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Horrible pain down leg, numbness in toes



  • Mike,

    My dr has not mentioned Lyrica. Is it expensive because it is still new? Is there another drug that is simmular I could try first?

    Wow the steroid injections made things worse?? I am so glad I cannot have those shots! It sounds like it is really painful when they inject it and most of the time they dont even work for long. Steroids usually just "cover up" the problem.


    1. I was on many anti- inflamitory meds. I have tried ibuprofen 800mg 3x day until my stomach couldnt handle it anymore. I also tried tramadol, indomethacine, melioxicam, naproxen, and clebrex. Some caused problems with my stomach or did not seem to help. However the reason they may not have worked well could be because my previous dr wanted me to rely on them and had me on a super low dose of percocet. The 5 mg of percocet and those pills listed above did not help at all.

    I have used soma off and on for years with my back problems. I will ask my dr for an rx to see if it helps. Is there any nsaids that are easy on the stomach?

    2. I did p/t a few months ago for about 5 weeks with no sucess. I do try to get up and walk a little each day even if it is extremely painful.

    3. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try and see if they help. Although it is very difficult to get off the floor. Any suggestions/ tricks to make it easier?

    4. I was using ice but my p/t told me after the first few weeks of the initial injury it wasnt going to help much so I stopped. He told me to use heat. I was using heat which did help at least temporarily but now I am wearing the fentanyl patch I cant use it anymore. I will try ice again.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. It is really hard to deal with. I have been in constant pain for about 8+ months now! It is starting to wear on me now. It is hard not being able to take care of my family. My neuro said I was a good candidate for surgery so hopefully it will be soon!


  • 1. As far as NSAIDS go by definition they can be bothersome to the stomach. You have some very high dosages there at 800 mgs. I have had much better success with sodium diclofenic but at a dosage a 50mg tab 3x a day. I have a meal with it all the time and good to try and move if possible right after you have it. You may want to try lower dosages as far as stomach goes.

    Soma was great for me when I was really bad. I suggest you get back on it and see if it helps.

    For many Lyrica or Neurotin have been live savers. I did not find them helpful. They do take time to work but they are not expensive. Ask your doc about them. In your case you should be working all three angles given so much pain.

    2. In that much pain that you can not walk you probably should not do much other than things you could do from bed and walk. Look on the site and see if exercises like mini-cobra can be helpful.

    3. I would try and do these exercises in bed first. If walking is that painful. most of the ones on this site can be done in bed.

    4. I disagree totally with your PT. I may be wrong but I believe he is talking about more traditional injuries. I still use it and have success with both.

    I have found the combination of ice/heat works wonders. It must be placed on the back not the other places you are feeling the pain but at the center of the pain which sounds like lumbar area.

    You have to keep getting the inflammation down which ice is the natural answer. Than the heat will put back in the blood to help in the healing. But you also need to do some form of movements to work it. Mobility is so important in the healing process.

    May I ask are you bed ridden? Any trouble with controlling bowel movements? Numbness or loss of feeling anywhere? These are signs that mean you need more immediate attention.

    I know you do not want to hear this but I think you should talk to your doc and reconsider the epidural. Steroids have the wonderful effect of bringing down inflammation if only temporary. I am not sure in your case though.

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  • My dr decided to up my fentanyl patch to 50 mcg/hr. He wants me to see my neuro from now on for pain management.

    1. I was only on 800 mg of the iboprofen, the others nsaids my doses where around 25 mg 2-3 times a day. I will ask the neuro about Lyrica when I see him the 23rd.

    2. Thanks I will look and find some exercises I can do in bed. I have been trying to do the cobra, that is the half push up type thing right? It used to help a great deal but now I just find it extremely painful. I am still trying though.

    4. I will try ice again. I am pretty much bed ridden. I am only able to walk a little each day and the rest of my time is spent in bed. I can't sit without aggrivating the pain even worse so my dr said I am not allowed to sit anymore. I do not have trouble with bowl movements at this time. The only numbness I have is in my toes however I have noticed lately the whole foot has become more tingly. My dr said I have foot drop now.

    I am unable to have steroids except the oral steroids I take on a daily basis to live and regulate my blood pressure/electrolytes. I had Cushings disease a had/have a pituitary tumor. My body was mass producing its own steroids. I had 2 pituitary surgeries that where unsucessful so they had to remove my adrenal glands to stop my body from making the high doses of steroids. Since I still have a pit tumor and part of the adrenal the surgeon missed there is always a possibility I could get the disease again. So I need to stay away from those type of steroids because they could potentially start something up.

  • Just a side note re: steroid injections...

    Have you checked with your endocrinologist about the injections? The steroids (usually Solu-Medrol) used in the injections usually only have a local effect (i.e. only on the area injected) and its rare to have systemic effects from them. Most are limited to only 2-3 per year.

    Many, many people do find benefit from them. They will not "fix" your problem but maybe you can find some relief until surgery (or whatever your NS decides) so that you can improve your quality of life. Personally, I had very temporary relief from the first one and the 2nd one seemed to make things worse (who really knows?) but I followed it shortly with another round of oral steroids and that seemed to do the trick (this was not the typical thing to do but we were trying to help/stop the progression of neuro symptoms). I still have numbness in my leg, foot & toes but I can function because I have less pain.


  • I have DDD and had a L5-S1 herniated disc with a tear and the nerve was in contact with the left exiting L5 nerve. It's still painful for me in my back but have found the epidural injections helped somewhat and Cymbalta seems to help with the numbness in my foot and leg though not completely. I thought Cymbalta and Lyrica weren't covered on my drug plan but they do make exceptions. I hope you have less pain and more answers soon. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Hi Missy,

    I tried to read everyones responses to you but since I just took something to help me sleep, I think I may have missed some things. If I ask anything that you have already answered, I apologize.

    Have you contacted a pain management doctor, or is the neurosurgeon the one administering your meds? If you haven't seen a PM doctor, I highly recommend doing so. I had to wait a year before my insurance would cover any visit to the doctor for my back at all, because of "pre existing condition". It's such nonsense, the insurance companies are just horrible.

    I take Lyrica & Metanx for my horrible leg nerve pain. Mine appeared post op but at first I not only had leg pain but burning and then numb feeling in the top of my foot and big toe. The Lyrica & Metanx have helped tremendously. They may help you as well. The Metanx has worked for diabetic people who had complete loss of feeling in their legs. My doctor gave me savings cards for both Lyrica & Metanx... so even if your insurance won't cover it, ask your doctor for these coupon savings cards. The Lyrica one can be reused for a whole year and each time your payment cannot surpass $25. It's pretty awesome.

    One other thing I would recommend is keeping on top of your doctors for info. If they say they will call you back within a certain time frame and you don't hear from them, pick up the phone and bother them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease... I know from experience.

    I hope things start improving for you. It's not fair to have to live in such discomfort.
  • I occasionally had lower back pains for 10 years caused by lifting a heavy object. The right leg sometimes tingled and twitched... The original cause may have been sitting for years on a wallet in the right rear pocket.

    One day my right leg suddenly lost all feelings and controls and I was in excruciating pain from the lower back down to buttock, leg to toes. I had no control or feeling on the right leg. The pain was so bad I could not stand or walk.

    I went to primary physician, had an MRI, diagnosed with probabale stenoses between L3,4 and 5. Was prescribed pain killers. Dr. said if pain doesnt go away, treatments would prgress to steroid injections and eventually surgeries. I continued to have lots pains with varieties of medicines. I could not sleep, could not carry an object the weight of a phone book without a lot of pain.

    After putting up with the pain for 7 months, I got fed up and went to an MD, an internist with trainings in osteopathic, chiropractice, accupunture. His manipulations of the spinal collumn got rid of most of the pain after 3 visits. It's amazing how he can feel the areas of pain along my spine by touch with his fingers.

    Now I can walk and carry heavy objects without pain but still have DROP FOOT problems. I can control the pull up of my foot and toes to a limited degree. The Dr. prescribed a strap to pull up the ball of the foot and toes as I command it to rise.

    I bought the $250 THUMPER massaging machine on eBay for my back and leg/foot. Seems to help a great deal.

    I have not but am starting to do excercises to strengthen my back, to restore control to my foot/toes and to fix the DROP FOOT problem.

    There is hope with the right treatments and exercises. Take care of your pains as soon as you can and dont give up.
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