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Pot... does it work?

ajamiesonaajamieson Posts: 65
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Pain Management
I live in a state that allows certain people to qualify for medical marijuana. I haven't smoked the stuff myself since 1983 but am wondering if it would help. My sciatic pain is extreme and I feel hopeless. I know I haven't been injured for "that" long and others have suffered longer. I have been a pretty serious athlete and never would have considered smoking pot (except when I did in college) before this. I honestly want to know if anyone has tried pot for the pain and if it works. Thanks!


  • Hi there,

    I think that a good amount of people find some relief of pain from marijuana. I don't understand all of the hullabaloo regarding it being prescribed for pain relief, after all, other drugs are constantly prescribed for pain relief.

    Personally, I think that if it gives you relief from pain, then do it. We have one life and it shouldn't be controlled by our pain that could be taken care of. Anyone with chronic pain issues should be able to live as comfortably as possible....Just my opinion....Lisa

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,526
    This topic has been brought up over a dozen times in the past 18 months. 100% of them started out fine and by the time they hit about the 10th post, things started to go out of control.
    This will NOT happen this time!
    We are totally open to have this subject discussed, but the first time we see anyone attacking another member because of their belief in this subject, we will close the thread down immediately.
    I've always felt that the topic does deserve some concrete discussions. The problem is that instead of talking about the subject, posts were made against other members, calling another member this or that.
    Please prove me wrong this time and allow this thread to be handled properly
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • but I did have a buddy on the old SH that lived in California. He swore by it. He said that he had tried everything and nothing worked but the MM did. I feel the same about MM as I do about any prescription pain killers. If you use it for the proper medical reasons than I see nothing at all wrong with it. If you have the opportunity and are open to trying it let us know how it works. Good luck.
  • Personally, I haven't even tried it. I live in California, the majority of my family has prescriptions, and I am 100% supportive, just because its not for me, doesn't mean it shouldn't be for other people. My family swears by it. My suggestion would be to go, get your script, and give it a try. Just like any other medication, it affects everyone differently and you wont know how well it works for you till you try it. =) good luck
  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,111
    I live in a state that does not allow mm use. But I once had a surgeon say to me, exact words were " off the record patients have found relief from marijuana."
    I personally did not go that route but I am in agreement with many if it works to reduce the pain I am all for it.
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  • Here is what I know - if you are willing to be "high" or what ever term you want to use that reflects using pot - then yes, it can work to help your pain.

    However if you think taking a few hits of it will help - that is incorrect.

    A few hits only helps for maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

    Also you still know the pain is there - it is more of a disassociation with the pain, then a true pain relief.

    My brother ( and I ) have a skin disease that creates huge boils which often go as deep as the nerves. His is MUCH worse then mine. He has had over 50+ operations for his condition. His skin looks like melted candle wax :(

    He is always in horrible pain. None of the meds help this pain -

    If pot were packed like cigs I would guess to take care of his pain he would smoke about 10 "cigs" a day.

    So he is in a constant state of being "high" to be relatively pain free.

    Pot is not legal in our state - however all his Drs are aware he uses it and agrees it can help.

    So to sum this up - from what I see in him, pot is not quite what some may think it is for pain relief.

    However I will also add that I don't know if the same amount would be needed for a different type of pain.....

    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
  • Thanks all. Lots of food for thought. For now I will still with the prednisone and see if the cumulative effects are helpful.
  • Cannabis does indeed work. I am a 63 year old retired police officer. I suffered a severe back and injury to both of my knees. I suffer with spinal neuropathy that effects my lower back and moves into my legs and feet. The pain never stops. I control the pain with MS Contin, Diploid and Valium. There are times when all of that doesn't work. Cannabis, in a way allows me to focus on other things. It does not reduce the shocks down my legs but it does help with muscle spasms. I tell every Doctor that I use it and I have never been told not to use it. I also suffer with PTSD. There is not a horror movie that can hold a candle to my dreams. Depression is also a problem that I can control with Cannabis. I choose to eat Cannabis. I make bud butter and bake it into Brownies or add it to my oatmeal or spread it on toast. It is not the best delivery system. Eating it takes a little longer to take effect but it does last longer. For those of you who can and are willing to use it medically, just Google it to find out how to do it. The sad part of this is, I was a Police Officer and now I find my self in a position that has caused me to become a criminal to obtain the one medication, yes I said medication, a natural medication that has served man since Utzi crossed over the Alps. Yes he had Cannabis with him when he died. I live in NYS. Medical Marijuana does not exist here. In closing , you all have to ask the question, just why we find ourselves in this position. Our Govt and the drug companies. Why would they want you to grow an herb in your backyard that may help with any number of maladies??? So the answer is YES, it works. I must say that it does not effect everyone the same way. I did my job and I knew the chances that I was taking. At the very least, I should not have to live in constant pain and have my Govt. tell me what I can use to relieve my pain . Paulwasafuz
  • If you are considering trying it to relieve your pain, make sure that you discuss it with your prescribing physician before hand. If you don't, and you are drug tested, you can and most probably will be dismissed from the pain management office that you go to.
    Some doctors are okay with it showing up in your tests, as long as they are made aware of it ahead of time, not after the fact and some are not.
    Be smart and discuss it first....
  • To add to sandi's comments...I am all for cannabis as a means of pain relief and a means of combatting those things that go along with it such as loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Here is my own little story. I was seeing a pain management doctor for several years who watched me deteriorate rapidly and would not do anything! I lost reflexes in my arms and when he checked them he said it was good enough for him! He would not prescribe me ER meds with those for breakthrough. I would come in with my blood pressure at 170/100 or something similar and would say he was worried about me and then change my muscle relaxer. I would have changed doctors but I am in at the end of a lawsuit and have no money!! I once called them crying saying I did not want to live if this was how much pain I had to endure- they called me and said there was nothing they could do, for me to go see the chiropractor who promptly called them and said this girl needs help. Not long after I was sent to a mental hospital for wanting to kill myself from the amount of pain!! For over 3 years I went through this cycle, papa Ron knows has an idea of how bad it was for me!

    This past summer I was at the end of my rope. I was eating one small container of yogurt per day and sleeping 3-4 hours if I was lucky and spent all day in bed crying!! My doctor knew of this and did nothing. I started smoking to help me to relieve the pain and it helped!! I would get more rest and eat more although this by itself was not enough but it was something by God!! During this time my doctor drug tested me and kicked me out of his clinic without a single word to me, just a $500+ bill for year one drug test! My state is not exactly what I call progressive...

    But this story actually has a happy ending- I went back to my primary care physician with my records and told him the truth. I had also received updated MRIs showing my discs turning black, severe osteoarthritis and degeneration- my neuro said my neck looked like an 80 year olds!! My old doctor never looked at them and they came in months before I was tested.

    Now my PCP treats me and I finally have some control over my pain!!! He changed my meds completely, I now have ER morphine and norco for breakthrough!! I have never seen my doctor mad, but he was livid with my former doctor- about my reflexes, that he never ran any blood tests or any other tests!!

    So yes, I got kicked out but it turned out to be a blessing- a huge one!! Am I advocating that people get kicked out? No!! But do discuss it with your doctor, most seem to have a progressive attitude unless you live here!! Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your thread! But by all means, we suffer enough as it is, if it alleviates some of the pain then I am all for it!! And if it were legal here, I would indeed be smoking as it helps with so many ailments, such as chronic pain and ibs, both of which I have!!!

    I wonder if I should sue the jerkwad PM doctor...
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