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Savage right heel pain

HighwaymanHHighwayman Posts: 47
It has been awhile since I have posted so let me recap.
I Entered pain management in 2005 after six years of Chiropractic care for lower back pain. The pain went into the mid thigh of the rt leg then numbness and pain in the rt foot.
MRI showed DDD L4-L5-S1, much worse at L5-S1. After many shots and other treatments had a lami at L5-S1 to remove disk parts putting pressure on rt side nerves in Sept 07. Within six months the pain was worse than ever. After new MRI, discogram and CT it was determined to fuse L5-S1. The PLIF was done in Oct 08. The mind numbing pain was gone and the right foot numbness went away. The rt heel pain did not go away like the NS anticipated. I put up with the pain thinking it takes the nerves many months or years to heal. Most days I could have cut that foot off with a saw given the right push. Went to the NS many times about this. He agreed to remove the hardware from the PLIF but he said it would not help the foot. I had been having lots of issues with back spasms and pain on the right side where the hardware was in my back after the fusion. Again after many tests – MRI, Nerve study and CT Myelogram the NS took hardware out in Jan 10. The difference in my back is amazing. The spasms for the most part stopped and my pain level dropped from a steady 7 to 3-4.
The NS was right about the heel. The hardware removal did nothing for it.
He referred me to a Dellon trained Doc. He did many tests on both of my feet. The left was OK. The right heel is hyper sensitive. The rt big toe and adjacent toe are basically numb. The top of that foot in also numb. I did not realize the numbness due to the heel pain. The doctor determined that two different areas of nerves are being compressed. One at the outside of the rt leg just below the knee and the other on the inside of the rt foot just above the heel. He gives the surgery about an 80% chance of success. The only wild card is my back, since that is where the nerve roots are for that area. Plus L4-L5 is DDD with almost half of disk space gone but was not a pain generator during discogram done in 08.
So I have searched this site and others researching the Dellon method. This seams to be the last measure to take from what I read. I have tried Chiro, PT, PM, & vitamins to stop the heel pain to no avail.
Has anyone out there used a Dellon Doc?
What was your outcome?
Has anyone used another remedy with success for this type of peripheral neuropathy?
I would like to hear about it.
I have scheduled the surgery for March 25 and at this point would do it tomorrow if possible.
Please excuse my rambling but I want to hopefully make the picture clear to get good feedback.
Current meds- MS Contin, lortab, soma, zanaflex.

Thanks and God Bless,



  • I have not had the surgery yet, but need it done. Not sure what type of doctor you are using but I will be using a plastic surgeon who specializes in nerves injured in trauma. Depending on where the entrapments are depends on where the incisions are going to be made. When I last seen the surgeon he marked the markings on the leg as to the incisions he needs to get to them. I think all in all it is a total of 5 incisions from the knee down. Do you know which nerve they are doing this on? Mine is the common peroneal nerve both deep and below the skin, along with the tarsel tunnel nerve in the ankle. Now my nerves are actually damaged at those levels from a fall I took in 07 breaking my ankle and some damage do the knee. I have numbness up in my legs higher that will be a seperate surgery the entrapment happened when they took the bone graft from my iliac crest.
    Since I need more spine surgery, I want to do the spine surgery first to see how much of it goes away with it, before proceeding with the surgery. I will tell you the best part of that surgery and method is that you don't need to use crutches and can apply pressure that day. Since my injury is in the neck crutches just won't work. If you look at your emg study it should show the nerve they are going to release. They may label it peripheral nerve damage but the exact nerve should be listed. The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve and splits off at the knee. It was explained to me that lots of times when it is the peroneal nerve the entrapment is behind the knee itself. Also did they do a MRI of the nerve? Now for myself the mri wasn't needed as it shows clearly on the emg and the sensory testing, not to mention putting pressure on it can just about drop me to the ground. Do you have any numbness on the outside of your calf? If you know the exact nerve you can see more information on it via goggle. Like you the question is how much relief will i get having myelopathy under neath it all.

    I have lots of hope that it will take the burning out. I do know what burning you are talking about. I actually sleep with a frozen milk jug at the end of my bed so when the burning wakes me up, I can place my feet on it and get some relief. I also have night splints to wear to keep my foot in position to keep the pressure of the nerve. Anyway good luck with the surgery and please let me know how it goes. As you can see I have a lot of interest on hearing from someone who has actually done the procedure. Take care and maybe someone else will come along that has had the surgery.
  • I take Cymbalta and it helps with foot and leg pain for me. Before I took Lyrica and it helped somewhat. Hope you have less pain soon. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Good Morning,
    Tamtam, The doc to do the surgery is a plastic surgeon who also specializes in nerve entrapment issues and learned the particular surgery at Dellon institute. The doc may or may not have said which nerves at the knee he would be releasing but when he pressed at that point just at the top of the fibula I could have hit him. Yes the outside of my calf is numb to tingling. The nerves at the ankle are the plantar nerves feeding the heel. By the way I been to two podiatrists and had three injections to no avail. When he operates at the ankle he said he would check all the nerves at this point because it is not just the heel but spreads all the way up the bottom of the foot to the ball. Some days it like having a spike driven in the bottom of my foot. Most nights I have to prop my right up so it touches nothing in order to get relief. When I sleep I put my right foot over my left so it does not touch the bed to get to sleep. By morning it is better but when I shower the bumpy floor stars it all over again.
    I am praying the doc is right about getting relief this has been a long road. I will post about the surgery to let you know. This is the first doc to give me real hope to ending this killer foot pain.
    The doc told me I would be using a walker for a week or two because of the size of the incision at the heel. I will be out of work at least six weeks because I am on my feet all day on concrete.
    I have used Lyrica and Neurontin. The Lyrica had too many side effects and the Neurontin I have used up to the max dosage. I now only use 300mg 3 to 4 times a day. My PM doc gave me a sample of Cymbalta but after reading the side effects I thought I would not use it unless the surgery failed. The doc did caution like all do that it could be a long road for the nerves to heal.
    Time to go to work.

    God Bless,
  • George,

    One other thing did they do a 3D bone scan on that leg? Does the color of your skin look normal and is not swollen just and just pain? It sounds like from your description it is the peroneal nerve they are addressing. If I am not mistaken besides the emg study that showed it the doctor pressing on it and putting me through the ceiling is how they know it is localized and that is not coming from higher up. I also did the injections(nerve blocks), in the foot. They do help of a time being, but I have worn out the three I am allowed. Do you have issues with corners or driving. For example when I walk and need to turn I can't turn. The leg the nerve is trapped in won't let me pivot at all. I can't balance on it either. Now when I drive since it is the right foot I can't move from gas to break either, as that is part of the pivot motion gone. Like I say I will be following your progress on it and I like you have high hopes for the surgery.
  • Tamtam,
    No doc has done a bone scan on my leg. My skin looks normal and not swollen. There are days my arch swells flat with my foot but no one wants to say what that is about. As for the nerve issues in my leg and foot was it the chicken or the egg? I did not have foot problems until my back went south. Since the NS has said the nerve issues is not the back after the fusion the dellon doc (they know each other) is going on his tests indicating a double crush on the nerves in my leg and ankle.
    As for driving I hate to. My right heel has to rest on the floor to drive and that pressure hurts. Sometimes I have to take my shoe off and hold my foot up to get home after picking the kids up at school. I think also that bending the knee while sitting also causes my foot to be worse. Walking I tend to walk very flat footed to avoid the heel strike. I have right side SI joint issues that I hope will resolve with the dellon surgery. Most days I feel like a stork because if I am standing I hold my foot off the ground to relieve the pain. I tie my boot loose so that my heel is free not to touch inside while standing or sitting.
    The things we do sometimes.
    I look to March 25 I think more than the PLIF because at least pain meds helped my back but have little effect on this foot pain.
    God Bless,
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  • I had the Dellon surgery 25 March 2010. It lasted about 2.5 hours. The doc made three incisions. One at the right knee. one at the inside of the right foot above the heel about four inches long like a S, and one between the second & third toes. The doc was very encouraged with the procedure. The crushing of the nerves was very obvious and treatable. He said in most people they would have been on disability with this type of damage. I just had to feed my family, though I did little to nothing after work because the pain was 9/10. I am using a walker to get about. I have a followup in one week to remove the dressing which is almost 2 inches thick from the knee to toes which means only sponge baths, yuk. At present I cannot tell any difference the surgery made because of the dressing and surgical pain. Of course since this involves nerves I know that relief may be longer in coming. I'll just be encouraged by what the doc said.
    I will post as things change.
    God Bless,
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