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Epidural injection Day 2

meydey321mmeydey321 Posts: 2,435
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Spinal Injections
Hi everyone, I had my epidural injection yesterday on L4-5 and L5-S1. Fortunately I did receive sedation and there is no memory of what when on. I don't know what I was injected with but whatever it was, it had me sleeping all day long. During the evening the soreness came full swing and so did muscle spasm and sharp pains. It is too early to see if this ESI will work but I am very hopeful that this time it will. My last 5 injections didn't help, but I still am optimistic it will work for the scar tissue. For anyone that had success with this, how long was it til you saw improvement, and what condition were you getting injected for? Thank guys :S PS Feel free to discuss your experience no matter what outcome you had


  • Actually my first 5 ESI's were from June to December 2007. The last one left me worse and it was hard for my doctor to believe that. He said there's nothing else to do but to send me to PM because I obviously needed stronger drugs. He also said he's not into prescribing anything stronger than Vicodin and believes that strong narcotics would have people walking like zombies. So not true. When I first started Fentanyl I felt alert and unaltered. The only meds that would make me drowsy was muscle relaxers. Anyway, this is the first time in over a year since my last ESI so I was a bit worried. You don't know how relieved I was to be sedated. #:S
  • I heard somewhere that the limit of ESI's are 6 in a year, but also if the first 1-2 didn't help then they should stop. I guess every doctor has their opinion on this. When I was going through this, I was on Vicodin and Soma. I'm not sure why they kept on trying the injections, but I did have 3 prior to surgery and 2 post op when I had reherniated L4-5. In between all that I was also prescribed Medrol pack one time.

    After I was dismissed from the service I was sent to PM where I was started on Fentanyl. It is a schedule II narcotic and it is supposed to work for 3 days before you change the patch. I metabolize it quicker so I'm on a 2 day schedule and it helped me because it offered all day coverage of the pain. You do need BT meds with patches however and I've taken Norco for a long time now. I'm glad the Percocets are helping you and also, that it lasts long. When I took it briefly it burned off in 2-3 hours; Norco is weaker but it seems to last longer for some reason.
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  • I hope this one is the MAJIC ONE that will take all pain away. You deserve it as we all do. Keep us informed as to the progress. I had two in 2001 that took my pain away from my back till 2008. I had about 3 more after that with no success. Doc ordered MRI & that led to the back fusion. I had an additional 4 more about 5 weeks ago to help with the pain & they did nothing.

  • Thank you, I hope it's the magic one too. That would be great. Wow, I can't believe yours lasted 7 years-that's amazing. I'm sorry the last ones didn't help you and I know you've been having so much trouble with finding a medicine that won't make you feel sick. I hope you're doing okay and you're getting all the help you need. Take care
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