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Anyone have a myelogram cause lasting problems??



  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,362
    Welcome to spine health.

    I hope that your pain will soon subside. I know the pain you're experiencing all to well but I've finally found hope! (fingers crossed and all that).

    I had that myelogram 1/24/09. I suffered with lower back/butt/leg pain everyday and night for the following 21 months. It overshadowed my cervical pain for a lot of that time until my arm/hand pain got so bad. I asked every doctor I saw what could be wrong but after my lumbar mri they acted like it was in my head. The only pain med any would give me was Tramadol (which is only a little better than nothing for me) and a wide assortment of muscle relaxers. Nothing helped. When I finally saw a different Neurosurgeon about my neck I asked him if the lbp could be coming from my neck and he said no. I thought, ok, I'll get my neck 'fixed' and then I'll find someone to help me with my lbp. I had an acdf c5-6 on October 4 and since waking up in recovery I haven't once had the same low back/butt/leg pain. Before the surgery I couldn't walk up a slight incline in the yard without stopping and bending over to let the pain ease before continuing. Since the surgery, I've walked everywhere and it hasn't hurt! I haven't rode in the car very far yet so I still need to try that. I told my NS about it yesterday and he said that's great but he didn't have a clue why/what had done it. I told him I don't really care as long as it doesn't come back. Everyday I'm afraid it'll return and I pray that it doesn't. It was terrible and I felt so bad in that no one (doctors) would try to help me find the problem. I KNOW that no matter what anyone says that the myelogram caused it. I don't know WHY but I know the exact minute it started. So, there is hope. If the pain comes back for me at least I know that there has to be something that can make it go away...after all it has now for almost four weeks. I'm sorry this is so long but I just wanted to share this with you. I hope that you can find a solution and a cure. I'll let you know how this goes for me..please pray it doesn't come back. I'll be praying you get better.

  • Iam so glad that God healed you and I will pray for you. I knew the exact minute that he was in the wrong area that is why I told him to stop. In Aug. 2007 I had a cervical fushion done I ended up in a nightmare. The NS took the bone graft from my hip and cut it to large and left it then I devolped a blood clot because the blood could not go around the bone graft they ordered a CT and it showed that the blood clot was compressing on my spinal cord. He sent me home like this. Then I started to loose the feeling on the right side of my body so he took me back into surgery on 9-11-07 when I woke up from surgery I could not talk he had paralized my voice box on the left side. Then he released me and I ended up with another blood clot which is permament it is in the juglar vein. So now Iam disabled I thank the Lord that he saved me. So now I have more problems. I believe that this my new problem is nerve damage because I take medicine for the nerve damage that was done in my previous surgerys and this medicine helps with my problem. God is good please keep me updated. I will be praying for you too
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  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,362
    From Oct. 4 until Nov. 9 my lbp/butt/thigh/leg pain was 100% gone. Now it's back just like before. I'm thankful for the painfree time I had but am so disheartened that it's back. Crying won't help and only gives me a headache...ah well...

  • I've posted in a few different areas. Same thing--back pain. I keep finding new places on this site to post! My left foot and sometimes leg are numb. My back pain isn't bad if I don't do much, but I can't live my whole life this way!! I have young kids. The orthopedist says this happens and not to worry--it could pass, even take a month. Anyone know anybody who got better?? Don't know how to live life now. I'm praying for a miracle!
  • Hi All,

    Had a Myelogram this past Wednesday. It was my second. The first a yr ago went well. This one was a disaster. Wondering if anyone had this kind of experience. The dr tilted the table almost to the point that I was standing..odd. I told him I had fainting problems but he did not listen. As he inserted the needle I passed out. When I came to, he immediately proceeded with the test. I felt horrible. As he pulled the needle out, I felt pain in my tailbone and told him. He said he must have hit a nerve on the way out. My headache started the next day and lasted til late yesterday. After calling him on Friday he told me fluids, rest and pain meds. Now my questions...Since last night I have been getting a sharp pain on the top of my head. It comes and goes, about every hour. And I woke up last night with part of my upper thigh numb and my toes in pain. Anyone have anything like this?? And any thoughts if I should call the dr back?? Thanks so much! Nancy
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  • Along with the headache I am having a terrible roaring in my ears.Anyone have any ideas.
  • I'm at 6 weeks post myelogram, which was not needed. Started 1st day at injection site pain, then proceeded at the 10 day mark, to become lower back and buttocks aches. I feel unsure of the future and any help would be appreciated. The muscles were (are) seem to be in constant tightness. Had a massage and it removed a lot of tightness, about 25 percent. The only thing I can imagine is inflamed nerve roots causing muscles to tighten. Since several doctors have said take anti-inflammatories for a couple weeks, well that did no good. I did have a new doctor tell me I was one of the lucky 1 percent that this could last 3 months to one year, but was not concerned about it. Thinking about dry point injection or steroid injection before even thinking about an epidural steroid, any thoughts if these would help reduce inflammation. If the myelogram dye caused inflammation and is out of your system, will he inflamed nerves settle down. Will the nerve conduction tests or MRI confirm inflamed nerves at horse tail?
  • i have found that compression socks, stockings, help with the leg pain. my legs were driving me nuts when i tried to rest. stockings helped better then pain meds. hope this helps you.
  • After my myelogram 3 years ago I still have the same pain. The pain started the second the needle was put in my back. I felt lots of spasm. It was too painful to continue with my next oppointmnt that say. I've seen a few doctors but they do not hear what I'm saying to them. They all told me that I have fibromayalsia. This is not true, does fibromyalga hapen to a person the second the needle is inserted in the lower back? I don't think so. Like I said after 3 years, I still can't sleep, walk, lift or work. I did have an MRI which showed that i also have a bulging disk. Prior to the myelogram I never had any back pain that suggested bulging disk, not even for a day. There got to be an explanation for this. I wish a doctor would study this to relief pain from all of you guys. It's not fair trading one pain for another. I'm pretty sure that I will have this lower back pain and leg pain for the rest of my life and yes I do feel that it was a combination of the die and the insertion possibly in the wrong area.
  • jsch13jjsch13 Posts: 1
    edited 07/18/2015 - 9:19 AM
    hello all.

    i had a ct myelogram in october 2014.

    upon insertion of the needle for the local anesthetic, i had pain in my lower back and right hip. then upon insertion of the needle with the dye, i had immediate pain from my lower back, right hip - down my leg to my toes. felt like someone stuck my toes in power sockets and turned the electricity on high. the pain went straight from the needle and down to my toes.

    it is now february 2015, i had an mri since this mylogram, and the report says i have sacral tarlov cysts, along with multiple bulging disks.

    unfortunately i have never had pain like this in my lower back and right leg. before the procedure i could drive, and walk as a normal person. today, i am limping, and only have a set number of steps in a day i can take without my back, hip, leg, foot, toes, going completely numb to the point where i cannot get around.

    i am barely able to do anything, and i am a 32 y/o male, with 4 prior cervical procedures all at c5-6, and c6-7. never had any lower back pain prior.

    if anyone has any suggestions, or treatments that help them please let me know. i feel all of your pain!


    welcome to spine-health
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