specially fusion !! Door number two is the one for you . Good luck ,,
  • If you choose not to have surgery, that's fine, but don't get on here to say it...There are people out here that are hesitating about surgery and your attitude doesn't help a bit. I have had fusions and laminectomies, and still in door number 1, have had a great surgeon, and my back is great, no pain at all...I too fought not to have surgery despite what the mri showed, well that was wrong, had surgery, went home in four days, back to work by week three, and took pt after work. All the new advances in back surgery are here, people should at least try or not get on here with their woes. I am facing a total knee replacement on my left knee, and with a positive mind set will do this and still be at door 1.
    I am 75, have had my share of surgeries in my life, but never never once thought of giving up, pain is a matter of mind, think ahead and those days will pass, you will get better. Yes at 75 I am still working, and will continue till I cannot anymore, but it wont be because of giving up, it will be my choice
    Sheila Coughtry
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  • Ron you forgot door #4 which is to retire and try to go for disability. I would have stayed in door #1 for as long as I could. I love my job but they wouldn't make accommodations for me. They offered me another job, but it would require long hours of learning a lot of legal requirements and being positive and enthusiastic. The boss thinks I am the perfect person to "save" the day. That is door number 2. I had door number 2 and know how stressful it is. That was 17 years ago when I was healthy and much younger. The boss has already asked me if I am willing to work additional hours and I haven't even been officially transferred. Thinking about the stress of all these issues has me in a tail spin. I have to juggle the job with my physical therapy and doctor's visit and people just don't get it. I have been dealing with chronic pain and permanent nerve damage since 2011 and just recently fell and hurt my lower back. I have arthritis throughout my body, DDD, failed neck surgery, lumbago, facet joint osteophytes, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. I am 58 years old and can retire with full retirement, just no SS or Medicare. I will have to pay for my own health insurance, but after gut wrenching tears and panic attacks, I have decided to take door number 4, retire and try for disability. So wish me luck guys.

  • MrAnderson1981MMrAnderson1981 Posts: 17
    edited 04/22/2015 - 11:01 AM
    I am in this situation right now, I have 2 herinated discs that I am going to have operated on in 8 days (April 30th) The injury was an on the job injury, I work for a moving company and move heavy furniture and bend, twist, all the bad things that would be impossible after surgery. Well not impossible but more than certain to cause re injury for sure. I am thinking I would like to go back to school and get some education in a job that is less physical. I am 33 so have a lot of years left. My one question is will my current employer "let me go" after I come back to work and cannot do anything without accommodations and having to life 100lb object every day I don't think is reasonable. Or can I ask the workers comp insurance for some retraining? I went to the state of Oregon and asked them about their injured worker program and doesn't sound like there is much they have to offer other than the suggestion to find a new job.

    Any thoughts or personal experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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