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Universal Health Care



  • charry said:
    I think there should be paid for dental benefits by the Government now that would be a bonus for all of us. Charry
    Charry this is a big part of the failing logic. Government "paid for" benefits. Doesn't matter if you are talking medical, dental, vision. The government is not paying for you benefits and never will. The government is not a profit making business. All it does is collect money and spend it.

    The rest of the tax payers are paying for your government/free health care. That is wrong. That's why Europe has a 50%+ income tax rate. I'm not sure about Canada. But no one is getting anything free. Some other tax payer is paying it. Why?

    Sure the poor are getting it free. Ask any poor person if they want government health care. They are all for it. It's FREE. They can't afford private health care. I disagree with paying taxes for their health care and they do nothing in return. Responsibility and accountability have gone out the window in the country. Everyone wants a free ride. What ever happened to work for and earn things?

  • I agree that dental should be included in insurance benefits. Yours definately isnt free as you stated above you pay at tax time depending on your income. My only hope is that they will come up with a better plan than they have now. If it passes here in the states there will be alot of upset people. We have all seen what happens with this in other countries. Their systems are not that great they wait for long periods of time to see specialists and get mri's and other important tests. There has to be a better solution out there.

    I dont mind paying taxes for insurance to help the needy. My mother is one that needs some sort of insurance and soon. I think where the problem lies is the people getting insurance for free and are able to work. Here where i live you cannot just walk in and get insurance without agreeing to do so many hours of training per week then find employment or already have a job. There isnt a free handout here unless it is for the children who are not able to work and they can get it until age 19 but like i said proof of income or in training. This includes dental and vision for them. I am very appreciative for this insurance because my daughter is insured through us but not my grandson our insurance company refused him and there's no way she can afford to pay for him a private insurance plan. She and her husband work 40 hours a week but this is a min wage paying positions. With rent and other bills and extra things for the baby they almost always run short of cash. He was a premie and requires a lot of different things not covered through the insurance also so this is out of pocket expenses for them to.

    I think if they would go through all the applicants on free insurance and do investigatins they would end up taking many off the program. But i definately wouldnt want them to do that to the children they are our future unless they prove the parents can afford it. I do agree that there are a lot of people who take advantage of the system, but the system allows them to with no follow ups and not investigating their claims.
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  • with great interest!
    I lived in the US for over 30 years, Canada for 2 years (recently), and have now lived in the UK for 6 years so I think I have a well rounded view to Healthcare...plus I am over 50 so have had my share of health problems over the years.

    First off, let me address this misconception of taxation in Europe. The UK does pay some pretty steep taxes but nothing like 50% for everyone!
    I copied and pasted this from the HM Revenue site.

    UK tax rates:

    2008-09 2009-10
    Starting rate for savings: 10%* £0-£2,320 £0-£2,440
    Basic rate: 20% £0-£34,80 £0-£37,400
    Higher rate: 40% Over £34,800 Over £37,400

    Canadian tax rates:

    15% on the first $40,726 of taxable income, +
    22% on the next $40,726 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $40,726 and $81,452), +
    26% on the next $44,812 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $81,452 and $126,264), +
    29% of taxable income over $126,264.

    So neither country's population pays exhorbitant taxes and what you get for your tax money far outweighs any benefits I EVER got in the US!

    Both the UK and Canada still have private healthcare for those who want or can afford it and it is offered as a perk at many businesses.

    The best thing about public healthcare is that no one is ever turned away because they have a pre-existing condition or cannot afford to pay a doctor.
    People with severe conditions aren't asked to pay $1000's of $s out of pocket for services either.

    A woman I knew who lived in Ohio had kidney failure. She had to divorce her husband of 30 years to get a new kidney because they wanted $100,000 cash before they would even put her on the waiting list and they couldn't afford it and she had insurance!! So she divorced him and went on welfare and was put on the list and it took her 2 years to get her kidney. I think that is outrageous!

    So, please keep an open mind about public health care. It isn't perfect by any means but we still have the right to choose our doctors and I have had excellent care since I've lived in the UK. Even got my digital hearing aids for free and I just go to the doctors office and pick up batteries for them whenever I run out...at no charge! Plus all prescriptions are only £7.10, no matter what they are and when you turn 60 they are free! If you live in Wales or Scotland they are free to everyone there regardless of age.

  • Thanks to EDITED and others in the govt. of illinois, i recieve something like our public option...i pay 3% co pays each dr. visit...and pay 3$ on non generic meds...I havent had to wait one bit! Been on it for 5+ years...they are whos helping fix my back...even tho the surgery failed and im in constant pain...nothing i could complain to the insurance on! Whe i could work...i put my money into it...so i dont feel bad getting the help...i do not get ANY other kind of govt. support. hope this helps some see the light? NEVER EVER had to wait...worst problem is doctors not wanting to take insurance because it doesnt pay them enough! Thank god i got a great Dr.

    Post edited for violation of SH standards by Authority Member haglandc
  • I get to see my doctors whenever I want to! never had to wait...no longer than usual. Keeping your insurance is nice if you like it...but some of us dont....or in no way shape or form could afford it...period! My child is covered this way and through her fathers ins....running the primary ins first...then illinois plan picks up the co-pay on her stuff...very flexible :~)
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  • PeggyM said:

    Even got my digital hearing aids for free and I just go to the doctors office and pick up batteries for them whenever I run out...at no charge! Plus all prescriptions are only £7.10, no matter what they are and when you turn 60 they are free! If you live in Wales or Scotland they are free to everyone there regardless of age.
    Here we go again, got your hearing aids for FREE and FREE batteries. £7.10 copay on any drugs.

    That is coming out of tax payer dollars/pounds/francs/yen whatever your currency. When is going to register with people that the government does not give you things for FREE... Is this concept that hard to grasp???

    The government takes in money and spends money. In this country when the government doesn't take in enough, they just print more!! It's called a deficit. A lot has to do with the all the "free riders" taking advantage of government plans that the rest of us do pay for in our tax DOLLARS!!!

    Europe has more than just that income tax you stated Peggy. You also have VAT tax and it is 18% as I recall.

    Sorry but I am not open to public health system like socialist countries have. I know who really foots the bill. The system is popular with the have-nots. Because they get their health care for FREE, as they like to call it.

    When someone comes up with a system that is equitable under public health care I'll listen. In this country the public health care that already exists comes right out of taxpayers pockets. The ones using it are the poor, low income, and the ones scamming the system. Most of those systems are abused badly. Health care, unemployment, and workers comp. The state I grew up in is laughably one of the worst abusers of Welfare and Workers Comp. Most of the insurance companies wanted out because the abuse was in the billions. That was in the early 90's...

    Just watch when Obama pushes his health care reform who will pick up the tab. It won't be the government. It will be the middle class, as usual...
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