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Problems 3 months outta surgery

Christina69CChristina69 Posts: 534
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I had a second L5-S1 fusion in October '09 and just recently Ive started having sharp pains in my back in the middle most often on the right side. These are the kind of pains that take your breath away or make you scream out loud. Its been happening at times when I go to make small movements and it just floors me. Its been getting worse all the time.It doesnt feel muscular but instead almost feels like something is being pinched back there. I do have what was a minor bulging disk last time it was checked but they said then they wouldnt touch it unless they really had to do to how painful the surgery was.
Has anyone else had this happen?


  • I had those "take your breath away" spasm pains. It was due to spondylolisthesis (vertebrae not lined up properly). Once I had my fusion this past Nov. its gone, due to the hardware stabilizing the spondy part.

    I would check with your Dr. Sometimes nerves, etc are disturbed during the surgery, they can still bother you months later. Call and let the Dr. know what is going on. Best of luck, Lisa
  • hi christina
    i wish you didnt have this added trouble. even small bulges can give big pain. if its really bothersome you might check out radio nucleoplasty. its considered conservative treatment for bulges.

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  • Hi Christina,

    My 2nd fusion L4-L5 was a few days after yours and I have had the same type of JOLTS in the thoracic (mid back) area after both surgeries. The best explanation I had gotten is that the other areas of your spine are picking up the slack for the fused area. For me, I also have T10-T12 bulging discs which doesn't help.

    I get the spasms (yes, you will scream out loud) mainly when I sit for more than a few minutes. Muscle relaxers will help to some extent, however, I am getting more relief recently by some new PT that is addressing the area. Feel free to PM if you want more details. I am sorry you are experiencing these new pains and hope you get some relief soon.

  • Christina, I'm also sorry to hear about your painful
    'spasms'. I've had it happen one time since surgery... about 2 weeks ago. I also had spondylolisthesis and I'm terrified that it's either that again or it is my 2nd herniated disc that we didn't work on. I emailed my uncle who is an ortho and he told me that pains like this can be common even after fusions. The fact that the pain is less severe & less often is a good thing, and to just keep taking it easy and healing.

    I hope your pain episodes gradually taper off.
  • Still having the 'spasms'. They havent let off at all. I dont know what to do. I've been doing the hot/cold therapy constantly with no avail. I called the PM doc and got no call back on Friday. Sometimes I can hardly get up outta bed.
    I'm so tired of having the surgeries only to feel worse afterwards. Especially this time.
    You know, you just get tired of being in pain on a constant basis. I dont think Ive had a pain free day in years.
    Noone understands how tired I am. They look at me like Im lying about my how much pain Im in cause ' I couldnt possibly be in that much pain so far outta surgery'.
    I dont know what to do unless I contact my surgeon and ask him to do another MRI to make surre nothing is wrong back there.

    UGH!!! I'm sorry for venting, Im just getting depressed and fed up with everything.
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  • do not apologize for venting-us spineys have to stick together-it sounds like a good idea to call your surgeon-could he change your meds?Come on,talk to us!Jeannie
  • I say vent away. I know sometimes friends and family have no clue what this is like and frankly they get tired of hearing it anyway. I hope you get some answers and quickly. It sucks to be worse off than you were before.

  • Gwennie once told me that she just tells other people that she is "OK". Works well.

    Hope that you are able to touch base with your PM doc, Christina...

  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033
    hey Christina,
    Others here including myself know what you are feeling. Venting your frustration is a good thing, holding it in only makes matters worse. You have just been through a major spinal surgery, I know how we wish we could get back up to speed as soon as possible but be patient with your recovery. For me it was almost a year before I felt that I was functioning at my new "normal" level. Pain and discomfort continually definitely saps our energy level and ultimately leads to depression. For me diversion and setting goals that are easily attainable work for me.
    Wish you the best and take care,
  • when I go back to subbing,and generally get back to the real world,I will wear my brace-it is amazing the doors that get opened for you,etc.It is true what Sleeprgirl related-I just say I am healing very nicely,I appreciate you asking,and leave it at that. Some people really do want to know and will ask details(does it still hurt?Can you sleep?...)others ask as a courtesy,and that's it.I hope you get some answers and some relief--you always have us!!!!!
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