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Acute injury

patricatsfrm2ppatricatsfrm2 Posts: 10
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:43 AM in Alternative Treatments
HI, I am new here, I suffer from radiculopathy due to DDD and herniated disks also OA...and may ask more questions later concerning MY problems...however today I am looking for answers for my 39 yo son who injured his back on Fri lifting an object he is in alot of pain.
What is advised for an ACUTE INJURY???
BTW he is in very good shape he is a body builder, NOT overweight very muscular. anyone with suggestions fast?


  • Alot depends on what he feels and what he is willing to do. If he can't stand the pain or had numbness I would go to the ER immediately. If he doesnt feel that is necessary but is still in pain tomorrow I would get to an orthopedist as fast as possible. Many will squeeze you in the same day. My ortho always says ice for the first 24-48 hrs in 15 min incriments to reduce swelling and heat after that. If you look around the site you will see similar recommendations.

    Hopefully your doctor would see him right away. My understanding is that the thing requiring immediate attention would be something causing numbness or loss of feeling since this would be nerve or cord compression.

    Good Luck with your son and let us know what happens.
  • Much like the recommendation that Kris was given from the doc ... Ice is what my NS recommends for the first couple of days along with rest and some sort of anti-inflammatory med.

    The ER is a good suggestion as well. They can take a good look and evaluate the situation and provide meds for a few days until he can see his regular doc.

    Hope he feels better soon.

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  • thanks for the reply's, guess I didn't take much time to explain everything very thoroughly...he wouldn't go to the ER to much pain to sit there for hours. Unfortunately he has been using heat the last 48 hrs. should have been ice by what you are both telling me. I gave him some percocet I have on hand for my own back condition(I know I shouldn't do this but it was an emergency here...and besides the Er would do the same)...so he took 10/650 every 4 hrs for the last 24hrs...only took the edge off his pain, today he got some flexeril again only takes the edge off. tomorrow he's managed to get a doctor's appointment so I imagine he'll be sent for an xray and be given more medication(?)....God I hope this is only a muscle sprain and not a disk injury, he cannot miss any work.
    We live in a small city, NO ortho's here and months wait list to see one in the city so no luck there.
    Will keep posting with outcomes.
  • IF you are only going to a GP tomorrow see if they will order an MRI. At least that way you will get the radiologists report to let you know what is going on. I know this is not the normal order of things but sometimes we need to bend the rules a little. He needs to be very careful until he knows what is going on.

    GOod Luck
  • first of all Kris let me comment on the avatar of the cat, is he/she one of yours?...I'm a cat lover and he/she is beautiful!
    God I wish an MRI...yes that would be my first line of advice too..again small city. and MONTHS to get on a wait list for the larger centers.
    A CT scan is avail here and maybe a possibility(not sure how long a wait?) however in my own experience CT's are not nearly as effective with a diagnosis, will need to use whats avail no other options here.
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  • Rocky is my 9 yr old Persian/Ragdoll/mutt. I found her in the middle of the mountains when she was a kitten. The sweetest little kitty.

    Do what you can for your son. I hope it's nothing but play it safe.
  • well Rocky is gorgeous....and strange as it may seem I too have a persian/ragdoll mutt!! he is totally black and named Nemo..also have a himalayan named Sami, will try to learn how to post their photos.
  • I got the photo of Nemo to work!!!
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