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T8/10 wedge fracture prognosis? any experience please!?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Osteoporosis and Fractures

Was hit back a car from behind whilst riding a motorcycle 2 weeks ago.
Was diagnoes with a wedge fracture of T8 (~10-13degrees)and T10 (less than 5degrees)
Was in the hospital on my back for 1 week and then dirschared with a back brace.

They told me that they normally would operate these type of fractures, but since the severity of the fracture wasn't to "bad" and considering the risk of an operation they would try with the backbrace. I'm suppose to come back for another x-ray in a week.

Does anyone know the long term prognosis of these types of "mild" wedge fractures?
Only have mild backpain during the day but can only sleep for 3-4hours during the night as I can't stay on my back for that long despite pain medication.
Is it common to get long term back pain with these types of injuries?
I'm I likely to get degenerative changes/problems later on in life?

I'm currently 27years old.

Hope someone can tell me about their experience!!
Thank you so much for your help! :-)
Hugs Mags!


  • Hi Magdalena, I too was knocked off a motorcycle from behind by car and sustained fracture to T11 was flaton my back then discharged with body brace,that was 3 months ago. unfortunately i am still havinga lotofpainand discomfort so I am now waiting for an MRI scan to geta better picture of whats going on. Inotice it's a while since you left your post - how are you doing mow ?
  • I fell off the back of a 4 wheeler when I was 15 during the summer of 93... I didn't feel alot of pain other than the feeling someone was standing on my shoulders. I sat in the front seat of the car for a 35 minute ride to the hospital. After x-rays prognosis was a wedge compression fracture of t12 and fracture of t11. I thought I was going to die!! There was a chip 3 mm from my spinal cord. Luckily no paralysis! After 6 days in the hospital I was released with a jewett brace.. I wasn't in alot of pain but I was young and my mother enforced my restrictions. After 3 months the pain began. I went for my follow up and the orthopedic doctor had a scary look on his face and sent me to a specialist. An MRI revealed that I now had an unstable fracture as a result of the jewet brace putting pressure on it! They gave me a boston overlay which is more like a body cast. By March of 94 the fracture was so unstable they had to fuse t9-l2 with hardware and a piece of my hip. Then they removed the hardware in 95 because it was causing massive headaches. I must admit I am very lucky to be walking but the days of pain vary. I have to go to aggressive spinal rehab every 3 years because the muscles at the fusion level don't get enough exercise and I experience numbness, tingling ect. It's never going away, but I won't let it run my life. I do everything I was told I wouldn't be able to do and have a 60 hr per week job. Yes I have to pay for the exertion, but it's worth it. You only live once. Try to practice mind over matter because the more you let it run your life the worse off you will be. Hang in there!
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  • i have a T8 wedge fracture i have been suffering from since december 2009. The hospital did not give me any anything till march 2010. They gave me a brace in march and i had 2 physio therpys. I still have pain and it has never stopped. They wont do anything to help me.
  • i had 3 compression fractures 2 years ago{due to severe osteoporosis} they healed quite well and just left me with a constant dull ache across my back. hoever i have just had another fracture and the pain when i go to bed is horrendous. diazapm. cocodomol and ibobrufen help me carry on through the day pretty much as normal, but i dread going to bed because i know that about 5am the pain will wake me.. it completly immobalizes me and it takes me about 20 min just to get out of bed. it is not my spine that hurts ..it is like some has put a vice around my chest that makes it difficult to breathe..has anyone any advice
  • I haven't been on here for quite a few years!! I was just going through and reading everyone's stories.. I hope everyone is doing better!!
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  • Mine started out as a "wedge"(compression fracture), but because I was mis-diagnosed with a "back sprain" and told to do exercises, my Orthopedic Surgeon said that made it break all the way across. I MADE them give me an MRI/STIR, and basically, until I was properly diagnosed, he said my back has been broken for at least 4-5 months, yet I didnt know it and inadvertantly made it worse by doing the "exercises" for a "back sprain" I supposedly had. I will go back to my Ortho in 5 days, most likley go through Kyphoplasy( surgery). Extreme pain and refuse to take the pain meds theyprescribe....wierds my mind but does nothing for the pain. I cant wait. I have no osteo or degen. disease, in perfect health and strong. Mine is due to injury,..lifting too much weight, from the waist up, hence, the thoracic region.
  • mollandraymmollandray Posts: 1
    edited 06/18/2013 - 9:36 PM
    I had a car accident in 1998 was taken to the hospital told them i had really bad pain in my back they Xrayed me told me it was bruising i couldnt move the pain was so bad 5 weeks later i wnt to my GP told him i could hardly walk and in so much pain he sent me for some more Xrays and he told me i had 2 wedge fracture then i was refered to physio and a back doctor they both told me i should of been put in traction at hospital and is now too late ... so 15 years on im still in a lot of pain with limited movement and nothing i can do about it
  • I was in a bad car accident 5 years ago. I had a three bracket break on my t8. After being in the hospital for a week, they let me go home with a back brace on. The back brace was on for 3 months and then they said I could begin to take it off when I felt ready. I was 20 years old and in good shape prior to my accident so I healed pretty quick, so I thought. The last five years, has been nothing but constant discomfort. It's not so much pain, but a constant "off "feeling...it's really annoying and hard to explain to others. The reason I joined this site today is because recently i've been having numbness in my feet and caves and in my arms and forearms. Back injuries are the worst and I don't wish them on anyone. I never thought I'd be in this boat..but who does? People say I was lucky to be alive, but honestly lucky is the last thing I feel I am...it's been a constant struggle for me since my accident and I feel very unlucky to have to live my life in constant discomfort. it's good to hear other stories and know i'm not alone..But i wish there was more things they could do to cure injuries such as ares because they are the hard to live with.
  • I am 30 years old health. I was in bed for 3 days with food poisoning. I got up to run to the bathroom. I slipped and fell. I immediately felt pain but thought it was just a bruise. After 10 days of not getting better and stuck n bed my friends made me go to the hospital. They diagnosed me with compound fractures of T5-T8. After a week in the hospital I was released with a back brace and a prescription for 180 30mg roxys, 60 somas, 90 norcos and 60 Xanax. It worked for a few months but now afty 5 months I am in severe pain. The pills don't do n e thing for my pain so I tried herion. Needless to say it helped but It was the worst mistake I have ever made. I never did drugs and don't want to start now.So my question is can I still get surgery after 5 months or am I doomed for a life time of pain and become a hermit. Thanks!
  • I am 44 and had a T11 fracture in a motor vehicle accident 5 years ago. My pain in the middle of my back has worsened the last few months and recently noticed a hump on my left side over the scapula sort of. I just had new xray done yesterday so now I wait. I have a feeling that my fracture has something to do with it. Does anybody know or have anything similiar. I have been told it can be because of something similiar to scoliosis du to the bending of the vertebrae because of the fracture. Any ideas I had 39 fractures total but the t11 was the worse and the rest were in other areas of my body to include the rib that connects to t11. Anybody have anything similiar happening.  By the way my t11 fracture was not fixed surgically just had to be in bed for 6 weeks and a shell that was from my hips to my armpits for 13 months. Please any information will help.
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