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Confused... Need some advice.



  • You need to get a copy of the pain contract that you signed,so you know what it says about your pain meds if i were you i would ask for a copy of the contract,i had to sign one to with my pcp,i was sent to a pain doctor they made me sign a pain contract,i already had one signed,so i refused to let them test me,if my primary doctor wants to test me i would let them,i think in my contract,it says you are supposed to take you pain meds as prescribed,it isnt fair they did that to you,i would suggest you fine a new doctor....
  • I doubt that the PCP is going to answer any questions in writing because that it putting them on permanent record and it seems to me that the reason that you tested "negative" is because of the threshold of the test they used. If you could find out the brand, you may be able to find out what the threshold is online. Be that as it may, you may need to again request your records, but instead of asking them to call you, call their office and ask if they are ready. If they tell they are not, ask why. If they tell you that you have to pay for the copies, ask them how much it is and send them a check. Do not give them cash for it. In the new request, tell them that you want a full copy of everything in your file, as I said before, making sure to include any urine testing, blood testing, results, reports etc, both done in the lab on premises and out of the lab on site. Be specific in what you want copies of. Tell them that you will pick them up on xx/xx/09 or 2010 as it may be now. That way, you have included any requested payment and let them know that you will be by to pick them up on a certain date.
    I think that there is something truly shady and you may have failed their test because of the threshold but they should have either offered you a blood test or sent that urine out for further testing/more sensitive testing. And yes, being that you were taking it, it would have shown up in your blood.
    The other possibility is that if you were taking the first med at 6 or 7 am and then went in at 1:30, you are beyond peak blood /urine levels, which means that it wouldn't have been picked up. By the way, a diluted urine is supposed to stop further testing right away since it considered an invalid sample.
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  • Your PCP has no idea how long perc's stay in the body. On the doses you describe averages are 12-36 hours, depending on liquid intake. You may want to have a lawyer write the PCP a letter and try to get the answers you need, or if your PCP is a member of a group practice they may have a patient advocate that you can contact, Good luck
  • The situation I find myself makes no sense to me either and it makes me sooooo angry. But it seems there is nothing I can do about it at this point.

    I do have an appointment coming up with a neurosurgeon.. which I had to call my PCP several times for an appointment.

    The practice my PCP works with, yes they are very paranoid. Urine tests even before any kind of pain medication. She told me because she was prescribing two a day she needed me to sign a contract. I believe that if she thought there was anything wrong she should have said something the first three neg test results, not wait till after I sign a contract and wait for the forth neg result which I'm sure she was expecting. I didn't see any big deal about signing a contract because I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong.

    I didn't get blood tests, and they didn't send my urine out for more sensitive testing... I'm sure the results from their quick test are in my records, probably just says.. negative.

    I feel like I was left hanging by both my PCP and my neurologist.. I had my MRI in April 09, had PT in June 09.. EMG Oct 09. The EMG came back that I have nerve damage, by then I was already off pain meds. Nice... and the pain is getting worse and worse everday.

    This is effecting my life in every way.. I can't even do simple things and it's so frustrating. I went to the grocery store the other day and had to hurry because I knew how much worse the pain was going to get, and the pain I had was making it impossible for me to concentrate...
    I've been snapping at my family for things I normally wouldn't.

    Thank you for the encouraging words... I'm hanging on the best I can.. even though I feel like I'm losing my mind at times.
  • I did ask for a copy to be sent to me but they ignored my request. I can't even bring myself to go there personally to ask.... I'm not very personable right now, how I feel.. can't concentrate. There is no way I am in any shape to have a verbal sparing contest with my PCP or her staff.

    I'm looking into getting a new PCP, there just are so few in my area that take my insurance. I had to get referrals from my current pcp, I didn't want to start over, you know?
    Getting the referral for the neurosurgeon was like pulling teeth.. I actually had to get a community support person to call my PCP for me.

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  • You are soooo right !!! They will never answer any questions in writing. Because they know they were wrong. I've written to them before because of something else and got a letter back. This time, nothing.

    I don't even think I'm going to bother getting my records.
    I have all test results that were done at my local hospital, and that is how I know that they never sent urine samples to the lab for further more sensitive testing.

    I took one 5mg the night before... and one right before I was tested because I had been waiting so long for my appointment that the pain was getting too much. Unfortunately, it still didn't show up in my urine.

    Diluted urine... I know, it shouldn't have even been excepted, that is why none of this makes sense to me. I would think that if my PCP had any reason to believe I wasn't taking my meds or I was diluting my urine intentionally she would have said something the very first time. But No...

    Thanks Sandi
  • My PCP told me the first time she gave me percocet that she doesn't like to prescibe narcotics, matter of fact she told me that everytime. At one point she told me to have my neurologist follow up with anything concerning my back and she said this as she was handing me a prescription.

    My neurologist didn't see it that way though... he called her and told her that it would be a good idea if she prescribed another dose for me.

    Next appointment with my PCP, she asked me to sign a contract... the following appointment was with a PA and she told me that, my urine was neg for opiates and they could never ever prescribe me medication again. I was in shock, didn't know what to think..

    I thought about getting a lawyer, but I figured that I won't really get the best advice there. Besides, I need medical help more than I need legal help at this point.

    I just can't understand how a Doctor, can let their patient suffer pain needlessly. Especially since I've done everything she said..

    I don't know...
  • You have the reason that you tested negative /below their tests threshold right in your post above . One 5mg tablet the night before and one just prior to your getting tested. The one right before the testing didn't have time to build a blood level/urine level. The secondary problem is most probably the threshold/minimum amount of a medication that it will pick up was most likely too high , so you tested negative. The only way that it could have been corrected was to have a blood test done.
    As far as the diluted urine- that is an automatic stop as far as proper drug testing goes. In a court, it would be an automatic fail, but this isn't a court. My husband does drug testing all of the time and the standard of care is diluted means no further processing of the urine.
    Seems to me that someone is doing the testing without knowing the proper procedures for it, and the doctor isn't that familiar with it either. The threshold of the test is another factor.
    I truly think that you need to seek out a new PCP.
    And keep demanding your records. You want to see what is put in them before you go see someone else.
    You can request a correction or an inclusion/explanation placed in the file but the office can refuse but they have to provide you with an explanation as to why they will not include it in your file.
    Good luck,
  • I will also say that I take 4 to 6 15mg pills of oxycodone daily. I am tested monthly, if I'm given a regular drug screen it comes up negative. I have to be given a oxy specific test. I asked about this at my last visit, the doc told me that the reg screen was to make sure I wasn't taking anything I wasn't supposed to, and that when they are testing to make sure I'm taking the meds I am given a oxy screen as oxy doesn't always show in a broad drug test. Like I said before your doc has no idea of the half life of the drug, how it builds and remains in the body, and perhaps not even which test to use. I have a friend who is a doc, she told me that doctors recieve no training on medications, that is what pharmicists are for. That blew my mind, the docs prescribe meds but basically rely on drug reps and the pharmacist to make sure they are giving the right drug. Either find a way to talk to your doc or get a new one. Good luck
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