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Had my 2nd Discogram 3/15...my experience

EMTgoneNUTZEMTgoneNUTZ Posts: 315
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Spinal Injections
After my 1st Discogram, I was EXTREMELY worried about having a 2nd, however since I have moved (from MI to FL) & have found my "Prince Charming Doctor" (lol), I went ahead with it. NOT NEARLY as bad as the first was. I was given Versed as soon as the IV was in place and the small bag of antibiotics was administered (I have anxiety issues and was chewing my knuckles, as I always do when anxious). The Versed helped me chillax some yet kept me completely coherent. Finally they took me into the procedure room, which was more of an OR setting than my last PM Dr's set-up. I was then administered more Versed, and then right before the Dr began the Disco., was given what I believe to be Propranolol (doing hospital rotations in the past for my Paramedic, I recognized the bottle & the milky color). This stung as it went in for a few seconds, and I was completely relaxed after that-again, still coherent, but not so worried. There WAS a lot of pain in all 3 discs, but 1 was MUCH worse than the other 2 (I believe the Dr said it was L4/L5). Afterward, whist in recovery, the Doc came in to see me and said he definitely found a tear in that disc because it took twice as much fluid injected before the pain was recreated, which told him it was leaking due to a tear. I was immediately sent for my CT, and while I haven't yet been able to pick up the CD of the images & the report, the tech that did the CT said it was blatantly obvious to him that there was, indeed a tear. (Doc that did the Disco. gave me 2 pix of the discs with the contrast in them...boy do they look messed up, esp L4/5 & L5/S1)

I've been in a LOT of pain ever since-the weird thing is that when I move, it now feels like "popping" in my back, almost like bone on bone-I dunno if that's "normal" for you all, but to me it almost feels as if that disk is now completely flattened, but I'm not gonna get all worked up over it yet.

I have an appt with Dr on 3/31 for my surg consult-he wants me to have surgery right away, but with my son coming for spring break, and my parents going away on a cruise, plus my Remand Hearing for SSDI/SSI on 4/8, I asked him if I could wait until after 4/9 when my parents are back so they can be with me in the hospital-Dr said "you can do this whenever you want to honey, no pressure, but I wouldn't put it off too much longer). My goal is to have the surgery in April so that when my boys are all here in FL for Summer, I'm not stuck doing nothing but laying in bed/recliner all the time as I have been for so long now. Even if I have to be in a brace, wheelchair, crutches, whatever-I will push my rehab so that I can enjoy the time with my boys while they're here from June-Aug! (He mentioned fusion but not how many levels-my old Dr in MI said I needed L2/3-L5/S1 fused but I don't think I need that many levels, perhaps L3/4-L5/S1, but again, have that consult on 3/31. Will keep you posted)

The Dr was surprised to find a tear because he told me that he expected if there was a tear, especially one as bad as he thinks this one is, that there would be no "good days" as I sometimes have where I can clean house, go shopping (with help, of course), etc., but then again he says to have put up with this plus fighting SSDI for nearly 5 years now-that must be I can tolerate pain better than he thought. Kinda nice to hear considering I think I'm a wimp most of the time.

Anyhoo, I'll keep you posted (as always).

Hope you're all feeling better now that the weather (for most of us, not all) is getting warmer, which always helps me (hence the main reason I moved to FL).

Take good care, my friends! :-)


  • I said Propranolol (which is a Beta Blocker), when I meant Propofol...sorry for the confusion. This is the first I've been able to sit long enough to be on the computer since my Disco. plus I just took a couple xanax to help me get some sleep (I haven't been sleeping well since the procedure, other than I did have a very nice 4hr nap today! Other than that, it's been an hour here, an hour there b/c if I move I get that popping feeling in my spine and the sharp pains that wake me up). I probably shouldn't type posts after I've taken xanax-it definitely doesn't help my spelling & I do tend to make mistakes, like this med. mistake here. ;-)
  • That's excellent news. Always good to nail down the real cause of what's going on so the doc can perform the correct surgery and proper treatment! Sorry you had to endure a discogram to get that, but like you said, you've been through so much already, that's not going to stop you.

    I think it's great that your boys are coming to Florida for the summer. I bet they will be thrilled to see you and spend some fun times with you. Who cares if you are in a brace, it just gives them something to tease you about and talk about. I'm happy for you!

    You make me smile thinking about how far you've made it in the last few months! You are blessed! You a truly blessed!

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  • Great news. Now that you and Dr know where pain coming from to can plan on attacking the pain.and being healed. Just take it easy and don't over do it when kids get home. I am still praying for ya

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