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S1 Sciatica numbness - how long does it last?



  • Thank you all for great advice
    8/31/15 microdiscetomy laminotomy
    8/15 reruptured l5
    12/24/13 laminotomy/discetomy of L5
    9/98 laminectomy l4/l5
  • mickey5627mmickey5627 Posts: 4
    edited 06/21/2019 - 11:18 AM
    i am new to this site and i wish i had seen it 4 years ago.
    history: 9/2011 fusion in neck with plate.....left me with numbness and partial paralysis left arm from elbow to fingers...
    7/2012 disectomy l-5/s1 ... some numbness and tingling on left side but ok...
    10/2012 disectomy again l-5/s1...pieces floating around resting on sciatica. .result still numbness and tingling pt for 9 months
    7-2013 ulnar nerve surgery on left arm.. still numbness and paralysis just rerouted nerve but damage already done.
    constant pain and cramping on left calf. tingling and numbness and weakness and burning on left side from center of buttock to the end of my toes. sciatica flare ups often but would cease. took gabapentin, hydrocodone when needed , ibuprofen and icing center of lower beck even though i had no pain. feb 2015 sciatica flared up went to neurosurgeon said bulging disc and he would not do surgery.said my option would be a spinal stimulator. well after going to primary doctor, neurologist sent me to have orthoses made for both feet because i had drop feet and left foot was also numb and i fell constantly. june of 2015 i woke up and could not move. went to er gave me shots and sent me home. went to primary referred me to pain mgmt. no apt until 8-31. sciatica let up until 7-4 and could not move again..went back to er gave me morphine dulaudin and steroid..did not make a dent. sent me home with hydrocodone and i am now going on 11 weeks bedridden. after pain mgmt apt was cancelled due to dr illness i raised a fit and got in next day with another dr. set me up for epidural injections on 9-22.. today is 9-24 and i feel worse then before shots. how long can a person live with this debilitating chronic pain?? i cannot sit, stand, walk and can only lay on my stomach. to go to the restroom is the most painful tearing screaming experience of my life. how does anyone do it? the minute i put my foot on the floor my nerves are like fireworks going off in every direction from my butt to my toes. sharp shooting pains , aching you name it it happens. i have seen every star there is and then some. and talk about depression..i want to walk again..i want to be able to stand for more than 5 seconds before the pain overtakes me. taking a shower is the hardest thing i have ever had to do. any input you an give will be greatly appreciated..i am at my wits end. i praise ya'll that are dealing with us. i just want to smile again ..no more tears... thank you for letting me vent.. 4 years for me is a long time to deal with something i don't even know what i did to bring it on.

    spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease,narrowing spinal canal, bulging disc s1 l-4-l-5, myelomalacia, myelopathy, drop feet, neuropathy

    god bless you all

    welcome to spine-health
    please click on link for helpful information!
    ~ spine-health moderator, savage
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  • I have a chronic swollen knee from a knee replacement, might that cause sciatica symptoms?  I have not hurt my back. Just came on suddenly after sitting
  • KDS444KKDS444 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 8
    edited 06/21/2019 - 11:20 AM
    I guess we'd need to know what those "symptoms" are— based on what I have been able to learn about sciatica over the past three weeks of my own experience, the knee is not a root cause of sciatic pain: the sciatic nerve runs down the back of the leg, not the front.  
  • tjlazerttjlazer TacomaPosts: 137
    I am 5 months post of L5/S1 discectomy and foraminotomoy at L5 nerve roots.  I am a little bit better but still have a lot of numbness in my feet.  My right foot has gotten worse since surgery (left foot was way worse than right) and it seems to be in the L5 dermatomes (big toe and bottom of foot)  Up until I had surgery I could not sit for more than 5 minutes due to the severe Sciatia pains on the back of my legs and burning feet.  This seems to be much better post op.  I think the foraminotomy irritated the nerve roots or scar tissue is pressing on it causing the current problem.  Had an MRI and it looks fine, no rehurniation of L5 disc.  I walk 2 miles a day and take many breaks lieing on by back and stretching my legs.  I also do nerve flossing on each leg.  I am worried about this continued numbness and wish it would go away.  Only time will tell.  

    I know this post is old but PLEASE do not LOCK it.  It is very helpful to us that SEARCH and do not start new similar topics of discussion!

    Thank you.   Keep the comments coming.
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  • Hi bare with me I'm new to this forum.
    Sciatica Pain unbelievable.

    I am a 62 year old male and a few months ago passed out and as I fell twisted before I hit the floor on my right butock.
    about 2 weeks later I had back pain in my lower back and  butock and assumed it was a bit of bruising.
    However this pain become more and more severe as the days passed and moved down my left leg. Hurt if I walked for 10 min hurt if I sat for 10min.
    the pain got progressively worse to a burning sensation down my leg into my ankle.
    i visited my GP carried out the examination to my ability and was told I had siatica. Prescribed me some pills and sent me on my way.
    The pain became unbearable and I usually have a high threshold to pain but this was taking me over. Couldn't drive as I couldn't press the clutch without feeling physically sick and felt like passing out.
    I returned to my GP after waiting 2 weeks to get an appointment which got me down. He increased my dosage and gave me authorisation to source physio.
    I take 60mg of codeine 4 times a day. 500mg of Naproxen 2 times a day and 20mg of Amitriptyline at night..
    12 weeks on I have just been sent for a MRI scan (waiting on results 2 weeks)
    4 sessions off physio exercise routines that I could manage, hot and cold packs on my back.
    My back pain has reduced but the pain in my leg and shin are excruciating. Depressed because I feel the pills are not helping and I'm suffering side effects of them. Don't get any relief from the pain other than the odd 5 mins here and there.
    I am an engineer and work 12 hour shifts and on my feet the majority of this time and the company I work for are pressuring me to return to work.
    I lay in bed at night tears in my eyes wondering when the pain will go away it frustrates me and makes me angry and wish that someone could just give me an injection to kill the pain or something.
    WIaiting on my MRI scan not knowing where I go from here. I have never suffered from anything like this before and anybody out there feeling the excutiating pain I'm currently in has my deepest best wishes in a speedy recovery.
  • tjlazerttjlazer TacomaPosts: 137
    edited 06/21/2019 - 11:22 AM
    MRI results will show what is going on and in what direction you and your Dr can go.  Are you seeing a Neurosurgeon yet? I wasted 1 year because mine looked "fine" when in fact it was not and it took the expertise of the Neuro Surgeon to determine I had more issues than a "mildly herniated disc"  Wasted time doing injections, PT, Chiro and diets as it got worse to the same level as you.
  • Hi GMARSH, 

    Im wondering if you got back the results of the MRI and what they showed. Have you gotten any better since your last post? Tomorrow will be 5 weeks for me of this pain and it is really a roller coaster, some days are worse then others. Today is one of the bad days. 

  • Hi. I suffered sciatica pains for a couple months with very bad nerve pains and finally someone recommended acupuncture. After 4 sessions I have been able to walk properly and 90 percent of the pains have gone. 

  • I went through hell with a disc herniation and S1 nerve root pinch, I was crippled and unable to move for a few weeks, then unable to stand up or walk for 3 months.  I had never been through so much pain and anxiety, never taken so many drugs.  After 3 months of research I found a method for reeducating my body and re-learning to move through simple body weight exercises.  Perhaps it was the right time as 3 months had already passed, but I can really say the exercises saved my life and got me back to health.  2 years later I still have no pain at all - I'm even back to surfing and kitesurfing as before.  In case anyone is interested I've shared my experience and pictures on backpaintraining (dunno if I'm allowed to mention this here). If you have disc herniation like me, keep the faith, be patient, and check out PT.  You will get better.

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