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  • I certainly did not see this coming. I hope that Gwennie can come back someday because I truly like her and respect her opinions. I always though she would be named an Authority because she has demonstrated so much knowledge, wisdom, and compassion to everyone and has given so much of herself. I'm sorry this happened.
  • Everyone deserves another chance.
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  • I found this under the Home heading.

    Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, highly informative and useful resource for understanding, preventing, and seeking appropriate treatment for back and neck pain and related conditions.

    This site has been developed by a multi-specialty group of medical professionals. It will be
    continually enhanced with new features, and we will base its direction and future developments primarily on your feedback (please see contact us) to send in your suggestions.

    So my guess that the site is owned by Dr.'s was correct.

    Just who is supposed to provide the highly informative and useful resource for understanding, preventing, and seeking appropriate treatment for back and neck pain and related conditions. Where is this info to come from, other then members like Gwennie17 who did her own research and clearly stated that she was NOT a medical professional.

    David IANH

  • David you bring out a very good point. This site has two sides to it. The first is a medical reference for people with spine-related problems. The articles are written and reviewed by doctors. That should be your source of information along with your own doctors.

    THe other side of the site is the forum. The purpose of any forum is to share ideas and experiences. It is not a questions and answer with medical professionals. It is a place to ask fellow patients those questions that only a fellow spine patient can answer. Ever try to find a doctor who can tell you how you shave your underarms after surgery?? Doctors may give you a list of discharge instructions but they never tell you all the little things you can't live without during those weeks you are stuck in bed. It's also a place to put those little fears to rest. The "my doctor says this is normal but...."

    We, generally by nature of our injury, are all adults on here. We should exercise good judgement when reading posts and making posts. If my doctor said not to do something I'm not going to do it just because someone on this website said it's OK. If I do I'm an idiot. But we are all desperately searching for relief. So we may confuse personal experience with medical fact. What works for me may not work for you.

    What I post is from my experience. Frog you mention a topic that I have posted on several times. A member complained about a brother who has "sat in bed since 2007". I first suggested finding a new doctor and getting the history organized. When further posts revealed the members frustration with the brother I suggested that it might be necessary to get him help for depression. I'm saying that from my experience dealing with a relative who chose to wallow in depression after an injury. I didn't make a diagnosis and didn't suggest medications. But I know that sometimes a little tough love is needed to get us moving.

    I will miss Gwennies posts. She was very well spoken and always ready to answer questions. I won't presume to know what was going on. You might consider the fact that she didn't tell anyone of her warnings. The admins are here to keep this forum running. We have to accept that they know what they are doing.
  • I would like to hear how her surgery goes and her recovery. I can only assume stress and her recent health problems may have caused some miscommunication of her understanding the rules. I will miss her. Take care and prayers for your healing Gwennie if you read this. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Sorry to hear about this. Gwennie did a lot for a lot of folks on this site.

    That being said, however, she of course never posted of her previous warnings. Doesn't mean they didn't happen. Four warnings for the same thing, though? I'd say that was plenty of warning, in my opinion. Someone posted earlier that everyone deserves a second chance. Sounds like she got plenty of chances. I don't mean to be harsh, but there are rules that we all have to live by, and reasons for those rules. If they are repeatedly violated, then measures have to be taken, no matter how much a person gives to the site.

    I adored Gwennie, and always enjoyed her posts. She gave good, well researched, and thoughtful advice. I never saw where she violated any rules, but I trust our mods here. From what I have seen, they do a fantastic job on a huge board. There are a handful of them policing hundreds of posts on this board, which is a large undertaking. Instead of our thanks, when something like this happens they get our questions, suspicions, and anger.

    Gwennie, if you can read this, I'll miss you and your posts. But as for me, I'll stand behind the mods.
  • to hear that anyone has been thrown off this site. People in major pain do unpredictable things. I can see if someone comes in and makes unreasonable rants to attacks others unfairly, but we all know what pain does to us. Forgiveness is always the better part of valor.

    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • I know I don't participate on the forums as much as others do. Although, I try to read posts often, even without logging on, I'm sure I miss quite a bit. I always try to stay out of the politics or disagreements. I try to obey the rules and behave myself because I need and enjoy spine health tremendously. I'm not going to question the mods nor would I want to be in their shoes.

    However, I want to express my opinion. I really will miss Gwennie too! I always looked for Gwennie's posts for answers/ideas. I thought she gave honest, sincere advice. Honestly, I'm extremely disappointed to see Gwennie banned. Selfishly, because I had some questions that I was going to pm Gwennie about because I just knew she'd be able to recommend possible sites for me to get more information about what my dr told me last week,to help me understand it better. But not just for my own selfish reasons, but for most of us. I think we all will miss Gwennie's insight in one way or another.

    I usually feel sad when another SH member is banned because I realize they need this site as much as we do or they wouldn't be here. We all fight our own demons with our problems and sometimes we say/do things we shouldn't and not everyone is going to agree with everyone else all the time, that's jsut life. I wish Gwennie all the best!I hope and pray she has a successful fusion so she will no longer need to do so much research or need to participate on spine forums anymore. Good bye and good luck Gwennie!

  • Sense I brought it up let me explain what I meant. We are not policing the private messages at all. What does happen day in day out is someone believes they can say whatever they choose in a private message and ignore the sites rules. The receiver's of those messages often do send them on to the moderator or another member of the team. This issue has been gone over many times that the rules apply to the open forums, private pm's and chat, it is all of spine-health. So before everyone thinks that someone is doing something you need to look at the members who receive the message and those members have the right to question anything that comes to them through this site. You will often see in a post, someone says I have sent you a pm. Well if the person doesn't like the pm they have the right to send it to us. If it can't be done in the open forums it certainly is not acceptable in pm's either. So to answer your question if we are looking at private pm's the answer is no, only unless it is sent to us and someone doesn't like it. The only people who should be worried about what is being done in a pm is if it is a violation of the site rules.

    As far as who owns this site, it is a privately owned company consisting of programmers, doctors and administrative associates. The site serves a larger target audience and the forum side is a bonus. For the most part the site runs rather smooth with a hiccup now and then. It is only then that a moderator or authority steps in and looks at the issue. Keep in mind that those who moderate here came to this site as patients themselves. Most of us have been around here a very long time through many changes on spine-health. We volunteer here and choose to be part of the site because we believe in the core values and principles of the site, that the owners have established. There is a wealth of knowledge among the 1000's of the spine-health articles.

    A few weeks back at the top of the major forums I placed a sticky post with reference to giving formal medical advice. It was done for a reason, so that everyone would know the policy on this, without any doubts. That original message, is and was located in the FAQ section but I placed it in each of the major forums so it would be very visible for a reason. Sense the time I placed that, not one question, has been asked in reference to those post. I posted them all in one night and it took up all the new post category to make it as visible as it could be. At that time i also gave a formal warning and nothing came back in response to the warning. I know the message was received and there is no doubt about that at all. I am not sure of how much more of a effort on making this clear we could have been? In the post it also defers back to the FAQ section where in, is all the rules, of the site.

    When each person registers for spine-health part of the registration is to agree to the rules of spine-health. Some member have been here a long time and maybe don't remember those rules. So I made all those post to be sure everyone clearly understood that rule. As Ron indicated, we may miss a post and that is usually where the members will send a post into the moderator team and we look at it and make a decision based on the post. Sometimes it is a do nothing situation as there is no rule being broken other times we edit it for content, in some situations we pm the member and explain they should edit the comment and why. We have situations where the member chooses not to edit it or they undo our edit. So there is far more that goes on behind the scenes that what most of you see on the forums in general. We don't make public every communication with each member on the boards. In the case of Gwennie so there would be no question as to where she went we made it public that she was no longer with the site. Some members want to know when a member is gone, some members, think we are being to public, it is a no win situation. But my experience tells me if we don't make a announcement then all kinds of rumors start on the boards. Messages will pop up saying anyone heard from xyz or did they get banned and why, it will be assumed because the member isn't posting that they have been banned, when in reality they are just busy, or have other issues going on.

    Banning members is a very serious thing to this team and is not taken lightly at all. It is a very difficult decision to make especially when it involves a long standing member. I can assure everyone that when it is a long standing member that more attempts have been made to reach the person that the normal standard of banning someone. The site has to live by rules as if it didn't chaos takes over. The site serves a very large international audience and we have to look at the membership as a whole. As always if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to pm myself or anyone of the moderator team.
  • I am shocked that Gwennie has been banned. Almost a year ago before I had my first surgery, she was one of the first people to give support and good advice. I agree with most that she will be missed.

    I have been posting less and less since my need for support has decreased. By the same token, I have been disheartened and distanced by the omnipotent tone of "Papa" Ron.

    Just my opinion of my overall experience here. Gwennie, I wish you well.

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