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  • If you can really rest and delegate household chores these next 4 weeks, you may feel better good!

    Before my fusion, I was neurotic about cleaning, organizing, cooking, laundry....it is amazing what I just don't care about anymore! :)

    I used to clean the house each night before I went to bed, now I just go to bed and pray that I will sleep! :) Different priorities now :)

    That gas from a laproscopy can be miserable! I wish I knew something that would make it feel better....chocolate maybe?!

    My first day at work was awesome!! I was only there about an hour! heeheehee My surgeon's staff put the date for me to return to work as 16 JUL 10 !!!!

    Can you believe it?! So, HR sent me home! My surgeon is in surgery today with his PA. His RN is in clinic and the phone system is down there so I can't leave a message. Supposedly, they will call me later today!

    It's like getting an unexpected snow day!! I spent all of yesterday at the hospital and didn't get to spend any time with my daughter. So today, I got to!

    It's a good thing too, I'm not sure I would have been able to make it the whole day! I am exhausted! I didn't sleep well last night, waking every hour from midnight on....:(

    I am also haveing a hard time adjusting to the soft back brace I am now in (since Mon pm). The bottom of this brace sits right on the bone graph which is sooo tender.

    I thought the pain was coming from facets, but yesterday I was told it's the bone graph. Regardless it really hurts. I had to bring us home early today from lunch and a little shopping 'cause I just couldn't stand the pain.

    I hope you get some relief from the pain my dear! Thinking of you and sending you a gentle cyper hug!
  • Sandra, I'm concerned that you're in this much pain several days after your surgery. I also had an LAVH several years ago, and although yes, everyone is different, for me and just about every patient I've ever talked with about it, it was relatively pain free. (It was probably the most pain-free procedure I've ever had.) Some questions:

    1. How would you rate your pain when you are lying down?

    2. What changes your pain (i.e., changing position in bed, walking, using the toilet)? Is it better or worse?

    3. Were you given any pain medications postop, or did the doctor think any current medications you have should cover any pain?

    4. Are you still having bloody discharge from your bandage? (If so, I would add a pressure bandage over it, which is simply a double-folded piece of gauze with tape over it. You can put this on the existing bandage if there is one.)

    5. Have you run a fever since returning home? If so, how high?

    6. Does the pain in your leg feel like a muscle pull in your groin, or does it extend down your leg? Is it constant, or does it stand out more when you walk? Does it somehow feel connected to the gas pain in your abdomen? (If it feels at all like a groin pull, putting an ice pack on the area for 10 minutes every hour may give you some relief.)

    7. Have you been able to pass gas and have a bowel movement since you've been home?

    You know what, as a nurse I'm very offended that another nurse in any way implied to you that you were being weak for being the last person to be discharged. Had you been my patient, you might still be there, at least until your pain was under control.

    Some surgeons use a lot of gas to fully distend your abdomen, depending on whether you have scar tissue or adhesions. If your surgery was two days ago, I would think that you're pretty close to most of it wearing off.

    Sandra, I'd have the answers to the above questions in hand and call the doctor's office NOW. Don't worry about bothering them, don't worry that you're being a pest. Tell his nurse that you are having serious pain following your surgery and you need to discuss this with him as soon as possible. When he calls back, tell him what's going on -- all of it. The more detail you give, the better his assessment of will be.

    I wish I could give you a hug, I know this is just more stress, and everything seems to snowball. But take a deep breath, then another... then another... and let that snowball melt away. :)

    I'll be looking to see how you're doing. Positive vibes to you!

    (And thank you for thinking of me and my surgery when you're having a tough time of it! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I'm doing pretty darn good, all told.)
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  • Welcome home Sandra,
    Those gas pains. Agggghhh. You feel as if you are having a heart attack.

    Walk as much as possible and if you have a rocker try rocking. The more you can remain upright the quicker they will dissipate. Easy for me to say now. I know, when you are going through it, it's no easy feat.

    That nurse, in my opinion, spoke out of line.

    It is important that we try to be aware of the things that impact our health and pain levels. Remember stress is one of them. As far as I'm concerned she added to it.

    Hang in there our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • you are not the only one to mention to me that the procedure of LAVH was quite pain free. Most of the nurses were all kind to me, just the one nurse I guess was having a bad day and every time she came in my room I think she was just annoyed because I was having trouble with the pain control and she told me I wouldn't get anything else for pain. I can't take much painkillers, I get so sick and I am alleric to vicodin so thats not what I wanted, I just wanted relief from the non stop cramping pains in my stomach.

    All positions hurt me tonight, It hurts so much up under my ribs, my sides hurt and my leg just has a throbbing ache in it. I know to watch for blood clots but there is no heat or redness coming from my leg, no fevers either, but I have extreme abdominal pain and I only have my demerol every 4 hours to take and ibuprofen inbetween. I have had no bowel movements since surgery and I am taking the stool sofftener every day and I am slo taking gas-z pills 3 times a day. Deep breathing really hurts my chest and lying on my side gives me even worse chest pain.

    Perhaps due to stress and my back surgery I am finding this so difficult. I would say my pain is at 7-8 pain level. I have had very little bleeding today, it was worse yesterday and last night I passed a large bloot clot, but nothing since then.

    I think I find it difficult to complain about pain I am having when thats not the norm, most people feel pretty good after this surgery, but I am wiped out, underneath my rib cage is where alot of the pain is, is that where gas would get trapped? I am thinking of taking Milk of magnesia tonight to help aide the bowels along a bit.

    Its just hard to take a breath without the pain, that concerns me the most, but I am hopeing it will pass but I will call my OBGYN tomorrow if I wake up still in this much pain. I am taking small walks around the inside of my house and when I am lying down I am constantly moving my feet, I don't want any complications.

    Thanks for all the advice, I know this isn't back surgery but I know they all have their risks, and I am so glad to hear that you are recovering well from your fusion, you have a great attitude so I am sure it goes a long way in your recovery, you do an important job, I am so thankful to all the nurses who have helped me through these 2 surgeries in the last month!!!

    Gentle hugs back to you :-)
  • I'm sorry to hear you're having so much pain after surgery. When you do your breathing exercises make sure you splint your abdomen with a pillow to stop the stretching of your incision and that should help the pain. I haven't had abdominal surgery but my Aunt had her gall bladder out with a lap scope also and she had so much pain and bloating afterwards she had to go back into the hospital for pain control. I'm concerned your leg hurts also and the chest pain while breathing. If it's sharp pain in your chest you should go in and get checked out if the splinting your abdomen doesn't help the pain or if you have any shortness of breath. Prayers for your healing. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • Thanks Charry,

    I called my doctor this morning due to the relentless amounts of pain in my abdoman and the chest pain. If I lean forward its like I am being stabbed. The amount of pressure in my chest and stomach hurts so bad. I talked to the nurse and she told me they get alot of calls with patients after surgery with the same symptoms but its the gas pains, so I have to continue doing what I am doing, taking gas-x pills, water and slow and frequent walks, until everything gets going I will have pain, its all due to the gas they blow your abdoman up with.

    I was seriously considering the ER, my leg hurts still, but no swelling or hot spots, I think its coming from the increased pressure on my back. I don't want to go to the ER just for gas pains! LOL so hopefully I'll get some relief soon

    Thanks for all the advice, love right back at you all!!!

    Sandra xx
  • Just wanted to leave you a short post to let you know I am thinking of you!

    I am sorry you are feeling so much pain. To help get things going you might want to try MiraLax. It is a clear liquid that has zero taste and zero smell. You can add it to any liquid, even sprite and water. It works quickly without cramps or gas. It may help.

    I used it after my fusion a couple time. You could also increase the amount of yogurt you eat.

    Thank you for thinking of me today! I feel aweful!! My legs are burning, my back/bum is burning and I am exhausted. I don't know how in the world I am going to do this......

    sendin' love and hugs your way!!

  • Praying for you Sandra you are sleeping well at the moment, and that today will bring relief of pain and a better day alround. :-)
    Did they give you any idea of how long this gas pain would last? Hopefully not much longer!

    Shari, :-)
    I have been thinking of you and hoping that you were coping well with your return to work.
    Sounds like it took its toll on you.
    I hope that you are also sleeping soundly and wake up feeling better and ready to go again. :-)
    I can't remember what days you work.

    Big hugs to you both :D

    >:D< >:D<
  • I, too, hope you feel better today! That surgery is not easy and then combine it with your back surgery and it is a double whammy!

    Hopefully today will be a step in the right direction!

    Jelly ~ I don't work today, thankfully! I'm not sure I could. Just the thought of showering and going to PT is overwhelming! I am not in a great place emotionally. I just can't believe I have yet another complication and if I have herniated so soon, I wonder what that will mean to getting back where I need to be!

    Sandra and Jelly, I hope you both have a wonderful weekend! Hubby comes back tonight from Vegas (atleast that is now behind me!) and will join us tomorrow in Austin!

    Thank you for your support my dear friends! At some point we WILL have all of this behind us and can then just enjoy our friendship! :)
  • I am just making this brief as I am feeling very unwell today. Major chest pain, horrible back pain, sweaty, naseus, just awful.

    I am leaving soon to go see my doctor due to the way I feel, she will chek me out.

    Shari, enjoy your wedding, do the best you can.

    I'll post back when I can,
    Love and hugs to all,
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