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headaches and hand weakness...

autumnjoyaautumnjoy Posts: 55
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
the pain in my neck just seems to be getting worse. i am having such a hard time keeping up at work (or anything for that matter!)

i often feel like my head is too heavy for my neck to hold up, like it's going to break off or something.

i've also been getting alot of headaches, which i've never had before, and i'm assuming is coming from my neck.

my hands are also an issue. i don't think it's arthrtis is in my hands, but i cannot close my hands alot, or grasp on to things, it's like i can not make a fist. it seems worse in the mornings, and especially worse if i've over done it. i feel very weak.

does this sound familiar to anyone with neck problems? does it get better?

i've already had to cut back my days at work,after finally realizing and admitting, i just cannot keep up anymore.i am very unsure about my future right now.

i havn't made a signature yet: my conditions are osteoarthrtis of the spine, bulging discs throughout,and moderate biltaeral foraminal stenosis in my cervical spine.i was also previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,but am not positive it wasn't spinal problems the whole time, that no one ever caught?

can anyone share their experiences with me?


  • I can relate somewhat. I never had headaches with my cervical issues, but in the months leading up to my surgery, when I drove I had put my head back on the headrest because my head felt so danged heavy. I think that's common with cervical problems.

    Also, a lot of stuff can go on with hands with cervical issues.

    I had three herniated discs in my neck, and DDD and arthritis throughout my spine. I think the arthritis is worse in my lumbar, though.

    I'm sorry, I haven't read a lot of your posts so I'm unclear on your situation. Can you tell us your story? I assume you've had an MRI? What's being done to determine if you have cervical issues, how bad it is and what to do about it?

  • you can check out my signature to see that we are similar. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago, now my docs are saying it was cervical spinal problems.

    also, as far as your hands...here is a map that shows which parts of your body are impacted by which vertebrae.


    for me the pain in my hands felt like someone was pulling guitar strings inside my wrists and so my palm and fingers were pulled too tight on the inside...if that makes any sense.

    i would suggest going to your doctor and telling him/her of your symptoms so he can do diagnostic tests. before my surgery i had nerve conduction tests done and an mri which showed my spinal cord canal had narrowed.

    i wish you good health! my prayers are with you.
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  • thanks for responding.

    i went ahead and put some of my info in my signature.

    the doctor said i had moderate arthritis in my spine. he said it is pretty bad for someone my age (34).

    right now he is treating my symptoms, although i am still suffering alot. i feel like it's just getting worse.

    in your experience, how has it progressed? i would love to hear other's personal experiences.

    thanks again.... Autumn
  • thankyou so much for responding and giving me the link for the map of nerves.

    the report said my worst stenosis was at C5-C8, which definately correlates with the numbness and arms falling asleep feeling.

    would this also cause the symptom of not being able to close and grasp things with my hands?

    my neck and head hurt so bad, i'm having a hrad time holding it up. it feels like it wants to break off.

    thankyou for the prayers too, i pray the same for you........ Autumn
  • I'm glad to see that you have been to your doctor... but I know that sometimes that doesn't mean you are getting the relief you need!

    My head also feels heavy at times. When I'm home, I have a spot set up on my sofa with a heating pad so that I can put my feet up on my coffee table and lean back enough to rest my head/neck on the heating pad. When I am out with my kids or husband, I have to seek out places where I can sit against a wall so I can lean my head back and just rest it. It's like I can't hold it up after a while....

    I definitely feel the same as far as your hands. I just don't have the grip strength that I used to AND if I try to pick up something that is heavier than say a gallon of milk, it hurts like heck! I can feel it pulling in my neck. I think for me that this is the hardware that I'm feeling against the bone...

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  • Hi
    I'm not sure if we have the exact same stuff, but I do suffer from headaches and hand problems.
    Most of the time the headaches feel like my scalp is tight and the nerves are aching, tight etc...And as far as my hands , well my left hand mostly on the ring and pinkie finger falls asleep easily in that spot down to my wrist. My right hand sometimes does the same. I also get pain down the back of my arm...So I guess it's my C7 / C8 area that affects my arm. Then it is c/5 to c/6 that affects my left shoulder/left side of my neck, left side front and back of my torso, hip, knee, back of leg, ankle down to my pinkie toe. My neurologist said its from the nerves in the neck that go down the torso...

    Also I do get pain at the base of my skull and neck and down the spine to the T1 and it radiates out on both sides to the shoulder blades. And I lay on my stomach and when my head twist to the right I get a pinch pain on my right side ...Twisted my head to the left and I get an ache in the other side...

  • i appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences.

    so i guess my biggest question is: have you noticed, since being diagnosed with spine problems, that they've gotten better or worse?
  • autumnjoy said:
    i appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences.

    so i guess my biggest question is: have you noticed, since being diagnosed with spine problems, that they've gotten better or worse?
    Worse. I mean there are good days and bad, but I started out with side of the neck , and shoulder , head pain when diagnosed and slowly developed the other pains I described.

    I hope for you it gets better... My doctor said I will be going through this for the rest of my life unfortunately.

  • you may be able to relieve some of your issues thru physical therapy to strenghthen to neck muscles so they can better support your vertebrae. I have that
    weak feeling too - and was given PT exercises.

    The PT makes my headaches worse but I'm hoping they
    eventually go away.

    I'm NOT a doctor - but this is merely a suggestion that was given by my own doc for my neck weakness.


  • After reading your post, I'm so scared I'll end up with another surgery. I've had back surgery and brain surgery, and forgot have to add crainoplasty surgery.

    I'm having neck pain,shoulder pain, and the pain goes down my arm into my fingers, sometimes just my thumb and fore finger and other times tingling in my other fingers. I have terrible migraines, but have migraines for years so I'm not sure if my neck is causing the migraines to get worse or not. I have an EMG this Thursday to see if there is any nerve damage.

    I had a micro disectomy two years ago for my back L4/L5. The sciatica was terrible, well now the sciatica pain in my left leg has returned, but not anything like before my back surgery it's enough to drive me crazy and hurt but not enough to go back to the neuro surgeon. I don't know what the answer is for my neck.

    I have a history of Epilepsy, a couple of months ago I experienced this weird burning smell now the neurologist tells me it was probably a seizure no doubt, just gives me one more thing to worry about. I have been seizure FREE since my brain surgery back in 2002 and I can't imagine going through having seizures again. I dealt with them for over 25 years of my life. Sorry for my rambling, I'm just dealing with a lot of pain and just needed to vent I guess. Thank you for allowing me to :).

    God Bless,

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