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FEARS - What are they?



  • If he leaves you for something like this, I would say to heck with him. Come see me lmao. I am just kidding.
  • I have had one surgery and I'm about to have another. My biggest fears are; will this one really help or is it a temperary fix, will I be hear again in a few years, and I also fear the pain in the recovery period will the outcome be worth it?
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  • Hi, I'm new to this site & after reading all of your amazing posts I thought maybe I could add a little something.
    I'm 40 years old, I've been dealing with chronic pain & other disabilities since the near death auto accident I was in in 1984. I'm working on going in for my 40th major surgery. After you've had as many surgeries as I've had, I really don't have any fear. The reason for this is that I've put my trust totally in the LORD! Family members are fearful for me & I tell them not to be because the LORD is my protector! I believe if you go into a surgery with a positive mind set everything goes well!
    With all my medical problems & chronic pain, I praise God everyday for giving me another day to serve him. There are times I don't want to get out of bed & typing like now is super painful but I believe I'm here to show folks God's Amazing Love, His Grace & Mercy & His light!
    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this with you!
  • I'm almost three weeks out of my 2nd discectomy and I have a lot of fears right now! I have had a bad couple of days.

    Will I ever walk comfortably again?
    Will the numbness go away?
    Will I be able to sit for longer than 5 minutes?
    Will I be able to sleep comfortably again?
    Will the pain in my calf go away?
    Will I be able to swim again?
    Will I be able to hike again?
    Will I be able to bike again?
    Will I be able to return to work at the end of December/beginning of January without a great deal of pain?
    Will I live in fear?
    Will I be able to bear the physical strain of having children?

    Yes, lots of fear. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
  • I'm a newbie. I had a 3 level ACDF- c5c6, c6c7, c7t1.

    I'm two weeks post-op. I have a lot of fears and I don't think I will get straight answers from the NS whom I saw yesterday. It was a "let's wait and see" kind of approach and I go back to see him in a few weeks. The first week post op was pure HE**. Not to be re-visited ever again-I HOPE AND PRAY!!!

    Will I ever be comfortable to sit longer than 5-10 minutes without having to shift position?
    Will I ever walk without limping from pain?
    Will the numbness go away?(Will the nerves awaken?)
    Will I be able to deal with my nerve issues/numbness if it is permanent/non-reversible damage?
    Will I be able to sleep comfortably again? (A solid 7-8 hours)
    Will the strength return to 100% in my right hand?
    Will the numbness resolve itself in my right hand?
    Will the pain in my left leg go away?
    Will I be able to enjoy swimming with the nerve pain in my left leg?
    Will I be able to return to working without a great deal of pain?
    Will I live in constant fear of re-injuring the same area?
    Will I stop feeling guilty about complaining to my spouse about all my aches and pains?

    These are all things that run through my mind. I am home recovering from the surgery and have all this time on my hands. All the while I feel useless.

    I don't wish these thoughts and/or feelings on anyone. But it is comforting to know that I have found a community to voice my thoughts and fears.

    If you are at the end of this.....thanks for reading.

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  • Good Morning: I'm new to posting but not new to this site. I guess people would call me a "lurker?" Fear, first of all...I'm afraid of being afraid, that's how afraid I am of most all things including people. I don't like myself for being like this. I've been in different types of therapy to help overcome fear as well as other issues. Nothing has worked. So, about my pain. I don't remember a day of my life that I have been completely pain free. I have scolosis from birth. I have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren, live alone with my 12 y/o poodle. I have been alone due to divorce for well over 20 years and never lived with nor married anyone afterwards. I hurt my back in 1988 due to a work related issue. I tried to go back to work 3 times afterwards because I loved what I was meant to do in life. The Dr. pulled me out of work each time. After awhile my Mother's doctor told me that I had to make some kind of choice concerning the continious care of Mama so I packed up with my youngest son and I moved to help Mama which I had planned on doing but after 4 years she required lifting, etc. I made the decision that a Nursing Center was the best choice. So much pain in my back, hips, legs and panic attacks which I've had since I was 9 y/o Dx..PTSD. I applied for Disability which I've been on for years. I was a passenger in a truck which was rear-ended; the truck rolled 4 times on the Interstate. So, pain became SO much WORSE. Now, I can barely walk and have an issue with my shoulders and right arm and hand. I am losing the use of my right arm and hand with things flying out of my hand for what reason? The MRI says it's coming from my shoulder. The surgeon says that what needs to be done has only been done 3 times in the U.S. and he wouldn't recommend surgery because it's too involved. I've been told the same about back surgery years ago. I have had surgery on my knees but the wreck happened and I guess that undid what was done surgically. I see my Dr. once a month so this month I'm thinking of asking him for something for nerve pain for my arm, hand, legs and feet. What do you think?
    It's taken over an hour to type this as my pain level is out of sight. I thank anyone who is willing to help me to cope with these issues and others. God's Blessings to all.
  • You sound just like me. I am 31, and have three children. I live with a lot of what you go through also.
  • Hello,
    In entering change or surgery we all had similar questions and only time will tell in these previous capabilities will still be achievable, the key is not to live in that fear that stops you from progressing, nobody knows the answer to all our fears and apprehensions, only time will tell.

    Pain does not work to a timescale and for the most part it is the measure of how we adapt and cope with those changes that is important, some compromise may be inevitable, as said, stay positive and hopeful. In divulging our fears we are then best placed to adapt and address each one individually, pain is a journey within yourself and many here cope effectively.

    Take care… John
  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,778
    Would probabaly be just as accurate as our medical providers responoses/ Yes ... no .... maybe ... try again.


    OH OH OH and my favorite: YOU BETCHA!!
  • I want to thank you for responding to my post. I've had many surgeries of different kinds and it's been awhile. I'm really not as fearful of most situations but speaking honestly as I did in my first post was pretty accurate. I believe that in situations as we all face on this site, it's easier if you have some physical being to hold your hand. I'm not looking for a "love relationship" but wish that I had that years ago so things might be easier now. Oh well, such is life.
    Again, thank you for responding. Merry Christmas :)
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