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just an update since i started accupuncture



  • Yes we have no fault insurance.My accident was a hit and run,never caught the car that hit us. I was also hit from behind caused me to be thrown forward ,my seatbelt kicked in and threw me back to the seat.As soon as it happened i felt the pain in my back.I was only six months post fusion on my neck.
    I haven't been back to the neurologist since the accident,i was to see the surgeon three times and they said my neck was healing fine that i just had whiplash and it would take longer for my neck to heal because of it and they referred me back to my own doctor.
    As fare as the mri goes i was lucky that i did have an mri on my thoracic spine before my surgery,they wanted to see if my stenosis was in the rest of my spine as well so i have a fairly new look at my spine to compare this one too.
    My massage therapist doesn't understand why my muscles tighten up so soon after my massage,he said that with all the therapy that i've had since the accident i should be a lot better then i am.Hopefully i'll have some idea of what is going on soon.Yesterday he did alot of stretching and massaging on my shoulders and underarm area because they were so very tight.i wasn't even out of the massage place when the muscle spasms had started again,he said that he's going to spend much more time trying to loosen up that area ,it aches very badly most of the time.
  • Hi Tammy

    I've learned alot that i never knew about car insurance. Since your's was a hit and run you have to rely on your policy. First thing you really have to do is find a lawyer. They will represent you to your insurance company. The lawyer will make sure that you get what you are entitled to.

    ALso pull out your policy and look at it again. THe Personal Injury Protection will tell you what you are entitled to. Usually toward the bottom is the uninsured motorist (nofault) coverage section.

    ANy lawyer should give you a free consult. If you show them your policy they can tell you what your benefits really are. You can also call your agent. THey are required by law to explain your policy coverage.

    I've done this on my own for my daughter and now through a lawyer for myself. I was very lucky with my daughter and the amounts were very small so they didn't give me a hard time. Also children are protected by the courts so the insurance companies are very careful.

    Bottom line is that the insurance company should be paying for all of the treatments and medications that your doctors prescribe. You deserve to be able to concentrate on getting better without worrying about bills. THats why we pay for insurance.

    Let me know how it goes.
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  • My insurance agent has been very forth coming with me since the accident.She's trying to get me as much help as possible,so far has paid for alot of my therapies.They paid for gym equipment that i needed for home to help with my muscles and a membership at the Y to continue to build my strength.They haven't paid for my massages because my therapist doesn't deal with automobile accidents and i won't switch massage therapist.Mine is very good and i've had bad massages before to compare.So i choose to stay with him because i think in the long run he will help me.I know i need to talk to my accupuncturist and see if she will deal with the insurance co. after my benefits run out on that.If so then i'll continue with it.She is chinese and has some trouble speaking english,but i'm sure that she's been asked about that before.Next tues. is coming fast now and i'm sure the mri will be over before i know it.Thanks for your imput,please let me know how your doing,your right our problems seem to be very similar.I've been very down today and talking to you has really helped.
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