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Desperate for Anwers

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Were to begin?
Three years ago I had a fusion at L5/S1. I have done well until recently. I have been dealing with severe pain since the beginning of Jan. Then 3 wks ago my leg numbness got a lot worse. My primary Dr sent me to the hospital for an MRI. While having the MRI my pain an numbness got extremely worse. When I came out I couldn't move my legs only wiggle my toes. I was taken straight to the ER. My neuro surgeon came to the ER to admit me in the hospital. They put me on PCA IV pain meds. They did a milagram,spinal tap, MRI of my entire spine an brain. Dr says I have some scar tissue but has no answers for my legs being paralyzed or the numbness. Next they try an epidural streiod injection. Five days after tht my legs began waking up an it was painful. The best way to describe it: it was if I had sat on my legs & they had gone to sleep. So they just continue to use the daludid pain pump & soma for the pain. I went home after 12 days.Still in really bad low back pain an legs are weak. Still take Daludid pills. Basically have no life. Dr says there's nothing he can do as the test show nothing wrong. Why then the pain meds?I'm so desperate!!Anyone have advice or have gone though this? Please help!!


  • Welcome here! from Patsy
    Just a suggestion of course,you sound real...
    I could go into it more but for now I would Think it sounds definitely like a Autoimmune Disease. But I'm not A Doctor(I just have paid one enough to become one)SO THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION AND OR OPINION... but I do know about Autoimmune Problems.(They cant take that away from me)
    P.S. you sound like a young women- 29 get this figured out now. DON'T wait for the Doctors to do it. your on the right track asking for help on here but don't stop here.
    My blessings (will help) but please take it with all you have and find an answer. I will stop here.
    You can P.M. anytime.
    My E-Mail is Ladybug@patsy.com
  • You need to have your MRI sent to another Dr. for a second opinion. Your dr is missing something. The alternative would have been that he did not believe you, and left you in pain with no meds. I am not sure where you are located, but try to find someone on here that is from your area, and ask them if they are please with their NS, and if they are, ask for contact info.
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  • I know we've chatted before. You are so young and dealing with so much. The one thing I found about being young and having these issues is that the docs over look certain issues cuz of the age. It took me 6 yrs to convince my docs to take me serious and that I was too young to be having these problems. The fact was, I was "that" young and I was having "those" problems.

    I too am having very similar issues as you but I am only 8months post op ALIF L5/S1 and I don't have complete numbness and paralyzation of my legs. I do have that legs falling asleep feeling if I sit or stand. I only feel releif if I am in a reclined position but can't be sitting on tailbone cuz that hurts too.

    Keep pushing for an answer. Insist to be seen by another doctor. I told, not asked, my primary doc to refer me to a neurosurgeon. I asked for a specific one cuz this one comes highly recommended in our area and takes our insurance. My appt with him is 3/24 and I'm anxious to have fresh eyes reviewing my situation.

    Please keep me updated. Maybe the both of us together could help us through this chronic pain and find an answer.
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