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SCS implant and handicap placard

monibmmonib Posts: 102
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Pain Management
I read on line that with a SCS implant you can get a handicapped placard. My doctor has not said anything about this...is this a true statement online about being able to get a placard? Walking is difficult at time due to pain and if this is something I need to look into I will...but I don't want to ask the doctor about it and him think I am wanting something that I am not entitled to. I have just toughed it out all these years wishing and hope I can get a close parking spot so I don't have to walk anymore than necessary.


  • I don't think the SCS would qualify you for the placard by itself, because it doesn't limit a person by itself. However, the physical condition and reason for a person having the implant to begin with may qualify some people for the placard.

    I would get the application from your DMV, so you can find out exactly what the criteria is in your state. I know a lot of DMV's have those forms available online, so you may not even need to leave home to get it.

  • Thank you for the information. I read a blog online and the lady said because she had an SCS she qualified for the placard. I didn't think it would qualify. I will just question my doctor about it. I can't walk for extended periods of time without feeling like I am going to fall down. SCS is helping but not completely. I know after grocery shopping I have to sit or lay down as it throws my pain into over drive.
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  • I agree with BW and Gwennie. Find out the criteria. I would recommend that you not mention your SCS when seeking a handicapped card. I know many people with SCS do drive, but my PM and manufacturers' web sites say one is not supposed to drive with the SCS turned on. My PM knows that SCS people do drive with their SCS on, but he discourages it until the leads have scarred into place, so that your sudden movement in an emergency driving situation is less likely to cause a stimulation surge that makes you lose control of your vehicle.
  • I have one - in our former state, I went to the DMV and they gave me one just because I asked. Simple.

    New state, had to go to the DMV, get a form, take it to my doctor to fill out and sign, and then got one.

    I didn't get one based on my SCS, which I didn't have at the time. I did so because I can't feel over half of my feet and my fall risk is HIGH. I do not need to be 90 car spaces out in a walmart parking lot as that could change my health in one millisecond if I fell on the pavement.

    Also don't need to bumps and changes in pavement height, either. Already fell once due to that, learned my lesson.

    Start with your DMV and see what they say.

    Good luck,

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