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"Well,you are 50 years old you know..."

sagehenssagehen Posts: 221
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:31 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
It's been over a month since my surgery...L2-L3 PLIF,and I am wiped out! For some reason I thought the PLIF would be easier to recover from than the ALIF I had last May.Overdoing it is out of the question,because I don't do anything.Still haviing the same type of spasms and pain in my hips...although the pain right at the disk level is relieved. I think this will be another "this is as good as it gets deals".Just needing to hear some of you alls experiences with this procedure.
I keep hearing,"well you are 50 years old you know", yeah ...so....does that mean I'm a walking corpse? I think NOT! I've got my new 4 wheeler parked so I can sit on it every day...and have my camper in the driveway,hooked up to the house ,so I can go sit in it too!
Have a good one everybody and stay sane! Sagehen


  • Hi Sagehen,

    I have not had the type of surgery you have, my issue is a blown L5-S1 disc.

    However, your mention of the "well, your over 50" comment hit a nerve (no pun intended).

    I've got a great comeback for that: "Well, with age comes wisdom - so you won't be an idiot forever". Shuts 'em up every time! :)

    I wish you a successful recovery and a pain-free future.

    Take care,

  • With all the crap, you still have it! I had my 360 fusion at L4/L5 with an ADR 6 months ago and feel great. No back pain just some achiness, maybe from the gardening or fusing???

    You sound like me, 40, have 4 German Shepherds, hot tub and 4 wheeler and today picked up my new motorcycle. Sold my last one before surgery as the pain was very unsafe to ride. I am glad my doctor never said anything about age and thats as good as it gets. I may have snapped...

    Rest as much as you need, your body knows what it is doing, healing, and that takes so much out of you. Keep a positive attitude and give it time, a month is NOT a very long time.

    Best Wishes on a successful outcome
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  • Thanks for the crack up! That's a good one.I'm not getting the 50 yr old garbage from my DR,it's from my mom and my husband.Although,I was just reminded yesterday that I had told my husband last May (about 2 weeks after my 2 level ALIF) that I would paint the new storage shed he built.(I didn't do it)I told him it must have been the percocet talking.He didn't laugh.I thought it was kind of funny.And so it goes at my house....I'm a pretty hard worker,that's probably why I (and a whole lot of us)are in the shape we're in! I do try to be smart though,and not do too much.I still do all the housework,laundry,cooking,household business,yard,(I'm having the yard done by someone right now) and care for my 6 yr old.Right now things aren't up to my usual standards,but it's not too deep yet.I have learned that no matter what,my husband will without fail find something negative to say.I will never hear "hey you're a pretty tough ole broad,and you sure keep our home running smooth"So,I just tell myself that. Kind of pathetic,I know,but it helps.
    Anyway thanks for the feedback,somedays this is the only place I get any! Sagehen
  • You are very early out of surgery. I had tears in my disc and had a 2 level PLIF in Dec. My Dr told me it would take 6 to 12 months recovery. So be paitent. Remember when you are doing stuff no BLT. I cant believe you are doing so much,You need to rest alot and also walk. Keep you chin up. I have pain still but know it is getting better, just not as fast as we would like. I also have had 7 surgeries in the past 2 years. I see you also have had several . It takes a long time to reover fully from one, and you add them on top of each other and it takes alot out of you. Take Care...
  • I gotta tell you... YOU are definitely one tough gal and you keep that household of yours running very smoothly!

    You've got it going on girl... and don't you dare let anyone make you think differently! =D>

    Take a look here: You are doing... all the housework, laundry, cooking, household business and then... tend to your 6 year old and all of the animals!

    Doing all of the above wipes anyone out and here you just had surgery! No wonder you're feeling exhausted and have the spasms and pain happening. I'm getting spasms over here just by reading all of what you are doing! You're a walking wonder by doing all that you have been. =D>

    Please... take it easy when your body starts to hurt. Don't rush the healing process. You are doing awesome... no doubt about it. But, again, you take the well deserved rests when your body starts hollering at you.

    Sugaree's comeback is priceless... LOL! I love it! :))(

    I know you're going to feel great once you are completely healed, as you have the best attitude and sense of humor. And most importantly... your sanity! LOL.

    Take good care, Sagehen.

    Much love,

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  • Hey there Tammy,
    Thanks for the "atta girls" I can sure use them.I do have to keep my house going,but it's not like it used to be.That bothers me.I like to do things for myself,but I also appreciate when someone offers their help.I am trying to teach my daughter how to take care of a home and cook.In order to teach her,I have to do it.(she can already mix up a batch of muffins,from a box,all by herself).Even though I'd like to just scream "help me"at my husband sometimes,I don't, because I want to show her how to treat others. She is learning,even though she sees conflicting behavior from her dad.
    How are you doing? Will you need any more surgery?
    Are you having any problems with your lumbar spine? You can probably understand the wanting to do things with your kids,and not being able to,very well.
    I see you are taking lexapro,how does that do for you?I need something different,and don't want to take oxycontin,but I need something other than hydrocodone (it doesn't do much).
    Have a good one,I'm enjoying the warmer weather.
    Hope you can too. Sagehen
  • Yes, you really do need those "atta girls" and "keep up the good work". Like I said, you are doing a great job holding down the fort. I just worry about you overdoing it, when your body starts to get tired. I don't want you to have any kind of set-back since you're doing so good.

    I am the same as you with my kids in the kitchen. I started baking muffins around age 6 myself. My grandma introduced me to cooking and baking at a very early age and I'm so thankful she did. I make sure my kids know their way around the kitchen and teach them to look for Wednesday food ads. Before I remarried last October, I was a single mommy for 8 years. I have a fantastic job (I'm on long term disability until December 31st, 2009, and will be re-evaluated around that time) and every Wednesday after work, the kids and I would go shopping. We cut coupons together and picked out new things to make each week, according to what was on sale in the food ads. I tell ya, my boy and little girl still enjoy watching the ads and cutting out coupons. My boy would haul the groceries in from the Blazer and my daughter was in charge of putting away all of the pantry items. We cleaned the refrigerator out together, too. My daughter is now 9 and my son is 15. My daughter makes great sandwiches, corn bread, pancakes, cupcakes and home made cookies. My son has graduated up to over-easy eggs with bacon and hashbrowns and can also make some killer pies! His football buddies were really impressed when he told them he made this one apple pie that they all devoured within 10 minutes. Makes me proud so see them enjoy cooking and baking. Gives them a good start on life.

    I've always assigned age appropriate chores for them, too. If they get their assigned chores done, they get an allowance. If they get half of their chores done, they get half of their allowance. If they go the extra mile and do more things that are not on their list... they get "bonus" money. My son is really into fishing, so he saves his money for fishing gear and such. My daughter loves stickers, drawing and crafts. I've tried to make household stuff fun for my kids. And so far, it's effortless for them. Sometimes I get the, "But mom... can't I wait?". I just remind them that they won't get their full allowance unless the "x" marks are crossed off their list each week.

    Thank you for asking how I am feeling. I'm doing better each day, but it's going to be a long recovery for me. I'm starting to feel some good results from my PT and stretches and exercises I do at home. My back hurts, pretty much all the time when I'm standing for long periods of time and the same with sitting. My doctors tell me I am ahead of schedule, which is good to hear. Somedays I don't feel like I'm making much progress at all... and that's when I haul out my daily journal. It reminds me of just how far I have come over these last 6 months.

    Don't know if I'll need any more surgery. It was mentioned at first, but my surgeon hasn't said anything lately. My lower back is starting to get sore and so is my neck. The thoracic area is what was damaged the most.

    The Lexapro is working very well for me. I started feeling really down in spirits a month ago. Being laid up and not able to do much, started playing with my mind. I had crying spells all the time. That is not my nature, so I knew I needed help with that. They put me on 10mg of Lexapro once a day and it is working great. I have no side effects from it and I take it in the morning.

    I use lots of heating pads, do my stretches and take my meds. I get my walks in when I'm having a good day and those always make me feel good. I still wear my brace when I go out of the house. I don't want to have someone accidently run into me, or me happen to fall or something. I might just get some football gear of my own to wear... lol!

    Hope you are doing better and the pain is less. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    Keep smiling and keep sane!

    Much love,

  • Hey - I'm going to be 55 in a few months and I'm finally getting my life back after a three-level spinal fusion. Find yourself a really good physical therapist. I had mine take all my muscle knots out with the Graston Technique (not for the faint of heart). I think we women handle this better than men do though. One of the men in my department said he considered Graston torture and wouldn't allow his therapist to do it again. I think it kind of "hurts so good." You can feel the tools sliding over the lumps in your muscles. Once the lumps are out, you'll feel so much better. Before my lumbar fusion, I had whiplash and had to have a rotator cuff repair, so I can only imagine a portion of the pain you've had. Graston has been great for my neck and shoulders.

    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • Give your body a chance to recover! That means rest. If you are doing housework at one month post-fusion you may well be over-doing it. Many of the movements required to clean a house or do yardwork can really set off the muscle spasms and are really "no-no's" for so soon after surgery. No wonder you are wiped-out. I was wiped-out at that point without doing housework, etc. At one month post-surgery I did literally nothing but rest, eat and walk. And remember, no BLT!
  • Way to go! I love your spirit during your recovery.

    I had the opposite reaction when my back started giving me trouble at age 37. "You are too young to have back pain" which made me worry more. Finally, got a surgeon who took my back issue seriously by stopping shoving meds on me and performed microdiscectomies.
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