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Nobody will help me/ I need your help please

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,159
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I had emergency micro in july i had severe spinal stenosis and three herniated discs.I spent a week paralized i mean that literally i was paralized.But had surgery an months of recovering an the pain had gone 85% .No sciatic pain! And i could walk again a miracle.BUT two weeks ago i hurt myself while working out,doing leg lefts.My legs have been going numb again with severe sciatic pain and back pain feels like knives in my bones I take Morphine and its not touching the pain.Im going crooked an its all very painful and distressing and i cant sit for more then a few minutes.Basiclly im terrified i can barely breath.I went in an told my PM Dr he did a cat scan said it came back showing no spondyletheis,which ive never had anyway so i dont know why he was looking for that.I wanted an MRI to see if i reherniated a disc.But he couldnt tell if i had reherniated any of the discs which is what he should have been looking for he said give it more time and "see what happens".If its still bad will do an MRI in a few days or other tests.I thought why wait? And i asked but he just kept repeating lets see what happens in a few days.So the following day "yesterday" it was all just getting to much so i called and said please im begging do an mri.Ive been through too much to let this go and see what happens.She said ill leave the message but the Dr is gone till next monday.So basicly he didnt order my MRI because he was leaving for vacation an didnt want to deal with me right then.So instead of setting me up for an mri he blew me off with a let see what happens.Im furious.The other PM wont give me an MRI my neurologist wont do anything unless i go for an appt which is scheduled weeks in advance.The local hospital is full of idiots.Right before my emergency surgery i went in PARALYZED and that made fun of me and told me to stop begging for surgery.Which by the way i wasnt,who the f would?Then they told me they wouldnt take me to the bathroom that i could walk if i wanted to.Refused pain meds or and MRI.So i left went to another hospital paid 200 in gas to get there i had an mri then surgery immediatly.My surgeon said it was so bad he said it was so compressed u couldnt fit the tip of a needle in my spinal canal it was that crushed.So no PM Dr to Neuro no hospital what am i suppose to do.Nobody will listen to me.I know nobodyy on here can diagnose me but have any of you ever been quite a few months post op then did something to hurt your back again and got all the intense symptoms like the sciatic pain numbness and cant sit tingling for a few weeks.But rested and then it went away again?Thats all i need to hear and i cant grit an ride out the pain.But i dont think thats the case i think i definitely reherniated the disc/s and i cant go through this again i dont have it in me.Thanks so mych for reading this appreciate it so much


  • Im so sorry to hear what your going through. I really don't know what to tell you to do except keep pressing for what you want and need. Call the state medical board if you feel its neccesary. I hope it works out for you, best of luck.
  • I renovated a house between my first and second back surgeries. I am sure there are several things I should have, or shouldn't have done. I did wear a back brace for most of the work, and there were some things that I would not do. Yet, I still ended up having a second surgery. The only person I could blame was myself. I am not sure what regimen you were doing in the gym, or if you ran it past your surgeon. I came to the conclusion after my second surgery that my life would never be the same, and I had to make adjustments to the things that I do on a daily basis. You really need to get all your records and go to the AMA. There were things that should have been done, and obviously were not done. I was careful after my first surgery, or so I thought, and yet I ended up with a substancial amount of scar tissue. I had been seeing my doctor for about 4 years, and several times asked what could be done to get me back to the way I was before the back problems. He told me it would never happen, and that I would know when it was really time to do surgery. He is definitely not cut happy. I sure did know when it was time, and I would be begging for surgery. He did tell me that he would try to make me as comfortable as possible until that time came. Using quarterly shots, Lorcet and Soma when needed, he did do that. When I went almost crawling into the office, he sent me for an MRI. The day I went in for the results, he started out by saying, “When do you want to schedule the surgery?” I do not know how long you had been seeing your doctor, but I know my doctor would not have left me in the situation I was in, especially if I had the symptoms you are having. I do not think you have any other options but to get it fixed again, and rethink your capabilities in the future.
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  • Hi, I am 45 and a competitive runner. I live in East London SA) and had the same problem, but had the best NS that I could ever asked for and with a lot of prayer, the Lord helped me getting through this. They spotted my problem immediately and requested an MRI last week Wednesday, 25 Feb. They discovered in the L5/S1 Level that a disc had moved but so badly that they had no option to remove it immediately. It was done on Friday, 27 February and I was released from Hospital on Sat. 28 Feb. I am recovering well, but it is hartbreaking to know that my running career (past 10 years) might be over for life. I dont have anymore pain. All I can say to you, hang in there and the best of luck. I hope things work out for you as it did for me!
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