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SCS Patients BEWARE!!!!

monibmmonib Posts: 102
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Pain Management
As a part time, second job I work for a local retail store. The theft alarm has never effected my SCS nor has it set the alarm off.

Last night I went into the store and I got a jolt and it set the alarm off. I had to show my card to them and everything was fine.

I found out that many stores are raising the frequency on their security systems for the holiday season. Our store had just completed the change and that is why I set it off. I always carry my card with me no matter where I go...I felt it would help everyone if I passed this information on.


  • OMG, you made me laugh so much!!!! :) I really needed that right now since I am off to the hospital in 1.5 hours.

    Monib, thanks for the heads up.
  • Don't think it is that easy. I had to show them my card, turn my pockets inside out. They wanded me and a woman patted my buttock to make sure there was nothing stuffed down in my clothes. Embarassing...now I have my own route into the store so I don't get the jolt (jumping with joy)...but leaving I have to go through the theft detector. I understand their needing to tighten security...I just wanted to pass this along for those that don't always carry their card...they might want to dust it off and keep it handy. With economy the way it is...I bet theft is going to be way up this holiday season. Strange thing is if someone were to steal something from my home, they would be stealing the wrong thing...equipment in my body is worth more than what they could steal. Maybe I really am one of the million dollar women. HAHAHA
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  • Ok...ok...I see your point. Maybe I can turn this into a positive thing. hummmmmm Let me see what is it I want in a guy, handsome, loyal, Rich...very, very rich. How can I turn this to my favor....I know I will find the mall that all the rich people go to...I mean stinking rich mall...I can go there and set the alarm off and tell everyone I am just smoking hot. (Ok, not a good pick up line but you get the meaning). Then the georgous, rich guy will have to pat my butt to make sure I'm not a thief. HAHAHA
  • I have the ANS Eon Mini and with it came a magnet that can turn the unit on and off quickly. I use this when entering big box stores, just in case the alarm were to go off. I had read it could happen, and also didn't want to experience a jolt. lol

    So when we go shopping, I carry my magnet with me (normally keep it in the glovebox of the car) and will swipe my buttock to turn it off, go through the door, then swipe again. I chuckle as I imagine the security folks watching the camera and wondering WHAT THE HECK is that chick doing with swiping something over her butt? lol

    I could use the remote control, but that takes MUCH longer. With the magnet, it turns you off and another swipe turns you back on at the exact program settings you had when you swiped it off.

    Do you have something like that?
  • Yes, I do. I have been back at work for several weeks now and nothing has happened. So I didn't expect it to happen last night.

    You could turn the video into a comedy...and now the woman who sprinkes fairy dust...as the scene of you using the mag on your butt. LOL I didn't expect this to be so funny but I am falling out of my chair thinking of all the funny things that could happen.
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  • I got a nasty jolt at Target. That won't happen again because I now remember to turn off both of my stimulators. Amazing how a jolt can help the memory.

  • If this is a brand specific problem. I wonder if the shielding is a bit different between the different manufacturers.

    My SCS is by Medtronic and I have passed through multiple theft scanners all over the world (holiday season included) and never had an issue.

  • Like I stated earlier...I have worked there since before my SCS surgery and never felt a thing. Since the economy is down and store owners are afraid theft will be high this season, they are changing frequencies. I didn't have a problem until the change...and it makes you do the rain dance.
  • This seems to be a good subject for Dilbert to explore. Anyone know Scott Adams? :))(
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