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Say What? Revision

monibmmonib Posts: 102
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:40 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Ok...I was carrying some things to my car at work and I backed up to the door to open it with my hind end...the metal push bar must has hit me just right because I was shocked like never before. I couldn't move my leg, my foot, or even stand up. I had to wait for the cycle to go off all the while thinking this is the longest minute of my life. It hurt so bad I knew something had to be wrong. I get home sit down to tie my shoe....bam...same thing again...this time I rolled on the floor trying to find a position to move the lead off the nerve paralyzing me but to no avail. Finally cycle off and get the mag. and turn it off. Saturday rep meets me and connects the programmer...the minute the stim come on paralyzed again.
After her talking to the doctor they decided to leave my back leads off until revision and move the leads high. Where they are right now effects my legs too much. I tell you the next three weeks will be murder without enough pain meds and no stimulator. Can't double up on meds or I will run out too soon. Called doctor and he is out of the office today...wouldn't you know? Now I am worried that I will be in all this pain...maybe he will call me back tomorrow...he has to know how much pain I am in if the rep called him and told him what was going on....Right?


  • Do you have the permanent SCS installed or are you going through the SCS trial right now? If you have the permanent one, at what level are your leads? Mine are at T-10 and they provide coverage to both my legs and my lower back. What kind of stimulator you have? Is it a Medtronics? Sorry for all of the questions, but I am trying to help. Take care,

  • Sorry to hear that you have done some sort of damage to your SCS. That's one of the risks that comes with feeling better, doing something without thinking about what it could possibly do. I ripped my anchors loose by doing Yoga and had to have a revision done last April and the week after that was done I had one lead drop off. After running diagnostics and taking x-rays, it was found that one of the lead wires was loose and pulling out of the IPG. So I wound up with two revisions in two weeks. It happens.

    Definitely contact your doctor personally to discuss the plan. Reps are great and can relay information, but like anything else, there can be errors in translation. Let your doc know your pain med status and your fears. It will be a lot more difficult for him to get your pain back under control, if it is flaring out of control before the revision.

    Keep us posted on your status.

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  • I have coccyxal leads that were to help in the pelvic area but are working down the legs. Each time I have gone in for re-programming they have moved up the lead on which contact to use. They can't move any further up so the revision was in the plan to begin with....but when I broke the lead by opening a door with my back....that was a shocking experience literally. A simple thing like backing up to a door and pushing broke the lead when I have done so many other things that were worse. I am afraid that the revision will start my 8 weeks all over again and as a single mother that 8 weeks of nothing is hard. As for the meds. I was able to reduce my meds down to once a day with the perm. stim. and now I hurt all day long. My primary doctor won't write a script and the PM doctor did write a script for me to have 2 a day...that just isn't enough to cover the pain I am having...and of course insurance isn't in any hurry to approve anything so moving up the date of the revision isn't even an option. GRRRRR I thought I had my life back and here we go again.
  • I'm sorry to hear you broke your lead, just kind of reinforces my thoughts on why I needed to keep some level of restrictions in place at work. you never know when something is going to happen.

    My doctors have done the same thing to me in the past with pain meds, it almost feels like your trying to get something and everytime you touch it they pull it away from you, as they scream, nah, naaaah, nah, nah,nah,nah! X(

    I hope the time till your surgery passes quickly and the leads are placed better this time.
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