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Pain Management, Psych Eval, SCS Trial



  • i got it installed today, not different from getting an injection, just takes longer to prep and to fiddle with the programming so it covers the painful areas. just got home, icing the back and very hopeful. i even took a pic of my back in the bathroom mirror, not sure if i know how to make that appear but link below. sorry - no tats!

  • Well, day 2 and my back is a bit sore where the leads are. The buzzing feeling is strange, not sure yet if it helps. The rep told me I would know pretty quickly.

    For those who have it - how long until you were sure it was/was not helping?

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  • Hello again friends... well my trial failed. I have been pretty depressed about that. From all that I have read about this being the "miracle" for so many, I too had hoped this was going to be the last thing I had to endure to get better. I was so wrong. They never did get my leads in the right place so all it accomplished was tingling my feet and legs so much that I couldn't feel them to walk decent. I had to have support at all times in case I fell cause I just couldn't feel my feet, calves, and thighs.

    I had the leads put in on a Wednesday and by Saturday I was so uncomfortable I had to go to the ER to meet with my doc to have him take them out. Boy was that a weird feeling I cant find words to describe. Just sort of felt like someone took away my air for a few seconds...

    The dr almost immediately suggested doing a pain pump trial. At that moment I was so disgusted and sore and depressed and disappointed I just wanted to go home and crawl in my bed and never get out. I still struggle today with what to do or not do. I'm not sure I like the idea of a three months supply of morphine controlled by some machine tucked into a pocket in my a** !! I would rather be able to take it or not take it as my day goes. Some days I don't need as much medication as other days...

    I just don't know what to do, I have a med check coming up in a few short weeks and they want to talk about this again and I just don't know. I'm afraid of another failure and I don't know if I can handle that emotionally. But I don't want them to think I am not being cooperative with their treatment plan and drop me or something.

    Since my trial I have also lost my job since I wasn't able to meet performance standards...and all my dr.'s appt.'s were causing scheduling conflicts..Sounds like BS excuses to get rid of the cripple on payroll to me, but sure couldn't prove it unless someone were to say something. Now I am struggling to find someone willing to take a chance and work with my restrictions and stuff, and I keep getting the "we hired someone with more experience", shoot I even applied at McD's and got told that... how much dam experience do you need to flip a hamburger !!!! How stupid.

    Sorry really venting here again. Just really wanted to let ya'll know that things didn't go well for me. I do hope tho that anyone else that goes thru this trial has a better experience then I did. I hear that the results more often then not are very good. I was just one of those that didn't.
    Please don't let my ranting keep you from trying this if its offered as an option, you will never know if you don't try it.

    Gotta scoot, sat here too long already, and time for the next round of meds... God Bless you all in your search for a pain free day...

    Theresa (MrsWings)
  • I was just reading this thread and am so sorry your trial failed. That is heart breaking. I do hope you have found some answers by now. Keep the chin up and do not give up!!
    Sending you a hug >:D<
    Patsy W
  • I used these forums before my injections and then before my laminectomy/disectomy. I remember reading Cherish's posts and thinking what a young, lovely lady to have such pain. Now when I come around curious about SCS's--I see she's got one and doing well-YEAH! I certainly hope this is the one for me. I do wonderfully with my TENS. I never posted after my back surgery because it didn't work and didn't want to be a downer. Sooo if I don't post again you'll know my SCS failed. I am going crazy trying to figure out how much I can do for the trial. My doc is giving me 10 days. Can I drive? How did you all sleep?
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  • if you look, there's a new scs forum and in it, there's information on what to expect, faq and other information in regards to the scs trial process and evaluation.


    good luck with the trial.

  • Since the SCS trial failed I have just been maintaining with percocet daily. I tried a sciatic nerve injection last Monday but can't say I have noticed anything. It is very frustrating, as I am not happy with my QOL right now and I can't yet accept being on pain meds the rest of my life.
  • I am so sorry that some SCS trials did not work. I am having what i consider good results from my perm. I still have some discomfort at night but no where near what it used to be. I guess i just need to keep getting reprogrammed till it works more. Seems like my body is adjusting to the stim like it was the meds. Works for about 2 to 3 weeks than time to get adjusted again. But i do not have the stabbing pains any more. Burning pain is bad enough. Maybe i need to start a low dose med regement to aid this.Go back to my PM next friday, i think we need to talk more.
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