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Taking Hydrocodone & Neurontin at the same time

pepper09ppepper09 Posts: 138
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:29 AM in Pain Medications
I am taking hydrocodone and Neurontin at the same time every morning. Is this ok? I go back to work in 2 days and I'm trying to get off of hydrocodone....I'm down to 6 pills (5/325) a day. Is it ok to drive if I take 1-5/325 hydrocodone pill in the morning before I drive to work? I have been taking hydrocodone for 5 months and have driven before after taking 2 pills of hydrocodone, but if I got stopped by a cop and had to take a blood test, would I be legally "drunk" on hydrocodone?


  • take these meds together but I think, not positive,but yes if you drive it is considered "under the influence" It can also be considered under the influence at your job depending on what you do and if they do drug testing. Some places of employment will allow you to "declare" a med so that say you take 2 at night and they test you it doesn't mean you worked under the influence but it may show up in your system. Or a declation may mean taking the med does not interfere with your ability to do your job.

    Please discuss a tapering plan w/your doc so you can "get off" the med safely.
    Take care and be safe!!!
  • I wouldn't take Neurontin and hydrocodone together before hitting the road. There has been extensive debates concerning taking meds and driving/working at SH and what I got out of them is to use good judgement and not drive or operate dangerous machinery until you are aware of the effects of ANY medication. The police can't pull you over without cause, but if you are driving erratically for example and appear to be impaired, you will be hit with a DUI.
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  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    regarding taking pain medications along with nerve medications. If you have been taking this combo for a while and your body has adjusted, it would be on the safe side.
    Driving, is another issue all together,.
    But for the sake of medications, you should have no problem taking those.
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • DO NOT -- I repeat DO NOT take Hydrocodone and drive - it is a narcotic and you will be considered driving under the influence. If you get stopped or are in an accident.... CYA!

    I was taking Neurontin and hydrocodone for about 8 weeks awaiting surgery but was not driving during that time.

    Why take the chance?

    Anyway FWIW
  • make sure that you carry your prescription bottle with you. The 5/325 Hydrocodone isn't really that much, but everyone's different and that strength might knock you off your socks? You've been taking it for 5 months I think you said, so you know the effects.

    I take 7.5/500 and drive. I barely feel the pain killing effects and don't get sleepy or loopy. I have an hour drive to and from work, so getting up at 5:30am, taking one, driving at 7am, I'm not worried. I also carry my prescription bottle in my purse so if I do get stopped for some other reason and there is any question, I can show it and show my incision scars if that would make any difference.

    I have a friend that's an RN nurse and she just said don't take it just as you hop in the car to be on the safe side in case you get drowsy.

    Sometimes you just need more than a Tylenol or Ibupropen and you have to work to bring in money, so it's all about what you feel about your body and welfare and how your react to the drug.
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  • I like your last sentence :) I do work full time and I take hydrocodone and neurontin as prescribed throughout the day. These prescription drugs take the edge off of my pain and help me get through the day. They don't make me feel groggy or high, and I don't really have any side effects from them. I have tried to quit the hydrocodone and that's when I realize that it is helping with the pain. Mornings are really bad as far as pain and if I don't take a hydrocodone I feel the pain. Believe me, if I were pain free I wouldn't be taking these drugs.
  • To candle99; Do not carry the bottle with you. This will only be telling the cops that you are taking the meds and give them more of an excuse to do blood. The meds are gonna come up even if you had not taken them that day or for a long time and they can hit you with dui. Let them take a breathalyzer if they want, it will come up negative, and hope that satisfies them. Lie your ass off, tell them you are very tired and going straight home, that you are under a lot of stress and were pre-occupied a little, whatever you can come up with, and hope they let you go or at most give you a ticket. I personally don't understand this dui shit for driving after taking meds. like vicodin and stuff since it stays in your system a long time even more if you are taking it a long time, The bottle says use caution driving, etc. not do not drive. Like what are you supposed to do if you get, say oral surgery and are given vicodin for pain; Take off a week from work while you are taking them and however much time it takes to clear your system?
  • Do not show the cops the bottle as this is only telling them that you are taking them and give more reason to do blood work and hit you with dui. Let them take their breathalyzer and when it comes up 0 hopefully they will be satisfied. Just tell them you are tired or something and going straight home.

  • chaundratcchaundrat Posts: 1
    edited 01/26/2015 - 8:48 PM
    Hi just wanted to let you know driving while taking pain meds is very real my husband got 2 Dui's within 3 months of each other. He has been on methadone for 10 years and worked for a company that required him to drive a lot. He was asked to drive to Aurora Illinois to the main office from Peoria Illinois which is about a 3hour drive he has take home privileges monthly so had all his bottles with him. As he was coming home the next morning he was so tired because they made him drive there work til night and turn around drive straight back and work that day well he swerved and a passenger called in and a cop came pulled him over made him do all the sobriety tests he passed all of them but the eye test because he didn't pass the eye test they searched his company truck found his medicine aressted him on Dui. He went to jail I went and bonded him out they suspended his license but he still drove and went to work. 3 months later same thing happened the first one was in Morris Illinois second time Morrison Illinois I know crazy huh. Well same thing happened the second time except he got a driving on a suspended on a Dui charge so went to jail bonded him out hired a lawyer went to court for almost a year the first Dui charge was dropped bc he did nothing wrong he was just driving home from work they had nothing on him to charge him with since it's not illegal to drive with ur medication and they cannot tell when he took it bc it's in his system already so because they dropped the first one they dropped the second one the only thing that stuck was driving on a suspended but not on a Dui charge since they thru it out. So point is yes u can be arrested for Dui if u have medications on u but it will be dropped a lot of time and money later. Make sure ur medication is always in the proper bottle with ur name bc then that will be a problem. Hope this helps.
    Now driving while taking vicodin or methadone or narcotics my husband and I took vicodin for years before getting on methadone and never had issues driving but driving on methadone is extremely dangerous bc it makes you nod and my husband has rolled our blazer by nodding and has wrecked another car by nodding. I have not wrecked but I have nodded and woke up veering off so driving on methadone is not something you want to do.
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