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Medtronic back pain help

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Hi all;
I had the implant inserted about 1 year ago it seemed to work for a wile but now causing more problems than before.Anyone have any ideas????????


  • Have you been back to have the program tweaked. My doctor told me that a yearly visit would be the best since he would have to verify with me that things are working good. Maybe you need a tweaking with the rep or lead migration. Try to explain better what you are feeling.
  • Please tell us just what kind of problems your implant is causing and we will try to help.

    Is it causing you pain at the implant site? Has the stimulation changed?
    Have you seen your rep or your PM about these problems?

    We all will try to help as best we can with more information.
    Patsy W :H
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  • Also, if you can share more technical details about your implant, it would be helpful.

    You've mentioned it's Medtronic in your thread title. Do you know which specific model? Do you know the type of leads you have and the level at which they're placed?

    Also, knowing what pain pattern you're trying to cover is helpful. :)
  • I wore a medtronic infusion system model #8627L18 for 6 years from 7/03 - 6/9 with no problems. Had it replace with newer synchromed II 8637-40 this past june 6/09. It worked find till 11/1/09...the motor began stalling...first thought I had flu, got flu shot 2 days later...couldn't hear the friggin beep...by wednesday 11/4 back pain set in and I knew it was pump...went to pain clinic next day and was told the motor had stalled. So, now I'm going through wicked narcotic withdrawal and, of course, back pain. The problem is I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict clean and sober for over 6.5 years, so the oral narcotics are out...I phone the medtronic rep 11/6...she tells me this has never happened before. I"m the first. They say my Doctor is out of town and no one else will perform operation...it's now Sunday 2 weeks later 11/15 and I still don't know when the operation will be. Then today I decide to google all this and find out the FDA has recalled both models I've used, and in many instance for stalled motors. At this point, I don't know what to do...do I let them put another one in? I am on disability, but the pump lets me teach guitar lessons to augment my income, I couldn't do it without...not sure what to do....would love to hear suggestions. Thanks! I am disabled, but because of the pump I am able to teach guitar lessons to augment my income. My life is very small and routine driven…I do the same things now that I've done for the past 6 years. In short I have not changed my routine in anyway since receiving the new pump. I am dictating this message to a friend, as I am in too much pain to do myself. I am a recovering Alcoholic and drug addict and have been clean and sober for over 6.5 years...so oral narcotics were not an option for me as long as I could stand the pain. Now, after 2 weeks and still no operation, that is getting harder and harder and I will probably begin oral narcotics tomorrow. When I phoned your local rep Edited 11/6, she told me that this had never happened before, then she asked me if I knew whether a cell tower had recently been raised near my home. I now know the first statement is utter nonsense since I have seen on the Web that both models, my original and current have been recalled, and some specifically for motor stall. Its been two weeks, I've gone through narcotic withdrawal and the pain is getting worse everyday and I still do not know when this thing will be replaced. I'm not even sure if I want it to be replaced. This has been pure Edited...I teach guitar lessons, and I've had to cancel them all for at least a month at this point, I had to go to the emergency room Monday night because I had not slept for 6 days, i've been suicidal...at one point I thought about taking a knife and cutting the thing out myself...that's the gist of it.

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