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Neck Pain w/ Headaches 8 years post op

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hello Everyone,
I am new around here just searchng for some answers.
I had Disc removal with fusion done at c-6 c-7 in 2001.
which relieved the arm pain i was having. but a new pain
formed just in my neck causing headaches on a daily basis.
I took the pain medicine for 2 years, took myself off them because the doctors were giving me a hard time telling me i shouldnt be having any pain. I found relief from advil liquigels for 6 years until just recently i started having ulcer pains in my stomach and now have high blood pressure.
my doctor put me back on Lorcet which works wonders,but refuses to keep me on it, so now im back to suffering from pain and I cant take anything over the counter as it causes severe stomach pains. I had been to a pain doctor a few years ago that said i was suffering from disc degeneration in my neck. so yea, im not sure what to do now, thanks for listening.


  • i think you should start at the beginning and find a neuro or spine ortho doc and get an mri done of your neck. sometimes the stress to the space below or above the fusion gets weak and you get pain and the head aches. you may have a new disk giving you grief.if after the mri there is no new problems, i would find a pain management doctor. there are other meds you could try such as neurontin, lyrica,cymbalta etc.but first find out what you are dealing with physically.good luck.
  • Iorry you are going through all this.....it certainly isnt easy and always takes its toll on us, what about trying a tens machine, I know a guy on here straker he uses an acticare and he thinks its brillant for his pain its suppodesly not one of them cheapie ones this is a good one he reakons although I dont think its cheap.....but it may help you,just trying to think of things maybe ylou havent tried emhhhhh what about maybe injections? or heat pad I think you can actually buy heat pads that that you can wear comfortably....
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  • yea 8 years of stress headaches everyday is a bit much .
    hot baths help a little, so does moist heat . as long as i catch it when its still in my neck , once it travels to my head and i get the headache its hard to get rid of.i guess i will call a neuro and see what happens.
  • Had an MRI, been going to a pain clinic and have had 2
    steroid epidural injections for what they call bulging discs in my neck, 1st one i was pain free for 3 days, 2nd one no relief, so not sure what happens next.
  • I hope you find relief. Ask about a nerve block if the steroid shot are not working. There is botox and trigger shots as well. You need to get help. It took me three years to get the help I needed, it was a nightmare and I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through. They operated on my hand when all the time it was my neck causing the problem. I try to take pain meds when I need them. Good luck to you!

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