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Muscle relaxer



  • yeahh i mean the half life of zanaflex is short which has its ups and downs.. but i agree that im not gonna walk in and straight up ask.. i just heard a success story about it.. and i am sketchin even asking for pain medicine.. idk what to do i see him in 2 weeks and it sucksssssss lol i appriciate your adivce you guys are life savers!
  • SCSoccer911 said:
    I have been on pretty much every sketeal muscle relaxant in the pharamcy. recently i have developed muscle spasams along with nerve pain a i was perscribed zanaflex.. it took the edge off but no releif.. since i have used most sketal muscle relaxants.. should i CNS relaxants liek valium or somthing?? also sleeping is impossible.. my aunt was perscribed it after she had her c-4 vertebre fused and said she had great success.. i am skeptical but desperate.. I am young too so i am not sure how to ask my pain management doctors about switching medications without him questioning my condition? anyone else have a problem like this? thank you!

    My pain management doctor will give me anything I want, because I have built a good repoor with him. when something is not working, i research anything new I want to try....then I run it by him with the benefits I have read about. If I need to up the dose on my meds, he does it no problem, because last time I upped the dose was over 6 months ago, his only reply was "I was surprised you didn't ask sooner"

    He also noticed I get dermographism, so he gave me some hydroxyzine for the itching, and make the pain meds more effective by clearing out the receptors a bit.

    when I was having migrams with the season change, I just asked for imitrex...no problem.

    if you have a good repoor with your doctor, and he knows your not a drug seeker, he should have no problem with it.
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