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How do you tell the difference between Nerve pain and Muscle Spasms?



  • I have never had any xrays let alone flexion or extension xrays. What exactly are these? I have only had CT Scans and MRI's. The CT shows that I am fused from C3 through C6 and partially fused at C6-C7. Would these still tell me something?

    Thanks so much for replying and understanding.


  • It appears it could be different for everyone.

    What makes me wonder is that I only had the pain in my left shoulder blade (Trapezius muscle) to start. I did not have any burning at all and I am 90% sure it was only muscle pain. Once I had the SNRB's and trigger point injections, it's almost like it has changed into a completely different pain and has spread across my whole upper back. I am wondering if instead of the SNRB's helping the nerves, they may have irritated them. Has this ever happened to any of you after having any procedures done?

    Thanks to all of you.

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  • Flexion and extension x-rays are simple films that they take with your head tilted forward, backwards and sometimes side to side. It can show if any of the vertebrae are "slipping" with movement. The problem with MRI's and CT scans is that you are still with your head in one position. It's hard to tell if the spine is shifting with movement that way.

  • Hi Griff,

    At what point did you have these xrays done? I wonder why I have never heard of these or had any x-rays done at all. I am assuming it would be too late if I am already fused unless there is a problem with another level.

    I finally heard from the 3rd opinion doctors office and the first available appointment is on May 11th. I will contact my PM on Monday to see if he can call and speed it up any.

    I just went up on my Neurontin (only my second week) and it's making me feel very loopy. Not a bad thing, just don't think I should be driving or working like this. I should get used to it in the next few days.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Dee,

    I finally got a call and have an appointment for the 3rd opinion on May 11th. That was the first available because of a cancellation. I guess this guy is pretty good!

    I don't understand all of my doctor's excuses for my pain either. The lack of fusion doesn't make sense to me either. I did great after my first surgery in January of 2004. I was pretty much pain free for several years. That was why I have stayed with my OS and trusted him SO much.

    I hope your pain gets better and you find out what is causing it. What does your doctor tell you?

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