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does this ever make you mad....

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Pain Management
Just thought I would post this, not sure if I am the only one.

so here I am in tons of pain, taking way to many meds and still hurting. Then I watch people come walking into pysical therapy all smiles, bending over, jumping around, talking on their cell phone....while I am half the days using a cane just to get around.

once I talked to my doctor he said "thats all the people that are on workers comp, its amazing what a recovery they make when worker comp runs out, or we take the drugs awaay from them"

Theese are the people that screw it up for all of us with serious problems, just wasn't sure if I was the only one this pissses off. My private insurance pays my bills, and I cover all my co-pays... and here they are abusing the system and getting free drugs so they can abuse them...grrrrrrr


  • Unfortunately, there are "abusers" everywhere. For every legitimate case (whether it be pain, WC, disability, food stamps, unemployment benefits and so on) there are at least a dozen who are manipulating the system(s).

    This is going to sound trite (and I apologize), but try to focus on YOU. Nevermind everyone else and their agenda. YOU are what's important. YOUR agenda.

    Once I did that, I became more relaxed in my own story and am concentrating on the perfect ending.

    Good luck!
  • that should read, EVER MAKE YOU MAD....grrr wont let me edit it. LOL

    I do try to only pay attention to myself, but when congress starts talking about banning narcotic pain meds becuase of the abuse..it upsets me greatly, because a ton of people truly need this.

    ( Mav - Hope you don't mind - I just fixed it for you... ! jeaux
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  • Years ago, when my problems first started up, I was a work comp case. I hated the way I was treated, no one took me seriously, I was given meds, PT, light duty, but the problem was never addressed. I was finally told that if I didn't do this type of work (UPS), I wouldn't suffer. I left the company only to suffer another injury at home. I was sent to a private specialist who diagnosed my problem within a few expensive test. DDD True, I didn't suffer like I did working for UPS but I was also told that the years of hard labor took it's toll on my spine. So which came first? I found work that was still physical but not as heavy and a few years later suffered a herniated disc from moving something heavy at work. I refused to claim work comp. I told the doctor that I had injured myslef working in the yard at home. I was terrified of the less than par treatment from the work comp doctors.
    I did know of people who abused the system and I think that it will come back to those people. All we can do is focus on us and not worry about those who basically steal.
  • Maverick,

    I find this post offensive to say the least. As a work comp patient battling over and over again for proper medical treatments having to use the courts just go get medical coverage authorized. In your perfect world of being able to use your private insurance and although you may think we get stuff free it comes at a heavy price. We don't get to choose our doctors they are chosen for us. They tell us where to be when to be there and that is the end of it. If you don't show you will loose your coverage and have no remedy. My mother just recently passed and yes I had to in the middle of making funeral arrangements go see my doctor. No canceling allowed. Any person who is under work comp and has a sever injury is pushed to the maximum limits emotionally. I would do almost anything to be using my private insurance and not have to wait 3 months for a court hearing so I could get the proper medical treatment. While I am insured privately I can't just go and use my private insurance to get the help I need as it is against the law. So as in all things there is some scamming the system but before you lump every work comp person in that I think you need to check your facts. Also to make it clear there is no doctor patient confidentiality in the world of work comp. For that matter there is not rights period. Your entire life is up for scrutiny. I wouldn't be sitting here with 5 spine surgeries behind me permanent nerve damage and more surgery in my future if in the beginning I wouldn't had to fight so hard to see a doctor. Sorry but I really hate it when someone just makes a blanket statement and has no idea about the truth. Quit frankly whatever place you are at and someone disclosed that another patient was on work comp, you should run from them. That is the very stigma that is attached that causes many work comp patients to end up in the system longer as everyone works harder trying to disprove the injury than fix it. In your private insurance you aren't made MMI or have to go through testing, such as a FCE to see if you are qualified to do the job. You have no worries that your employer or any potential employer now has access to your medical files either. You will never have to disclose your surgery or injury to anyone but yet all work comp patients do, as it is a matter of law. You also don't get rated with disability ratings either in private insurance. I am actually wondering how if your in so much pain you had were able to notice the other patients in your physical therapy? When I go to therapy my concern is for me not who else is in the room. We focus on my issues and what will make me stronger and more active. I could care or less about any other person in the therapy. I don't know there underlying medical conditions or where they have been or what treatments they have had. I know where I have been and what I have gone through and that is all.
  • I don't think he meant the legitimate patients; only the ones who are filing claims when they shouldn't be.

    But if I am wrong in saying that, go get 'em girl!
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  • I got lucky 10 years ago. The doctor that said I'm sorry there is nothing we can do for your pain other than take you off work forever also said "you've had this problem all your life you just didn't know it". That gave me the out to go to my own doctors under my private insurance. It took me 10 years to finally see a real doctor that actually cares about his patients. Anyway, I text at the PT office too. I also laugh and have a blast, at least since the surgery. Before the surgery I just sat and read a magazine. If you hadn't seen me before surgery you would think I have no reason to be in PT. You would probably classify me as just another waste of workers comp. That disturbes me that a doctor would even say something like that. It really isn't his business to say anything, in fact it might even be a HIPPA violation.

    By the way the only thing that bothers me is people that bring their kids. It is no place for a child to be running around while mom and dad are getting treatment.
  • Seriously though, I understand all sides. We all know there are people out there that abuse the system. Unfortunately it just is what it is.

    Just because someone is on their phone, or smiling, doesn't mean they aren't in pain. Because I have kids, I have made it a POINT to try to keep a smile on my face, no matter how bad I am feeling. Which is pretty bad most of the time. I wouldn't jump to conclusions about someone who is smiling, not needing physical therapy or WC. Also, some of those people may be coming in for PT, but they are working, right? Or they may be coming in for their final exam before returning to work. We have no idea how they felt a week, or a month ago.....

    However, I'm sure there are plenty of people just "going for the ride" so to speak, that are perfectly capable of going back to work.

    I don't think mavrick was necessarily saying everyone on WC is taking advantage. I do understand how those on WC could be offended. But you guys know you truly need(ed) it, and thats all that matters.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone with my post. Just wanted you to know that someone agrees with both of you. :o)

  • Maybe all those smiley, bending over, cell phone talking people just work harder in PT and on their recovery in general than the people who come into therapy week after week, dragging their canes, with grumpy faces, and full of complaints about the unfairness of it all.

    Stupid stereotypes apply in both directions.

  • BionicWoman said:

    Stupid stereotypes apply in both directions.
    I agree that would be like saying people with dog avatars are smarter than people with cat avatars! Just because people are smiling and happy does not mean they don't deserve the care they are getting.

    There was a guy at my PT place that had 3 surgeries on his arm. Once after an accident and two more times when his tendons kept detaching from where they belonged. The guy would scowl while doing the stuff that hurt, but the rest of the time he was laughing and telling stories. Same guy had lost his 16 year old son the year before in an accident. You could see the sadness in his eyes when he mentioned it, but, he did not hold it and would soon be laughing and telling stories again.

    For a doctor to even state that the patients in question are or are not on workers comp is a breach of federal law and just plain in bad taste.
  • that is really wrong for you to say that people on worker's comp are abusing the system. which i'm not sure how that is possible anyway. it's not possible in TEXAS for sure. if you're not injured, you don't get treatment. i have two herniated disc's L-4 L-5, disc degenerative disease, nerve damage and severe arthritis due to a work related injury that i have been dealing with for over 4 years now. i am on worker's comp and have been in and out of physical therapy, aqua therapy and steroid injections and facet injections. i need back surgery now, but im really scared. just because other people in PT seem to be happy and you're not....doesn't mean they are on worker's comp and they are abusing it. your dr or therapist had no right saying that to you or anyone else. get your facts straight. if your not getting the treatment you need, then get a new doctor and quit worrying about other people.
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