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Cervical Spine Surgery C4-C7 Social Security question

Monica LynnMMonica Lynn Posts: 43
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I had cervical spine fusion c4-c7 with donor bones and the plate. I still have pain, burning, muscle spasms,numbness, and can't turn my neck very far. I did apply for social security disability. I saw my surgeon today, he acted like it was no big deal I was still burning, the spasms weren't a big deal, just keep taking my medication. I told him now I have high blood pressure due to the pain and he didn't care. He also told me social security would request my records, he would release them, but not get involved. The dr. also ask me did I want to try physical therapy, I said yes if it would help. He wrote a prescription for that and told me to find someone to do it. IS THIS NORMAL? The doctor acted like I should be doing cart wheels and I was lying about spasms and burning.

What should I do???


  • Some surgeons want to keep you around for ever and others operate and are done once the incision heals. Sounds like yours is #2. Also some doctors will help with paperwork and others won't get involved. It does cost alot for them to write reports etc.

    You need to get back to your orthopedist or even better a neurologist (not surgeon) for continued treatment. If there are other problems they can diagnose that or if this is the best you can be they direct your future treatment. Also they may refer you to a pain management doc.

    In my experience these docs (non surgeons) are much more willing and prepared to help with insurance issues. The other thing to consider is hiring a lawyer to guide you through the process of SSDI.

    Good Luck and don't give up looking for an answer.
  • I would be looking for a PM DR. I found out after surgery the dr are done with you. That was in my case. I want thru about 5 Dr before I found one that would listen to what I had to say. You could tell that he cared. I really not sure where I would be if it wasnt for him

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  • i was handed off to the surgeon by my neurologist pm. after surgery and post op care i was again handed back to the pm/neuro for the balance of my recovery and all forms and requests were handled by him with progressive reports given to the surgeon.

  • Thanks everyone!! I guess I am totally dumb in this area, because it is so apparent I am still in pain and I don't know of any bosses that want to hire someone w/this problem and can't sit over 15 minutes at the computer. I would never ever recommend this doctor. He actually told me not to cry because I knew this surgery was serious. I have called my regular doctor, going next week and I am going to ask him for another neuo doctor.
  • some dr's think they can fix you, thats what i was told. now i'm disabled. they did fix me, but i knew i had a 50/50 chance of being pain free after surgery, my surgeon was honest enough to tell me that. the disability thing is a long process. just keep going to your dr. find a good pain specialist to help you. keep fighting and don't give up.it's not fun being on it, but those of us whom are here have no other choice
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  • I've been on SSDI since my birthday in March...for me it was a two yr fight, I had lawyers who do nothing but Social Security Disability. I had gotten to where I was waiting to see a Judge. I talked to my lawyer in Feb. She said it was another two yr wait to see the judge even after waiting two yrs and getting denied twice.

    She kept sending my medical records to Social Security. I think that's what did it. I read Social Security's summary of why they finally approved me: partly: my age...58...they said I was of 'advanced age', lol..no jobs in my field available, I had not improved in the time they expected...among other factors. NO question, its a long fight even with lawyers.
  • Not sure if this is relavent but I was told by my PMs office that they do not get involved in disability. She told me the PM doc is not qualified to evaluate a patients abilities or disabilities. That is up to the neurologist, orthopedist or surgeon.
  • Do I see a cage between C-4 & C-7 ?
    I had surgery 11/2/09 had 3 vt removed and the cage put in. I have still not healed fom surgery Close though. T-1 has taken so much pressure from rear fussion. Have a whole lot more to say can't type much now both HANDS numb filed for disability.
  • yes that is not actually a cage but ross in the back and 1 plate in the front-may as well be a cage,(lol) that was my second surgery..
  • i should have stated this in my previous post, sorry that i did not,social security disability-likes to see that you have a track record with dr's and surgeons,(trying to make yourself better) then follow up with a pain specialist- aftewards, if that does not help ,after exahausting all options it's more favorable for the person that is trying to get disability, it's still a long process but as stated before everything it's like a list of documentation that they need to see in black and white.
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