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kyadog115kkyadog115 Posts: 266
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I'm scheduled for Micro'd on 4-8. I just left my PCP and he gave me a copy of the report from the Neuro. In reading it,he states that there is no guarantee of BACK pain relief, the hope is for LEG pain relief.And to get the pressure off the nerve root. Thats all well and good but,am I destin to live w/this chronic pain in my back? I dont understand why?I f they remove the broken part of the disc then why the pain still?
My doctor(PCP) is always in a hurry and doesn't explain things. Frankly, I cant even get a chance to ask. Anyway,I told him the 60mg's of MS Contin was making me sleep all the time. He's now given me Methadone 102 ? (Cant read his writing) Is that gunna make me sick and sleep all the time too?


  • but they are probably right about your back pain. It may lessen a bit, but the fact is, the stuff that squished out of your disc and onto your nerve cannot be put back. That means you will be without part of the cushion between those vertebrae. I had a micro in December 2007. Unfortunately, I had three blown discs and, while it helped for six months, I rapidly ran into trouble again. If you have only one level that is bad, you may be able to live with the pain for the rest of your life. It will lessen substantially.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • Linda
    Thanks for that info. Yes, it's only the 1 disc(L-5).however,in Feb'08 I had a 3 level ACDF w/Hardware.not fun!

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  • Many of us have been told the same that your doctor said. When it comes to backs, once it's injured it will never be the same. My Ortho said that back surgery is for leg pain resolution and that I'll always have back pain. I didn't figure at the time that pain would be so bad, but I did have complicating factors like reherniation and retrolisthesis after the microdiscectomy. I don't have any experience taking Methadone so I can't say if it will make you sleepy all day. I know that sucks but it's better than to be awake miserable in pain. The doctor can readjust the dose to lessen this side effect. I hope you're able to tolerate this med better. Take care
  • Tahnks fo that Meydey....Can I ask you..what is retrolisthesis? Is this something that resulted from the micro'd? Could this happen to me? You know, the thing w/my case is my original Neuro(who booted me) immediately said I need surgery on this "broken,collapsed L-5. Now, this neuro...I basically had to tell him I wanted it.he was trying to recommend less invasive things such as injections. I didn't want to prolong the inevitable so I opted for this micro...I hope I did the right thing. I am nervous, I don't like anesthesia/surgery.I'm sure no one does,but I lived "hard" life so to speak for years, so I'm a bit apprehensive.

  • Retrolisthesis is the opposite of spondylisthese where the vertebra slips inward instead of outward. The greater the degree (Grade I,II,III, IV) the more pain and problems you'll have is what I gather from reading about it. It can slip enough to cause nerve impingement and instability. I don't know for sure mine came about but I think it was a surgical complication because it wasn't on my prior MRI. Hopefully it won't happen to you and you'll have success with your surgery. I think you'll have to tell the anesthisiologist about your tolerance level so they give you the appropriate doses of meds during surgery. Overall, I think it will go well for you and rid you of most of the pain. I understand how nerve racking it is and it is totally normal to feel the jitters. Remember you have us here for moral support anytime. Is your mom going with you again or do you have other relatives that can help you out?-you'll need it esp. post op. Take care
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  • I beleive that most of us that suffer chronic back pain will never be 100% pain free however, we are supposed to be at a level that is atleast manageable or bearable. Atleast that's what all my doctors have told me. Therefore, I've never gotten my hopes up to be painfree, I just hope and pray to be able to manage my daily activities and life without severe, debilitating pain. I'm still searching for the manageable pain level and won't give up until I get there.

    I hope and pray that you are doing well with all aspects of your life. I'm glad to see you on here and to see you are scheduled for surgery.

    Feel free to PM me anytime to let me know how everything is going and how you are coping with some of your struggles.
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