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What's wrong with me?

BkushnerBBkushner Posts: 3
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:43 AM in Lower Back Pain
A few times in my life I experienced back pain. Scenario would be me bent over getting something from a box or picking something up. Back would seize and I'd crumple to the ground in excruciating pain. After a few minutes I could work my way to my feet and I'd hurt like he'll for a day or so.

Well this past Wednesday the exact scenario happened. By Thursday I was feeling pretty good. Then Friday morning in my office I got up to get out of my chair and the pain hit. I crumpled right to the floor where I layed for 2 hours. I couldn't get up. I had to crawl across the floor and get my phone from a jacked that I could pull to the floor.

My brother came by and after a bunch of tries I was finally able to get into a chair. Doctor prescribed muscle relaxant and percoset. Once up both my legs hurt, the left more than the right. I took the meeds and got into bed. Sometimes eviler lying down I'd try to reposition myself my back would lock up for a few seconds in horrendous pain and then setlle down.

Today my leg hurts bad, buttock to foot sciatica type pain.

Needless to say I was scared to death lying helpless on the floor and the fact that this happened not lifting or bending but standing up from a chair has me worried.

Any thoughts on what this could be?
Needless to say this has scared the crap out if me. I was helpless lying on the floor and that's scary not to mention the most intense pain I've ever felt.

Any thoughts on what this could be


  • I would ask your Dr. for x-rays and MRI if it continues. Your leg weakness is a concern and your Dr. should order an MRI. If you collapse again I would seek urgent help. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • My legs weren't week they hurt like hell. The collapse was my back hurt so bad the only relief I got was face down on the floor.
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  • I hope the muscle relaxants help. Did your Dr. mention Physiotherapy or massage therapy? I've tried acupuncture with my Physiotherapist that helped also. Keep us posted how you're doing. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • First of All I would reccommend getting a MRI X-Ray and/or CT Scan ASAP.

    Now i have no legitimate medical training but i have and still do experience pain similar to what you are describing.

    The Intense pain and seizing could be from Nerve pinching/irritation. Iv had the same thing happen to me, where sharp pain shoots in your spine and down the legs. It happens to me because the discs and fluid between my spine are deteriating, causing the nerves between 2 vertabra to be squeezed and have extra presssure on them. This sends a jolt of pain through the mid to lower body and the pain is so intense it will make you seize up.

    It makes sense that it happened while sitting down and standing up right after(this is when its worst for me too) This happens because sitting down for long periods of time cause your vertabra to pinch down together and in general become more stiff, adding extra pressure between vertabrae. When you stand up or move in a certain way the nerve gets pinched or irratated(or both) causing the extreme pain.

    Now the percocet will just barely put a dent in this pain, and same with even stronger medications.

    I have found that the best and really only way to rid this type of pain is excercise. Its really true trust me.

    I would take a dose of you percocet, and begin to do some big movement excersices. I have found that kickboxing is the most effective with ridding nerve pain. Even if you dont have a bag, just do high thrusting knee blows, high kicks, roundhouse kicks, haymakers, and elbows. just get creative and mix them up.

    bike ride and/or fast walk does wonders

    Core strengthening excersices work really well also. Push-ups, the Plank, working with a medicine ball, etc.

    Also several minutes of stretching DAILY will help.

    If i dont consistently do a combination of these things throughout the week i get intense nerve pain and muscle spasms.

    But doing these excersices and stretching keeps the fluids in my discs effective, makes my spine less stiff and immobile, and strengthens my core/back.

    In fact ive been sitting at the computer for a while now and can feel the muscle spasms coming on, im gonna go excersice right now.haha.

    But really try it out, its alot of work but it will tremendously improve your life. At one point i was experiencing Sciatic pain daily for a week, and it was because i wasnt excercising enough. If i get sick and bed ridden thats when the Sciatic pain flares up, if i sit at a desk all day same thing. But ive been consistently working our for 4 months now and have had minimal sciatic pain.

    Let me know if this reply helped you or if you have any questions

  • Sorry for such a long post!

    Theres a lot of good info in there though
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  • Thanks for all the replies. Yes I spend a lot time sitting at a desk. Exercise I agree. However, right now I'm so scared to move let along exercise. I have anxiety about going down to the ground again. Won't exercise cause the problem?

    Wheni got up the pain was intense, but leaning on something like a Cain helped, it seemed supporting my upper body helped with the back pain.

    Once I'm up the pain seems to subside a great deal. It's just that horrible pain trying to stand up straight it takes your breath away.
  • Is this your first visit to the doctor for your back problems? Did you let him know you were having problems in the past? How long were you having problems?Typically they will treat it very conservatively in the begining and not order a lot in the way of diagnostic testing hoping that some rest will do the trick. Many times it does.

    With that said, it sounds like you may have been having problems for a while. If that is the case and you have been dealing with this for a while then if I can offer any advise it is this. Please push your doctor to become more aqressive in determining what is going on. Seek a referral to specialist for more diagnostic testing like others have recommended.

    Though it is important to find what works to help control the symptoms, ie meds, core strengthening, exercise, stretches etc. (You know the standard line. Talk to your physician before starting any exercise program.) You'll want to become aggressive in determining what is causing it as well and then take steps to correct it if at all possible.

    I wish I could just tell you what was wrong. It does sound like you need some good images looked at of your lumbar spine.

    Keep us posted!

  • Hi Bkushner and welcome to Spine-Health.

    With such intense pain and the fact that it's possible that it's a serious spine issue (not that it is, but that it's a possibility), please do NOT do any strenuous exercises until you see your PCP.

    Normal protocol in these situations is to see your PCP and tell him exactly what's been happening. You'll probably then be sent for spine x-rays and then depending on what they find, could send you for an MRI. That's when they'll start to see if something serious is happening and work with you on a plan to get your back taken care of.

    But the important thing is to get this thing looked at now. Falling and having such intense pain really requires medical intervention and if it turns out that there's a simple answer to getting you better, then great. But, if not, you could do something to make it worse if you take steps other than what a medical professional suggests.

    In the meantime, please, like I said, don't try any strenuous exercises, chiropractic treatment or self-diagnosis/treatment. What you've described needs to be seen, diagnosed and treated by a medical professional, which none of us here are. But we do know a bit about spine issues, and it sounds like you have a problem with yours.

    Take care and please keep us posted.
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