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June surgeries



  • some of you guys will have seen my thread '6 sleeps' but I thought Id just drop in here for a visit, and say good luck to all Junies if your feeling anything like me, it is a dream come true and couldnt come sooner, though scary and frightening and all that, but well worth it and very welcome!!

    Im hoping to take my laptop and wifi for when i come round to update and let you all know how it went, but will see how that goes LOL, and for anyone going in this month or anytime soon, take a look at my thread as I asked for help for what to take to the hospital and have had the most awesome help and ideas, tips etc, it is cool to hear what worked for everyone else and I have been able to really prepare right down to a schedual of when I want what brought in and a list of what to pack that I will leave for Cam to do when Im ready for it.

    So anyway good luck all and will see you on the other side........yeha!!
  • Hi Kristy,
    I was lucky that my husband (Mr Jelly!!) posted for me after surgery until I got home again.
    I would dictate to him what I wanted to say and he would post it. He also used to print out the answers to my posts and bring them to the hospital for me to read.
    I know that not all husbands would be willing to do this, but he knew how much support I'd got from my spiney friends. :-)
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  • Hi, thanks for creating this thread. I have my discotomy on Thursday June 3rd. So far I feel a little more confident about it -just have to hope for the best. Good luck to everyone else.
    discectomy in June 2010 - success! No sciatic pain, just some remaining numbness in foot. And I get charlie horses a lot.
  • Good luck to all you guys getting ready for surgery! (Sorry, the Philly girl slips out at times, even though I now live in Texas.) And to all the supportive folks who stop by to say howdy, well, howdy back atcha! Kidding aside, it really does wonders to have support, especially for those who've never gone through such a major surgery, or sometimes *any* surgery before.

    I've got a wonderful husband and daughter (I consider her my own and there's nothing step about her) and know that I'm blessed in that regard. I'm also fortunate through my line of work that I know some excellent surgeons. I suppose I'm different in how I approach any of my surgeries, as I don't tend to emotionalize them. (Heck, I'm emotional enough about everything else, it seems!) I know that's hard to do for a lot of people, but if you do your homework, trust in your doctor, and keep your focus toward having at lease some positive outcomes, you need not enter the operating room with your nerves totally on edge. :)

    Mindy, I hope you do talk to your doctor about your incontinence. If it is what is called "stress incontinence," that is, leaking while coughing, sneezing, changing position, that won't be "fixed" by spine surgery but instead by exercises or one of several quick operations known as a sling procedure. The type of incontinence that can be caused by spinal issues is "urge incontinence" where you have little to no control over your bladder, it just happens full force. A good urologist can test for and diagnose the type (or types, as some people have mixed incontinence) and help tremendously, so I recommend that as well.

    I hope everyone has a smooth recovery. Here's to feeling better!
  • I just had a thought and thought I might share....

    I do heaps of art and things and I used to do lots of quilting etc, and for alot of important occasions Id start a project to memorialise what ever it was, and though I have no intention to start stitching again, my thought was to do a drawing or painting (probably paint might be out of the question till I can sit properly again, but I can draw lying down) that memorialises my op, and I thought that maybe if anyone else did similar things, poems drawings painting needle craft anything really and then if there is a way to post them to share, set that up and show others our art as a celebration of getting through.

    So what do you all think, Im happy when Im through the other side to try to figure it out and set it up (though I may need a little help) but does it sound like something others would be interested in being a part of?

    Anyway if it is either let me know and I can give it a crack, or if it is something anyone else is into doing let me know and I will join in with what they do.

    I just think it is alot of times my art - as well as all my family support and all the support from everyone here - that plays a big role in getting through all this.

    So I cant wait to hear if it might be a good idea, and will keep watch for where to go next, and Im just reaching for my sketch book to start drawing :-) as I do.

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  • hi kristy,

    what a great idea!

    i wrote a poem about a year before my surgery, which i posted on here a long time ago. i'll give you the link. hopefully it will amuse you all. :


    i'll have to try to write another poem, specifically about my surgery. i do have some ideas, but not really got the flow yet.

    i also intend to do some sort of art work, but just haven't really got inspired yet.

    i am working on something completely different in my many hours of spare time! a story for my 3 year old granddaughter. the story is just about completed, i just need to work on illustrating it now.

    i'll look forward to seeing what others produce in their creative moments. :-)
  • Thanks for the thread, I did post a couple of weeks ago that I finally decided that I had enough of my pain the neck and arms and shoulders and mid back etc. I am having an ACDF on c4/5 c5/6 a week from today!! I was at the point that I was laying and feeling horrible more than I was I feeling good. Now I have also noticed tingling into both hands and into both feet, I guess it could come from my neck. My ns a couple of months ago said that he gave me a 60/40 chance of success with this surgery, at this point I will take it!! His pm doc said the surgery will take away the arm, shoulder pain, and muscle spasms away and will take away the ice pick in the neck pain away and I will be left with a dull ache for the rest of my life, I am 44 years, I guess thats the cards I am dealt!! Then there are days that I think I dont think I need surgery, because I am not working and have been laying around doing nothing and not hurting , then I do something and start hurting and think oh yes now I know why I scheduled surgery!!! Thanks for listening, its a hard decision to make and I finally made it and glad I did!!!Lela
  • June 11th for me. PLIF/TLIF L5-S1

    They took me off of all the anti-inflammatory meds last Thursday. Tough to sleep this weekend as the legs are burning and the feet are throbbing. Never realized how much those simple drugs did to keep the pain down until you don't have them. Lack of sleep, much work to finish this week and I'm getting anxious. To the point of some mild anxiety attacks. Thankfully my wife is understanding and a great sidekick.


  • The last week or so before surgery is an anxious time.
    The increase in pains now you have stopped the anti-inflammatory meds shows that you need this surgery.

    Lots of us have said after our surgery, that the anticipation was worse than the surgery.
    Be ready for a long and initially difficult recovery, but hopefully it will be worth it.
    I am 11 weeks post PLIF surgery with decompression and laminectomy and am doing so much better than before surgery. I am really starting to be able to do things again. The other day, my daughter said she felt like she had got her mum back!! :D

    An understanding wife will be a great asset to you during your recovery.
    I wish you well. Do keep posting here and let us know how you get on. :D
  • Good Luck tomorrow. Do something fun for yourself today. Maybe an ice cream cone or a great big sundae!!!

    Can't wait to see you on the other side if surgery!!
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