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e cigarettes anyone?



  • Sorry you happened upon a scam. There are some out there. My blu said I could return the product within 30 days and get money back. I didnt have to return the product. Don't give up, check out the e cig forums, people there will give you insight to the best products.
  • cgm, I am not sure about quitting the nicotine. I did order diffetent levels of it to take me down. I have to say that I love my nicotine, so at this point my goal is to move to the e-cigs (which is healthier) and then try to reduce the nicotine. Being able to inhale, and blow out smoke with the e-cis is helping me A LOT! So who knows what will happen! Thanks for the support, I need it.
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  • I'm not so sure we "love" our nicotine per say, but we ENJOY smoking!! I know, hell, we all know, it is bad for us, but we LIKE it. Now I have to admit, ecigs, and I use it here and there, but it is the smoking we enjoy, plan and simple. Yes, nicotine addiction is there, the the "pleasure" sensor is there too!! :) I know smoking is NOT good for me, but I will admit, I ENJOY it darn it!! (G) Makes it sooooo hard to kick!! :) Sorry, being honest!!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Hi Mia, Snookie...hope yall are both doing well. Aviatrix....I miss smoking the real thing some days. I got rid of the two cartons that were in the fridge 2 days ago...I kept two packs...I've no clue why, but I did. I hope to never be lacking in empathy for those who are trying to quit, or those who smoke.I know a lot of people who have quit that preach about quitting to others. They say ex-smokers are the worse about that. I don't think I can ever really call myself an exsmoker. I would have never in a million years thought I would be saying to myself "ughghhhhg PeeeUuuuuuu" when i get a whiff of a smoker....I just smell it now. I smelled like shit lol....who knew. My H is in awe(in a good way/proud of me) but thinks I will some day light up again especially if I'm around other smokers. Last night...I actually had a dream about smoking. I was just a happy camper smoking away. Anyway, I'm rattling on now so I'll say bye for now!
  • Hello everyone,

    I was a traditional tobacco cigarette smoker, but I was trying to quit from a long time suffering due to their ill effects. Though, this addiction is very difficult to quit as quitting suddenly creates unaccepted changes in body and so I was searching a way to quit without any hassle.

    Then, I got electronic cigarette that is an alternate to real cigarettes and they do not harm like the real one because they are free from harmful chemicals and provide the same sensation and taste. I am really enjoying it and I think this is the only smoking products that do not harm and provide you with a satisfaction. They also help reduce the addiction of inhaling high nicotine doses as it can be controlled by the user because e cigarettes are available in different nicotine strengths.

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  • Some times before I have heard about E-cigarettes. Many people smokers even say the e-cigarettes can help people break the smoking habit but many are aware of it. but at many places it is banned. Now also there are a big confusion whether it is good or not.
  • As compare to gum and patch e-cigs is much effective because the quantity of tobacco in e-cigs is less and by use of e-cigs you can quit your smoking habit too. In addition e-cigs is smokeless and ash less.
  • The other good thing about e-cigs is that you take a puff as and when you feel the need, whereas with the real thing you smoke a whole cigarette.

    I cold turkeyed my way to success (desperation not heroism!) but a good friend of mine is having great success with the e-cig. He says he can really control how much he "smokes" by setting targets for the number of puffs he takes and when he is going to take them. He has already reduced the nicotine level in his replacement cartridges and plans to do so again next time he orders some.

    I'm not young enough to know everything - Oscar Wilde
  • As compare to gum and patch e-cigs is much effective because the quantity of tobacco in e-cigs is less and by use of e-cigs you can remove your smoking habit too. In addition e-cigs is smokeless and ash less as well.
  • I agree with you E cigarettes are quite helpful in quitting smoking. I would like to add legal smoking blends also as potent substitute of traditional smoking blends. These are harmless.
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